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SYNEDAD  🇭🇹 | 🇪🇷 ⚡️Deal My Vibe ⚡️ @vibedealers Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat : @SYNEDAD

If it wasn’t for the struggle then I wouldn’t be Me .... 📸: @archersphotography

Eyes Everywhere but We only see Ours ! 📸 : @archersphotography

Travay An Atandan ... 📸 : @archersphotography

Stay on your lane, nobody owes you nothing. Be respectful to what’s not yours and be grateful to what’s yours !! 📸 : @archersphotography

Pendan wap met may, map met piejj ... Travay an silens, fel pou tet ou ak tout sak gen la fwa yo ... 📸: @archersphotography

Wake up, thank the Almighty for waking up. Put a real smile on your face and start your day right ...

Hair by @steph_odia
Visuals by @archersphotography
Song is “ONE LIKE YOU” by Synedad

I’m so focus on the commas, if you never been broke its gonna be hard to feel me ... 📸: @archersphotography 💇🏻‍♂️: @steph_odia

Merci a @festivalhaitienfolie pour l’opportunité, Merci à tout le monde qui a partagé ce moment avec moi ! A la prochaine ...
📸: @archersphotography

Mission an long men vizyon an klè... 📸: @archersphotography

I brought Florida ☀️to Montreal ❄️ ... 📸: @archersphotography

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