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Hear trump yelling. "We are going to repeal and replace Obamacare" The Republicans did not have enough votes to do this because it was a BAD BILL. NO DEAL trump

This is Nunes Ca (R)..House intel Chairman for an Investigation committee..admits that the Obama wire tapping never happened. Why is this investigative chairman giving press conferences and running off to speak to trump in the White House, who is the one who is under investigation ⁉️. He says he POSSIBLY, that's POSSIBLY had info that trump and his associates were being surveilled for personal communications. NUNES must be recused from being House Intel Chairman.

Make this Great Again!

At the end of the Rainbow

Raining at Mossbrae Falls

Snow Dream

Fairy Falls also known as Ney Springs. A walk in the rain today to see Fairy Falls with the most water I've ever seen.

President Trump on Thursday 2/16/2017 signed legislation ending a Obama administration coal mining rule. The bill QUASHES the Office of Surface Mining's Stream Protection Rule a regulation to protect waterways from coal mining waste. 💦⚖️💰

Is the "bromance" over? Denydenydeny,lielielie

How you feel after a trump new conference. For sure, he wants everyone to love him, including CNN. I am hoarse from yelling back at my tv while he tries to brainwash the "those people"



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