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Sylvia Adrenalin 🌹  Co-founder 👉🏻 @footloosapp 👈🏻 🏝 Island lifestyle, sports, music and arts aficionado. Life’s too awesome to instagram everything 😘


We don’t even have to try, it’s always a good time!💋 Happy birthday @3minutesworth ! 🎂🎉

I know it’s wrong, but it feels so ripe💋 #🥑

“She’s an old fashioned heart after her own modern day fairytale.” 🌹 Over the weekend of hanging with my girls, there was a persistent topic; uncertain, insecure, broken relationships.
In this present times where we are spoilt for choice in every aspect of our lives, made more apparent by a certain dating app, yet, this abundance of choice seems to lead us to emotional paralysis not liberation.
That nagging “what if” feeling has created a dating culture that often leads to countless empty and fruitless interactions. The anonymity of online dating has also made “ghosting” an accepted modern phenomenon. People are treating each other as disposable commodities rather than real people with passion, needs and dreams. It is perhaps understandable, but nonetheless exhausting and disrespectful.
Perhaps the answer really is to first know yourself completely, and avoid conforming only to suit the desired perspective, that we assume, the other person seeks. By being true to yourself, one’ll definitely feel more liberated when others accepts us just as we are.
Be discerning, not picky. Make choices beyond the superficial and look for a deeper meaningful connection that’ll enrich our lives. Be brave enough to pause and ask the tough question: what is it we’re really searching for? what gap are we trying to fill? how will our future become with this someone?
Manage your expectations and anxiety. Respect one another’s space and decisions. Always give the relationship more time and chances to get to know each other on various levels. Trust your intuition and be considerate. Don’t be afraid to tap out when you feel misaligned. Be grateful and gracious. And finally, remain open for that wild horses type of love and romance to sweep you off your feet. 😊 #theheartwantswhatitwants #bekind #bebrave #nodrama #keepcalmandcarryon #dontgiveup #relationshipgoals

Magical throwback 💁🏻Swipe left 😏 #palau

Heart is breaking tonight.. 😔💔 Just heard that the Jellyfishes in Koror are dying faster than they can breed and might go extinct soon, due to perennial drought and ignorant tourists. I've witnessed it myself how large groups of life jacket wearing Chinese tourists (who couldn't swim nor snorkel) would jump into the small lake and start kicking frantically in the water, thus shredding the fragile jellyfishes into pieces and killing them. I watched the jellyfishes incapable of floating anymore spiral into the depths of death. I cried so hard that day but there was nothing I could do then to regulate who's allowed to visit or not. This is also one of the biggest reasons for starting @footloosapp . Through Footloos we wish to gather island people and it's best resources to educate travelers on how to enjoy paradise to its fullest yet leaving only footprints on the sand and keeping rubbish in their hands. Help our oceans stay alive by not dumping chemicals into the waters such as commercial sunscreens and hair product; always use organic oils. If not, stay on the beach! If snorkeling, wear appropriate footwear/fins and be extremely careful around corals, don't go breaking sea castles! 😔 please keep the lake closed for as long as it needs to heal before we might never get to see it ever again.... 🙏🏻 #jellyfishlake #koror #palau #micronesia

“Nights and days came and passed⠀
And summer and winter⠀
and the rain⠀
And it is so good to be a little Island⠀
A part of the world⠀
and a world of our own⠀
Surrounded by the bright blue sea,⠀
wouldn't you love to be right here with me.”
- 💙 Yours Truly.⠀

Join our island people tribe @footloosapp as we bring the islands closer to you. Choose and book highly curated extreme adventures, sea liveaboards, boat or diving trips, local guided tours, wellness, transfers and more from the most reliable and friendly hosts. 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏻⠀

Book online then sit back, relax and enjoy a fresh coconut; because with Footloos.com, you're in good hands. We make your favourite island hopping a little more accessible, a lot more affordable and definitely worth the most epic vacations. ✈️🗺🏝

Thanks for the good vibes this morning yogi and yoginis. Lovin' these happy hot and sweaty times together 😅 #hotyoga #virginactivesg #aloyoga #sweatyselfie #goodvibesonly #yoginis #fitnesslifestyle

I see you. ☀️

Epitome of "the fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree" 🍎🌳 #celavie #cafedelmar #phuket #kamalabeach #coconut #beachlife #hotmom

"Mr Tchaikovsky, shall we begin? 🌹"

Thank you @Cafedelmarphuket for the awesome weekend! Great music, delectable food, amazing cocktails and genuine hospitality. Complimenti Vittorio and team 🙌🏻💋
#cafedelmar #phuket #kamalabeach #thailand #malibucoconutrum #sommerswim #sealavie #celavie

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