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Sylvia  I photograph life around me I find interesting and beautiful. Sometimes it's more interesting than beautiful. rsa_preciousjunk Partners in Grime

Betsy always had a devil may care attitude, but after a couple of Sam’s special margaritas, she could get down right rowdy.

Ruby wasn’t from Texas, but she was fairly sure this wasn’t the real Alamo.

Kevin was feeling pretty sassy about his new wavy hairdo.

No one pays attention to Charlotte anymore. She is always such a drama queen.

Brian was stiff as a board and about as boring. Melody on the other hand, was always the life of the party. The Smiths were quite an odd couple.

Lately, it felt as if everyone around her was falling apart.

Thelma's career as a hood ornament is not turning out to be as glamorous as she thought it would be.

Since Ronnie Earl hadn't finished his message, Wanda Sue's imagination exploded with ideas of what to leave.

Irma was disappointed in the small turn out for the first day of Physics. At least all the cool kids showed up.

Jimmy Earl was mad at himself. He knew better than to trust the Wilson boys. When they told him they wanted to "hang", he thought they were all going out for a beer.

The other girls shunned Charlotte because she was different, but she didn't care. She knew her exotic good looks would take her on adventures they could only read about, that is, if they could actually read.

Well, they told us to put our heads together, now what?

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