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Rasyidah Ali  Psychology in mind πŸ“šπŸ’­ Hazwan Halidi at heart ❀

"When I first met you I was like, MashaAllah. Then I was like, InShaaAllah" - πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Still my fav pick up line (anyway, i miss you)

How is it that they get to go on a river cruise and I'm here sorting out my laundry 😭 that should've been me in the middle and not Huda & Ahmad, so MOVE IT twins. Sasar sikit pls. Jk -should really be them bc theyre special 😒

I dont know if Mama's unaware that she's been forwarding to me this picture over and over again or that she's trying to tell me that she looks beautiful as ever. Eitherway, i dont mind any. It's her birthday today and with the long distance between the both of us, I love every random video calls and it's hard to reject them even on my busiest days. She isn't usually the type who expresses love in a direct obvious way, but she's showing more than she can now, I'm not saying she hasn't been showing any love, she's just starting to express more of it. She's a wonderful mother. I told her not to call me today cos i didnt want to cry, she still called me up so the both of us ended up in tears aahhh😭😭 i cannot. It's crazy true, absence makes the heart grow fonder ❀

4A.M and im scrolling through endless amount of videos on my laptop. I miss you @hagazwagan

Hands down, I honestly think Huda has the cutest voice that makes me smile (and 10x more homesick) so really, I cant wait to go home to this ❀️

To the girl who woke me up out of nowhere through Skype (cubatah text dulu πŸ˜’), idk if u sensed that I fell asleep and was procrastinating from reading psych articles or what, but THANKS for making me wide awake. Out of all the days you could've kacau-ed me, u chose this special day of yours. Way to go to being 20 qucai πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ The girl whom I talk to only to end up relating every topic and rants to Psychology πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­The girl who either gives me answers thats not related to my question or will over explain things with TMI and goes off topic to annoy me. The one who at times prefers to reply my whatsApp texts with voice notes rather than typing them out, or else she'll type with weird capslock LikE THiS and "!!!!" pasal ia over af. I love you, youre so annoying. Go have a good one ok. P.S//I feel like most of our photos are the both of us hugging but its ok because we R A QT (Geddit. Rasyidah Ali Qudsiyah Tassim huehuehue)

Letting last night's selfie casually make its way through today's National Day spams

Easier said than done. Sometimes it helps, most times it doesn't.

🎢 See you distract me, but I'm distracted without you 🎢

Hoping I can be as smiley as I was before ✌🏼😁

Never knew someone could sound so stress singing Stitches....πŸ˜‚@hagazwagan

3 more months til I get to go home and give u endless grigitan hugs and kisses 🌈❀

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