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Caption this 😂😂😂😂 Who misses Frances? #friday #feels #frances #summer #datenight #dogsofinstagram #vibes #characters

STORY-TIME: Like most comedians going to @jflmontreal was on my bucket list forever! In 2016 after I filed for divorce and was cleared to fly after cancer surgery I finally got to live out that dream with my Mama and Grandma. 🙏🏽 A lot of my fellow comedy buddies asked me if I was performing and I was so broken but trying to hide it beneath a smile and I said, “no, I’m just here to laugh.” It was one of the best experiences I ever had and I accidentally took my Grandma to a rave... but that’s another story. 😂 The energy there was unexplainable. 😍 This year I was honored to get the opportunity to audition to perform for the festival. I’ll never forget getting the call from my manager asking me where my character reel was. I was working 14-16 hour days on another show at the time and I don’t think I slept for almost a week trying to write and re-write new and old characters (Frances, Mystee, Ruby Jean, Psycho Barbie, Drunk Uber Girl, Teresa Branson, Jersey Housewife, Erika, Chuck, Squid Knocker) and then shoot / edit them down to a Character Reel for her to submit to them. I remember being so anxious getting my files to upload on set because 5pm was the cutoff and I barely made it. My manager called and told me she got me the audition and I was elated and beyond honored to get that opportunity!! Then she said it was live audition... (I hadn’t been on stage for 5 years) and the audition was actually at one of the first stages I ever performed on 10 years ago @ucbtla I gave it my all with little sleep and painful nodes on my vocal chords. I scrapped so hard to get in that room and I was so close to almost having my “I’m performing at the festival this year story” but I didn’t make the cut. That’s okay because I believe timing is everything and I am genuinely so happy for the hysterical and uber talented comedians that made it into the city of laughter!!! Excited to say I know 2 of em @andrewhleeds @beckyrobinson4
Really fucking proud of y’all!!! You 💯 deserve it and I hope I get to be with everyone next year!!! #laughter #cityoflaughter #jfl #comedy #festival #smile #goals #keepgoing #perseverance #comedian #dreams #laugh

You cannot buy happiness but you can buy donuts. And that’s kind of the same thing. 🍩 What’s your favorite donut? #friday #thoughts #donuts #sprinkles #chocolate #pink #la #weekend #foodporn #cheat #food #model #bts

Wyd? 😈

What’s your favorite country song?

My face when I see my Mr. Right 🤓 instead of Mr. To Left To The Left. 🤡 How would y’all define Mr. Right / Miss. Right? THANK YOU FOR THE LAUGHS YESTERDAY!!! #white #dresses & #spraytan #always #keeps #mylaundry #machine #busy #mrright #mrwrong #tothelefttotheleft #model #humpday #wtf #prenup #wednesday #guess #giftedmindset #kinadoeshair #elitetanla
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Can’t express how much I love and appreciate this beautiful creature @kristaallenxo!!! She is goals and just as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the out!!! Follow this funny woman @kristaallenxo .
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Caption this and make me laugh while I drown myself in divorce paperwork. 😂Also, anyone else going through a divorce? 🙋🏽‍♀️ #weddingseason #divorce #isintheair #idonot #learnedthehardway #cute #dress #though
Also, if you’re a CA family law attorney feel free to slip into my DM’s. Lol!!

Where’s your happy place? Happy Friday!! 😘

I don’t feel like writing a regular whore caption like... 🍑 or👙. Today is a special day because you’re still here and in case no one has told you:
✨You’re Fucking awesome
✨I love you so don’t forget to love yourself
✨You matter 💜🙏🏽💜
✨The world needs more of your awesome-ness😘
✨You’re cool AF ✨You’re Beautiful ✨Don’t give up even after you’ve fucked up
✨Fuck your fears ✨Smile at a stranger and randomly dance today for fun
🙏🏽Thank you for your existence now go destroy this day after hump day known as Thursday!!! What would you like to add to this list? 😉🌈
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Make Up by 💋
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STORY-TIME: Over the weekend I shot @kateqfunny show and my podcast. Afterwards we went out to eat at one of my favorite dive bars. The background music was loud and all the sudden George Michael’s “Father Figure” starts to play. I couldn’t help but turn to the man facing my left and ask with a straight face, “Would you be Father Figure?” He thought I said “finger.” I said, NO FINGERS JUST FATHERS PLEASE. 😂 I laughed and he stared at me for too long with a face filled with confusion. Before he opened his mouth to continue any further conversation I quickly turned to Kate who like any good wing woman was on her phone completely unaware of the situation. I proceeded to look at my phone and avoided direct eye contact with him. He eventually tapped me on the shoulder and said, “you two really do need Father Figures so you can get off your phones.” 😂 Kate graciously replied, “we’re working” as if she was having to justify that to her actual Dad. It was a beautiful moment y’all!!! 😂 I don’t remember the guys real name but I called him Insurance and ironically he was a therapist who doesn’t have any social media accounts. TELL ME A FUN SUMMER STORY!!! #summer #stories #sydandkate #datenight #girlsnight #bikini #belovebikini #giftedmindset #SummerswithSyd #thong #booty #model #weallwantwhatwecanthave

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