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S Y D N E Y 🍒  Fayetteville, NC ✨ | rip sky sky i love you so much.

Goodmorning 🤪

Never smile no more :(

When i was 115lbs doing a video shoot w @innovativevisionsmedia #mamathiqqnow #waybackwednesday


I thought this was cute 🐷

Don’t ever think I’ll stop thinking about you Skyler. You legit were my person. People have been saying it’s just like you’re still around when we hang out and that makes me so happy. You’re so beautiful dude.. i miss you like crazy. I just wish we could talk Cardi just one more time. 🙏🏻💕

😞 come back...

I miss you more than fuckin life sky. I drank for you last night man and played cancer by young thug man. I fuckin miss you bitch. I can’t believe they took you before we could go see Christina in atl. And your fuckin 21st. And the shitty part is bitch you called me 2 nights ago and i didn’t answer cause i was totally exhausted from the gym. I’m so fuckin sorry sis. You know i ain’t mean that i didn’t fuckin know man i wish i could’ve helped you or something FUCK😭😭😭😭😭😭 why they take my girl from me. Ima post you so much sky like you still w me. I just wanna go home and smell your clothes you left cause i always loved that VS on you. Even tho we were always in trouble together bitch, we had the best time. GUCCI FLIP FLOPS 5EVA MAMA. i see you shining bright this morning!!! I LOVE YOU KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you riding?👀

Bby syd

Its on my story but i felt like posting 😸

Same shorts as my last post but who cares

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