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Sydney Poulton  Special shoutout to all the filters that have gotten me to where I am today. | đź‘»Snapchat: sydneyliann

Throwback to a simpler, more sane life, before choosing between a trip to a tropical paradise or a trip to Legoland was a thing that we actually deliberated over, in real life, like it was a hard choice

10 years ago, and one of the very first pictures we ever took together. So in love with you and this life we've built together. ❤ happy v-day boo

It's cool Isla, you do you girl

When you try to have a family movie night and one of you only lasts as long as the popcorn does, you go find out what great wonders and mysteries the bathroom has to offer. Which is an automatic soap dispenser apparently

Twenty One Pilots can put on A SHOW.

Its 5:45 on a Tuesday night. For a short, miraculous hour, the full power of the sun fills your house for the first time in you don't even know when. You dance, you laugh, you text all your friends, you are HERE for it. The last remaining rays slowly start to disappear up your wall. You must take a selfie with them. You're not wearing a bra. Nothing stands in your way. -- a February story

Hide and seek masters

Me and my snow blueberry being totally into winter and stuff. #fakeittilyoumakeit January-March doesn't really exist if you believe in yourself

Have already danced, eaten, and painted. Still waiting for brother to wake up. đź’¤

@pacificloom is always coming over to my house and showing off her special talents and skillz. Some are truly embarrassing. Some are macrame. All are a beauty to behold.

A Peppa Pig waltz to the lovely music that bus makes

Don't you wish winter would last FOREVER? It's so FUN. Definitely my favorite season. I dont want to be transported to another season, literally any other season, at all. I'm having the time of my LIFE.