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Sydney  Special thanks to the filters that have gotten me to where I am today

This is the second time this girl and I have been to Disney together. The first time, she was bald, and her rolly polly legs were strapped to me in a baby backpack, and it was July, and I think she ate some grass on Mickey’s lawn at some point. This time, it’s long running legs, and Frozen sing-a-longs and Minnie Mouse ears and me not sweating in a backpack. And also I can wear @leejeans, because FEBRUARY. 🙌🏼 The magic of this place is really coming through this time. #ad #moveyourlee

DAY ONE AT DISNEY WORLD: it rained. But that stopped no one. Especially not these two love machines. ❤️ More on my stories

Taken on the afternoon of the "ice storm" which shut the school district down for the day, and required me pull out my warmest snowboots, layer some long johns under my @leejeans, and throw on a practical, waterproof parka. The winter can get crazy here in the south. #ad #moveyourlee

This Tuesday outfit brought to you by parent teacher conferences, being the first grade “mystery reader”, and rescuing stuck children in the Chick-Fil-A play place at 7:45AM. It’s a glorious day for the perfect @leejeans that move with me. #ad #moveyourlee

If you ask Everett how old his body is, he’ll say that it’s seven years old. If you ask him how old his spirit is, he’ll say that it’s one thousand and eighty-eight 👨🏻‍🦳 and I believe him. Watching this wise old soul thoroughly enjoy the magic and energy of his little-kid body brought me the greatest joy today. So glad he’s mine for the next thousand and more.

THIRTY years today. Feels like magic.

I love being here, in this peaceful place, where I came to turn 30. It’s a significant moment of internal transition in my life (another one! cool! 💃🏼) that I will always look back on with fondness and gratitude and appreciation. I feel seen. By God, and by myself (maybe you know what I mean) and I have a new sense of spiritual, peaceful *knowing* that I’ve never, ever experienced before. A knowing that allows me to be still. A knowing that tells me I don’t have to seek my life path and purpose with quite so much aggression anymore, because that information is coming, and it will be revealed to me perfectly. A knowing that brought about a miraculous, and almost instantaneous healing from a seven-year physical ailment, because I just KNEW that it was time let go of it, and that I could. (I know! But a story for another time.) All I’m saying is guys, this crown chakra and third eye are wide open, and I can’t tell you how especially delicious it feels. I love aging. I love becoming. I love fine-tuning my ability to listen to God, and to know with a clarity that I am a Child of the Divine Creator of Worlds, and therefore ... I’m gonna go ahead and hop out of the drivers seat now. 😜 To spend this birthday week feeling the December sun, and listening to the waves, and reading with my husband, and getting my toes buried in the sand by my babies, is IT.

Hello from me and this outfit who are both ready and willing to be an extra in a Nancy Meyers movie at any point. #ad @leejeans #moveyourlee

At 7:30 this morning, in the back of the car, Everett realized that for nearly three whole years he’d had to play by himself before Isla was born. He barely remembers it. He thought about it for a minute, stated that he wished he and Isla had been twins, and then asked what Isla had been doing that whole time. To which she responded that she had been in heaven, watching him and teaching him how to build LEGOs because, and I quote, “I knew everything when I was up there.” And this conversation is the exact reason why I had children.

This pre-game Thanksgiving outfit brought to you by very giant, food-baby friendly sweaters, a coat that many dogs believe is an *actual* animal, and really comfy @leejeans. #MoveYourLee A very Happy Thanksgiving to you! I’ve only been listening to Christmas music for six weeks.🎅🎄#ad

You guys know that I love pre-prepared things that come pre-packaged in a box, because that’s just the kind of self care I’m looking for in my life right now. #ad My favorite @biossance just came out with the best thing ever - rituals in a box, for your body and face.
All my top top favorite products are in these, and there’s still time to WIN THEM for yourself! Just head to *yesterday’s Instagram* to learn more about how you can win the Love Your Body and Love Your Face kits from Biossance! #nocompromisebeauty

@Biossance GIVEAWAY! Plus an unboxing for your viewing pleasure. (Am I a YouTuber now? My kids will be so proud). #ad It’s the season of gifting and these ones are for you!! @biossance created the Love Your Body and Love Your Face kits to give you easy, all-in-one, prebuilt rituals for your body and face! (I go over each product in the videos above!)
To enter: make sure you are following myself and @biossance on Instagram, leave a comment on this post with which item you’d be most excited to receive and tag a friend! In 24 hours, I’ll choose two winners to receive each box! Good luck! #nocompromisebeauty #biossance

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