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Sydney Lattenhauer  I'm going to change the world. And you're all going to watch it happen.

Queen Elizabeth spoke to her country as "we" and not "I". Keep your head up even when the crown hangs heavy. Stay strong. When you help your fellows and push them, the same will happen for you. Show an example and be the queen that leads to victory. #iamthequeen #aquariustakecharge

This is true, but you also have to support the ones you care about. It's give and take. Pick your fellows up when they need it and let yourself be picked up as well. #dreambig #changetheworld #supportyourfellows

So much purple

This is what I strive for. I've been so many different characters in such a short life time that I've lost count. Each time they're someone different. I can be anything I want to be. A woman, a man, a lover, a fighter, evil, or humble. I'm witty and courageous, I'm frail and powerful. Theater has this way of taking on the world by creating these people. These characters are the ones that can change the world and inspire crowds of people. These are the moments I strive for, the moments to inspire and change the world #theater #keeptrying #dreambig #accomplishanything

Sometimes the best comfort are the ones who just cuddle and can't talk

What a beautiful human this person is @eestott

When your best friend gives you something to remind you that you're a queen, a supreme, and to keep your head up when the kingdom looks dark. I love you, Mya

Maybe not over the water, but over dry land definitely

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