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Ever gotten sick of cold bowls? Why not try out hot porridge oatmeal for that clean start? I had chocolate goji flavoured oatmeal from @gobasix and 3 mins is all it takes for it to cook.

And for the texture, I go with the usual granola mix. This one is from , I love the almond in it- gives a lot more texture to the meal. Of course added chia, fruits and chocolate!

Approaching national day is also a reminder to foodies on how the country is so amazing with the diversity of food. We've come such a long way most food has established their own identity.
Fish head noodle is one I would occasionally crave and this one is really, really good. It's got some real amazing soup that's thick and flavourful. Fresh generous cuts of pieces of deep fried fish head adds so much character to the texture even with the immersion in the soup. Noodle silky smooth and cooked just nice to my liking .
Calling out to fish head noodle lover, go ahead and give it a try.

Fascinating looking beans. Do they remind you of Easter eggs? Now where's the Easter Bunny? Leave in comments below what these looked like to you . :)

Desperate crave of blueberries lately, I made a berry thick bowl of berry smoothie, berry rich in antioxidant.
Never underestimate how food will effect the way you perform and think, it is so much more than you could have ever imagined. And keeping to a strict way of food choices shapes character as well. It takes whole lot of discipline to keep up with a routine.
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Cod fish with pink beet hummus and pistachio. Cameron's strawberries are at the peak harvesting now so if anyone is interested to replenish your berries, now is probably the best time. Also included in my hummus is some @soluxe_protein . Don't forget the key ingredient in the hummus to compliment the fish is some lime zest.

There's a long absence on ig mostly because I'm working on my diet but that is no hindrance to food work and blog updates.

People around me knows how much I drink . I'm talking about water that is. Although I could use "that" drink lately. It's been crazy past few months with shoots and some TV hostings. And with that said, there'll be few programs airing soon so I'm kinda excited- it's been a while since my TV debut.

It's always a mixed feeling when it comes to this but I do notice inconsistency at VCR every now and then. Gotta say I prefer the Bangsar outlet when it comes to food but the space here is too irresistibly awesome. Also, paid RM 8 for half avo because I haven't had any in weeks. The crave's real and it's driving me nuts. .
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My first time here and i am already mesmerised. :) On a side note, dreams don't really come true literally, and you certainly can't catch them. Cause half the time, people don't remember their dreams. Want something sweet? Then you gotta work hard and smart for it. Though...... I really wouldn't mind a sweet dream in my sleep. Haha.

Been craving simpler food since last month. Melaka and Singapore was crazy loaded with flavours I'm in a tough time compiling and editing my work. Now that I'm back, I should be getting back to work ASAP.
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