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A magical occasion where @babegastro and @cucaflavor came together in a pop up canapé -wine pairing with one of the most amazing city skyline view. 20 canapés all together, with pairing wines and plenty of creativity and clever techniques.
For those who missed the stories at Babe x Cuca 's Swig&Nibble, full video on Fb. 😌

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Never quite bored of this one still. (Note: reposting cause I missed out a photo in the previous post.)

Morning dose filled with proteins that paired so well with mango and kiwiberries. Added to my mango bowl is this new snack that I've stocked up cause of the convenient packet size. And I've accidently discovered how well they paired with everything else on and in the bowl. This protein snack is a labour of love between @granolageeks and @soluxe_protein and they are superb to go into this fruit combination of mango, banana, and kiwiberries! This one is permanently going to be my favourite recipe.
I got mine from @bensindependentgrocer , but it is available online as well.
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Sat mornings be like scones and blueberry jam with endless refill of English Breakfast tea.

Throwback to when I get to have late brunches within walking distance, when @blackbird_kl were open for lunch.
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The rib is very steady and apple salad is da bomb. Also loving how the folks are so passionate about their food. It was pretty decent food selections with pretty awesome ambiance. Currently serving a smaller menu for the time being, but would be expanding by the end of the month with the kinda breakfast that I like. Is this not an obvious hint ? LOL.
Anyway drop by for some ribs. I kinda like our serving. Even @kyspeaks approves the pork. 😂

Launched sometime ago and since then earning a spot on my favourite to-go list for months now, @brasseriefritz has earned a somewhat irreplaceable spot in my heart when it comes to ambiance and food. Not to mention the warm hospitality from the team, and the biggest heart to receive all criticism and feed back from the dinners. That's how you strive to be better and stronger 😏.

Added one whole avo to my big breakfast back when I was in Ipoh because I haven't had it in a while and that crave... it was real..... Would have been so much better if it was creamier tho. There's room for improvement in the big breakfast as well. But the big impressive factor here is that they are offering avocado permanently for add-on, on top of their avo drinks and fruit smoothies with no additional sugar. Now that's worthy of an applaud. Good job @audscafe .
It's so amazing to see cafes and restaurants playing their role to offer good and quality ingredients to their customers. And I have been wondering why hasn't any avo swirl appear in Malaysian breakfast or brunch cafe scence despite it's increase in demand. It is after all on social media for years already. Neighbouring countries are already serving the swirls wut.

This one was from one the mandarin orange collection. Those who messaged and asked what camera I use to shoot thoose, it's Sony #a7ii . 😊

Red latte aka teh tarik ala ang mo style.
I'm slowly seeing this missing in a lot of local cafes but @artisancoffee is one of the few that's serving this. I'm having mine with soy.

Gentle reminder to the super hot whether in our country lately. It's been the same for like the past 2 weeks with very little rain. So please hydrate yourself with lots of H2O.

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