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Today was the first official day of researching for issue two of Sycamore Magazine! We'll be heading back this summer to gather most of our content, but thought we'd get a little head start while down here -- especially since Kirk's parents offered to watch the kids for a couple of days so we could explore/research!💃🏻🕺We spent the day on the west side --, @gettyvilla, El Matador Beach, @brentwoodcountrymart... Loved it. Can't wait to share more with you! In the mean time, you can see more in my stories. 👆••• #sycamoretravels

Raise your hand if you agree! ✋️••• #sycamoreshop

"I suddenly realized I was in California. Warm, palmy air - air you can kiss - and palms." Jack Kerouac in On the Road ••• #sycamoretravels

What I love about our printable posters is that they make great art (like this photo by @chauntevaughn) available at a much lower than usual price. Only $15 for the download and you can print it at any size you want as many times as you want (for personal use). How 'bout them apples?! ••• #sycamoreshop #printableposters

Every once in awhile I have a dream that I'm back in the South Bay where I spent my childhood. And every time, I'm blown away by its beauty. Today wasn't a dream, but it felt like it. Such an inspiring place. See more photos if you swipe right, and a lot more on Instastories, too! ••• #sycamoretravels #sycamoreinspiration pc: @kirk_sycamore

"No one expected me. Everything awaited me." -- Patti Smith in Just Kids ✨••• #Sycamorelovesliterature #sycamoreinspiration

One of my earliest memories is of walking through a beaded curtain into a shop where The Beach Boys' "California Girls" was playing over the speakers. I've been a fan ever since -- especially of their Pet Sounds album. We'll be in SoCal for the next several days, spending time with family, sharing Disneyland with our kids for the first time, soaking up the sun and inspiration and nostalgia for this place I grew up. I'd love any SoCal tips you may have! Places to visit, songs to listen to, movies to watch, books to read... Thanks in advance! ••• #sycamoreinspiration #sycamoretravels

Stationery Tip: When gathering sources, do not directly ask other stationery business owners unless you are friends or have at least established a friendly relationship. When asking from someone you’ve established a relationship with, just make sure you let them know that you understand if they are unable to share it. And be prepared to pay the favor back if possible or at least pay it forward! ••• #SycamoreClasses (Find our stationery biz classes on

Grandma Moses started painting at age 78. I love that! Maybe there's still hope for my childhood dream of becoming a 5'10" professional tennis player? 😉But seriously, I love the idea of always learning, growing, trying new things. What's something new you're trying? (Or wanting to try?) ••• #sycamoreinspiration #sycamorelovesart

Oh yes we are. But we got each other's backs, right? Tag a friend who lets you be crazy with them! 👯••• #sycamoreshop

What began as a royal hunting lodge in the 12th century was transformed to the Palace of Fontainebleau by the great builder-king, Francis I, in the 16th century. I love the symmetry of classic French architecture like this. (Also, isn't "builder-king" a great job title?!) ••• #sycamorelovesarchitecture #sycamoretravels

Raised in the heart of Las Vegas by a special effects makeup artist and a chiropractor, @chauntevaughn now resides in Brooklyn, NY. She can often be found scouring vintage stores for new jumpsuits with a mini dachshund named Dakota Fanning. 🐶 You can see her entire collection of printable posters (including this one) in our online shop! (Link in profile.) ••• #affordableart #chauntevaughn

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