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Miss Shell  Shellyです (^_^)v Half-baked polyglot. Foodie. Heartmonger. Music buff. Nerd. Trying to learn 日本語 \(^_^)/

DISCOUNTED MFS VIP Tickets for MFS fans! 😢 It's sad if these tickets go to waste. These tickets are mine but I'm going alone.

I'm giving discounts for any fan interested. I accept payment through PayPal.


No. 159
Offer price TWD3150 (negotiable)

No. 489
Offer price TWD3000 (negotiable)

Message me with your best offer 🤗✌️ よろしくお願いします - Shelly-


I'm cleaning my computer screen, guys! Ahh .... something oddly satisfying playing with a makeup brush like this 😄💕. I'm more obsessed with makeup brushes than makeup itself 😂.
#myfirststory #hirokimoriuchi #マイファス

届いた!!😄🙌👏💕 They're here! Finally arrived. Still unhappy that Swanky Ocean Acoustix Mar y Sol is not available digitally on my country's iTunes. Bummed that Tsutaya closed ACCIDENT Preorder before I got it. Well, just make do with what I have then 😂.

Tora the cat with Maifasu-kun 2.0 😚
#myfirststory #マイファス

Omiyage from the company president direct from Japan (^^). 美味しい

Finally, my STORYTELLER Gold Card arrived today. I've been a member for already over 1 year?! Time sure flies fast.

p/s I wonder how many international cardholders are there?

見て...見て...!届いた!幸せです ♡٩(๑´3`๑)۶。@10969_my ありがとうございます♡♡♡ You are so kind! I came home from work last night to see this waiting for me. Thank you @myfirststoryofficial because of you guys, I met many nice people ♡

Feels like I'm back home in Malaysia. Night markets a-plenty there. Liuohe Night Market is basically these rows of food stalls lining up this street. Easy to find. Just off an exit of Formosa Boulevard MRT Station. For religious reasons, my choices are severely limited there though.

The Dome of Light at Formosa Boulevard MRT Station. I wish the science show at the Planetarium, Nagoya Science Centre looks like this instead (^^)

Nice to walk into a McDonald's and order a salad. Super cheap too. Why can't they sell salads in my own country?

Eh, LI.....AREHOUSE? My boys @myfirststoryofficial first One-Man overseas and that sillhouette kinda ruins it.

I don't even buy McD breakfast pancakes. Nevertheless, I was curious over this and then came home super broke. But isn't this pretty? (^^)
#shibuya #japanesepancake

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