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Syahid Rushdan  A Fulltime Dad | Filmmaker | Footballer | Traveller 🇲🇾

Sesi borak bersama Mak Pak Syarif sambil mengisi borang penilaian prestasi beliau yg ke 2 bulan. Says who? Says Syarif 👶🏻 #syarifrayqal

It’s Happy National Camera Day! This day commemorates photographs, the camera & their invention through out this year. Today I feel obliged to share the tools that made my career possible. Here is one of my run & gun setup as a single cam operator for an upcoming tv show.

Since I’ll be moving around alone & need to capture a proper & clean sound during the shoot I’ve figured out I need to be nimble with selected gears while still trying to keep them minimal & functional as it can be 🎥👌 #NationalCameraDay #Sony #Sennheiser

Celebrating our fifth day of Eid & his two months old journey with the family. Alhamdulillah I’m blessed with this anugerah syawal 1439H ✨

Exactly a month ago, today. Happy 1 month old SR! 👶🏻 #syarifrayqal

We’ve decided to keep it low for a while and only announce it (on social media) today.
Bismillahhirahmanirrahim. 11 days ago, a cute little boy name Syarif Rayqal decided to make an early appearance, 2 weeks earlier from EDD on 19th April 2018 / 3 Syaaban 1439 @ 4:16am in AL ISLAM Specialist Hospital, Kuala Lumpur.

Alhamdulillah I’m so blessed to have a wife who is hardworking, remains active & positive during her 9 months of pregnancy especially after dealing with almost 10 hours of labour process.

As for my son, I can’t promise a luxurious way of life but I can promise I will encourage you to do your best and to embrace who you are.

As you grow and learn, your parents will also learn all about you and all about parenthood. We definitely won’t be perfect, but we promise to always love you with our entire heart throughout this journey and to do our best to nurture, guide & encourage you.

I promise to help you to figure out who you are as you navigate this big world. I will help you discover and build on your unique interests and strengths.

From today onwards, our goal is to continually work on becoming a better person and a better role model for you. We will encourage you to follow your dreams and to remember that you are you and let you choose your path whenever you are ready. Love, your parents 💗 #syahidayahdays #syarifrayqal

Because it’s been a while since I last had my camp session with @kathmandugear. Pacak sebelah rumah pun jadilahh ⛺️#kathmandu

Sandtroopers 🦅 #jaisalmer

Agak strict for video recording to some places in India including Amber Fort in Jaipur and also the famous Taj Mahal in Agra.

Aku pun tak dapat the solid reasons why tak boleh shoot video but for photography purposes is allowed.

Maybe for safety reason? Tapi tak logic jugak sebab thru photos pun boleh je org pecah masuk (kalau dah berniat begitulah). Anyway gladly sony cameras are capable of video recording thru the viewfinder so what we did we just filmed everything thru it & act like we are taking stills 🤟#india

Perak 🇲🇾

By far the most challenging yet fun & interesting shoot I’ve ever had in my career. Happy Holi to those who celebrate it 🌈#holifestival #india

Morning from Vrindavan ☀️

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