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November has been a tough yet interesting month to be remembered. Hebat sgt ujian yg kami lalui before this but who knows rupanya ada rezeki di sebalik semua tu and we believe it’s all bcoz of this upcoming new member. We’ve been keeping it for a while but decided to share here today since it’s my wife special day! Yesss, shes in 17 weeks and we are definitely excited about it. Alhamdulillah, with dua’s from family members & close friends she did well in her first trimester, survived morning sickness and all the overwhelming tiredness a lot of women get in the first trimester. To love, work & do things together, bunyi mcm best but the fact is no one knows the struggle & annoying part of it. But I’m glad everything goes well (as for now). Sooo on this special day, I thank you for always being there for me. Despite having a pack schedule, you always made it smooth & easier by being my time keeper. Whenever I can’t do the PR stuff, you were there to do the talk. Even the struggle I had with microsoft excel, you made it super easy to create an invoice. Not to mention, my current financial flow which obviously getting better under your supervision (this definitely what most woman good at). I know it’s tough to run all this but trust me it can be done if we stick & go thru it together, insyallah. Happy birthday luv! 💏 (No latest photos of us since dua2 boleh tahan membulat skrg nihh ☺️) #syahidayahdays

I would like to personally thank @cstproduction for inviting me as one of the mentor at CST Academy in Malacca. I look forward to any kind of talk / workshop & sharing session for anyone, any team, group or individuals sebab visi & misi sy mudah, sekadar mahu melihat lebih ramai filmmakers memeriahkan & mewarnai industri. Salah satu sebab utama juga ialah utk memberi peluang kpd mereka yg ingin menceburi bidang ini selain berkongsi segala imu yg sy ada kerana sy percaya pada local talents yg sedia ada yg mampu digilap, diasah & dipandang tinggi. Photo by @izierzk for @cstproduction 🎥 #cstacademy

Manage to produce & edit this in less than 10 hours. I’ve tried my best to implement everything they’ve learned in theory & compile every techniques from storytelling, voice over, composition, glide shots, hyperlapse & vertigo in a 1 minute video. Gladly everything went well & I thank each team members for making this happen. Semoga segala yg saya kongsikan dpt memberi manfaat & membantu kalian di masa hadapan, insyallah 🎥 #cstacademy

Today session with them future filmmakers of CST Academy 🎥 #cstacademy

As the sun goes down, we experienced the mass exodus as thousands of bats flutter out of the cave into the night sky. Recent Sinematic Trip to Mulu Sarawak. The full video is now up on Facebook & YouTube. Filmed & edited by SINEMATIC KL (@sinematickl) crew members:- @muhdhidayatullah / @syahidrushdan / @iddehlarnn / @akifizaan / @haziqazizul & @hidayahroslee 🦇 #sinematictrip #sinematickl #matic #maticmy #mulu #malaysia #borneo

Trekked deep into the tropical rainforest where we explored caves filled with the most bizarre looking stalagmites & other rock formations. Filmed & edited by @sinematickl proud members:- @muhdhidayatullah / @iddehlarnn / @hidayahroslee / @akifizaan & @haziqazizul 🦇 #sinematickl #sinematictrip #mulu #sarawak #borneo #malaysia #tourism

Everyday routine with my wife. Yesss and we are doing it full time. Either its intensive training & adventure stuff with @sinematickl or weddings, commercials & fashion campaigns from @syncdicate.co. We run, we brainstorming & we passionately do both 💑#syahidayahdays #xoxo

I rarely shoot weddings but when I do, I'll do it passionately. Here's the sneak peak of The Reception of Raja M Danial & Sharifah Mariam. Full video is up on @syncdicate.co YouTube channel 😉🌷#marydannyfinally #malayweddingguide

"I would like to talk about a particular young man, this young man I've know for a very very long time and this young man thought me one thing, what it means to be driven, committed & also has proven that whatever your mind can conceive, it can achieve" - (Danial, The Groom) 👨🏻 #wedding #malaysia #malaywedding #sax #marydannyfinally

BTS of drone shot by @sinematickl during our trip to Mulu, Sarawak. Hujan lebat dari first day sampai esoknya. Air sungai pun naik tinggi. Aktiviti agak terbatas during our first day here but getting better on the next day. Tq @mulumarriott for having us, such a memorable experience to spend our time here 🤘#sinematickl #sinematictrip #mulu #marriot #maticmy #sayangmalaysia #sarawak

One of the reason to look forward for this brand is bcoz they are not "selling", instead they are sharing the knowledge & delivering the message to the community. As that what Anne's go through, a plastic surgery failure. Stay tune with more updates as I'll be filming more with @jannahcosmetics, a live story which they truly tell & speak up on behalf of beauty community themselves 💄#jemahlahiols

Toughest yet interesting campaign I've ever work with. Stay tune with @jannahcosmetics for more updates. Shot & Edited by @syahidrushdan

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