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Syada Amzah  Anywhere with you feels right πŸ’˜ANQA's #cadasings post every SUNDAY&WEDNESDAY 🎀 2nd acc : @syadaamzah_id posting video daily

Hari tu Syada ada join Hiruscar Roadshow dekat Universiti Malaya, PJ. Seronok sangat sebab dapat buat aktiviti and share about Hiruscar benefits dengan students kat sana. You guys memang sporting la! So to the rest, you guys boleh check it out Hiruscar Malaysia FB for next Campus Roadshow and jangan lupa untuk berselfie/berwefie untuk dapatkan sample kit from Hiruscar and yes the best part is there's special promotion for students during all Hiruscar campus roadshow. :) #clubspotless #hiruscarantiacnemy #hiruscarpostacnemy

It's today, brb i wanna cry 😞😭 #sharisoffthemarket

The other day for #gayakoleksiraya2018 #fvraya2018 #poplookootd #poplook (I'm wearing Sadako shoulder tie knit dress from @poplook ) thank you so much for having me! ❀

One of my fav makeup touch, ever! Thank you @zulaiha.zulkifli 😍❀ Lawa tak lawa tak?!

Guys! Ni lah GayaMalaysia! Cepat pergi guna TikTok punya sticker & rakam video & post guna hashtag #gunalahstikermalaysia , korang boleh menang award tau!!

Hi you guys! Haritu Syada ada beri peluang to you guys untuk tanya Syada anything about your daily beauty routines kan? I dah pilih the questions so check out my video to know what are my answers. Also, congrats to @najiehahnazahan @yaatiee__ and @raidadnann for getting your very own sample kit dari Hiruscar :D
And bersempena dengan Hiruscar Roadshow, jangan lupa untuk join Syada di UM pada 16 April 2018 ni. Ada banyak aktiviti yang Syada nak buat dengan korang semua. See you there!
#clubspotless, #hiruscarantiacnemy, #hiruscarpostacnemy

Received this little box of goodness from @ClearMalaysia! Apple frangrances from the boxes are so nice! I'm gonna try it out soon, it says that we won't have to worry while wearing hijab because it helps to keep our hair fresh up to 24hrs! 😍😍
#clearsuperfreshapple #sissukasuperfreshapple #clearmy

Mirror mirror on the wall...
Tumpang touch up lipstick sat.

FRIENDS - @marshmellomusic ft @annemarie ❀ (OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM)
#CadaSings #Friends #friendzoned
2nd acc: @syadaamzah_id

Just because trash can be recycled, doesn't mean your ex deserves another chance πŸ™ƒ

Lapar, nak.......

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