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  I've stop taking paid review for a while ☝🏻 #NSAA

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That "are they looking at me" face 😳☺️ #tb

Hello, syada nk share kepada sesiapa yg nk beli shawal jahitan eyelashes yg cantik n murah korang bole beli kt ig @scarf.kl . Material , colours n jahitan tepi pun cantik. Harga pun murah. Macam2 colours yg cantik. Sure korang puashati 😍😍😍 korang klu berminat boleh follow ig @scarf.kl @scarf.kl @scarf.kl

Hi korang! Here's a little sharing video for you guys that have been asking about my skincare routine, i really hope that it's beneficial for you guys! Well you know, some of the products untuk skin kan ada bau tak sedap, well this one dia bau natural je. Yang paling best, dia tak perlu nak bilas banyak banyak kali, sebab liquid dia tak melekit & irritates. I would say that it's the best facial cleanser! Lagi lagi to those yang suka makeup! Korang kena cuba tau product Cetaphil ni, sebab i dah cuba & i know it truly works! Dry ke Oily ke Combination Skin ke ALL SKIN TYPES boleh pakai! Cuba tau!! #CetaphilMy #IdealCleansing #MoisturizeMoisturizeMoisturize

Korang ada masalah kulit kusam, jerawat, parut jerawat, kulit berminyak tak? Baca sampai habis, tak sampai satu minit pun πŸ˜‰.
@bougas_serum ni bagus untuk merawat masalah seperti di atas tambahan lg serum ni mesra wuduk, melembapkan kulit muka dan mengekalkan seri wajah. .
Yang lagi best kalau korang suka makeup titis dulu @bougas_serum dan apply makeup. Korang akan dapat hasil makeup blend elok je dengan kulit.
Saya pun nak cantik jugak sis,
Macam mana?
Boleh sayangku πŸ˜‰
Whatsapp terus ke nombor 0179304320

"Rela kau tempuh demi aku, manisnya ada bersamamu" - @official_farahezel ❀ #CadaSings Requested by @_myrazainal !! Next song?! #CepatRequest

Assalamualaikum hi korang! Since ramai sangat orang dm tanya i product apa i guna, this both product yang i pegang ni yang currently I'm using. It is trusted by Dermatologists, and even in clinically dah terbukti yang this product is very gentle & hypoallergenic. I suka this product sebab we can control our face conditions, so takdalah muka i gatal gatal ke. Dia bagi muka i makin sihat, bersih & lembut ! So walaupun muka i combination skin, i still boleh pakai sebab product ni sesuai untuk all skin types & i rasa, ni paling sesuai untuk normal daily routine! #CetaphilMy #IdealCleansing #MoisturizeMoisturizeMoisturize

The day Mina thought that I'm 26 🀣 #tb
Kalau korang tak kenal Syada kan, korang rasa i umur berapa?

Can you see that face? That was a smile from the happiest girl alive, cause she's happy right from the inside πŸ’› #tb

Too good at goodbyes - @samsmithworld πŸ’…πŸ» Requested by @tyrakmrzmn πŸ™ˆβ€ #CadaSings next song?! #cepatrequest

When it hurt, less. #tb
Top by @catturastore ❀

Cause angle dari atas tu mainstream πŸ™ƒ

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