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dead !!!  why are you still following me this account is dead 😀😀😀

#happyriseday #foreverrise πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

remember when sohee was still in the wonder girls

stan talent stan the wonder girls

everyone's probably dead and this doesn't fit my feed but i finally made an edit after 839493959292 years !!!!

i said i would post it yesterday but i was busy so here it is now ok

qotd : f(x) bias ?
aotd : victoria ;)

my other edit looks like shit compared to this one so i won't post it ok

red velvet edit ! sorry for being an inactive hoe :""""" follow me on @soakj1n if u want to idk ,,,, how's everyone's day going ?ΒΏ

qotd : favorite red velvet song ?

aotd : probably time slip or something kinda crazy or automatic

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