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Denim Destroyer  ||collection004.2 — 09.12.18 || ||@sxvsu_unraveled

WEBSITE NOW OPEN w/ some chaos and unraveled destruction || Go to @sxvsu_unraveled story for that early christmas present 🎁

Are you sure your eyes aren’t lying ?👀|| 09.12.18/Tomorrow our website will be unlocked, get ready for some surprises. Don’t😴

Some jackets and weird hand posing🤲 ( this is our first swipe post ever so swipe on this 🅱️🤪)

3 of 6 Denim selection || 004.2 will be the biggest drop till Now. Don’t snooze on what’s to come 🤫

December? early December...😴

Raw meat only🥶 || Chaos Denim 🕘...

Opening hours? Denim and Bombers ? ➖*soon*

Beautifully arranged Chaos 🥀

Choose your side| Darkness or Light? Imma keep it Half/Half tho🤷‍♂️

When i die, bury me in Double Denim || 004.2 otw, are you ready? 💀💀

went Full Harness on shoreditch 🔗

You already know where this is , don’t even need to tell you lol🤪// Home2, see you in the streets ( sorry for the lack of posts, quite stressfull couple of weeks 🤯)

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