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SW Powerlifting Association  South West division of the English Powerlifting Association & British Powerlifting, affiliated with the IPF. 🇬🇧 #swpla

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The stacked 83kg class took place right after the 74s and we’re here for the recap 👊

@ay83kg put on a great performance with us as outgoing men’s captain. A 662.5kg total at 81.1bw gave him an incredible 449wilks. Aymen sailed through his squats and bench, but we all know he’s a deadlift guy anyway 👀. All prepared to take the British DL on his 3rd attempt (302.5kg), a tiny slip of the grip caused his opener of 272.5 to come crashing down, breaking the hearts of everyone watching. Aymen could have carried on with his original plan but did what every intelligent and goal driven lifter should do, and made the very hard decision to repeat his opener. Once that flew, we knew the DL record was too big of a jump from 272.5 today with only one attempt to go, but with a 292.5 third attempt it was enough to secure the deadlift Gold medal. Big shoutout to him for maintaining composure, sucking it up when things got tough and pulling out the gold medal in the deadlift in the most stacked weight class around. Top 6 had 450 wilks and the best had 480+. To win gold against some of the best Jrs in the world is just incredible and Aymen leaves another huge legacy for the 83s and future captains to compete against.
Speaking of which, @danclarke47 was his teammate in the 83s and the new men’s captain, so he has a lot to live up to 👀. Dan had one of the best meets of the team, going 8/9 and PRing in every lift, coming away with a 582.5 total and 389wilks. The only hiccup of the day was a red lighted second squat, but as a team we all learnt a bit more about appealing lifts to the jury, so atleast there’s that 👀. Dan is taking time out now to bulk up some size and work capacity, looking to dominate next year at BUCS (potentially joining the thicc boiz in the 93s??) and we are all hyped to see where he takes the team and his lifts as captain next year 💪

93s up next!! (Promise I’ll get this post done quicker this time get off my back 🙄)

Posted @withrepost • @exeter_powerlifting_society UNI WORLDS RECAP
Two weeks ago our men’s team went out to Pilsen in the Czech Republic to compete at the IPF University World Championship and we couldn’t be more proud of them 🙌

We’ll start the recap with our -74kg boys

@savinglivesandmakinggains had the best performance of our whole team, with a 615 total and 449 wilks. As the outgoing president of the second year of the society, he didn’t disappoint, going into the meet ranked 4th, Hugo battled hard and found himself in 2nd place on the last deadlift. I think we can all agree our hearts broke watching his 3rd DL and 1st place quite literally slip out of his hands, but we could not be more proud of his performance. For a team of guys who just started this year, with no real direction, coaching or specialist equipment, to come 2nd in the world is truly remarkable. We wish him all the best in his lifting at British Nationals later this year, and in starting work as a junior doctor this week!

@qarinirfan competed for only his 2nd time ever and didn’t disappoint, coming away with a 575 total and 422wilks. Qarin grabbed himself 6th place despite rocking up to his first meet 3 months ago not knowing what lifts were involved 🙃. Following the trend of the entire Exeter team, Qarin also had an upset with his DL with an unfortunate set of red lights leaving him with his opener to finish with. Nevertheless, 6th in the world is nothing to knock, especially when going 6/9 and we all look forward to seeing what he is capable of in the future! Also a big congratulations to him finishing his Masters of Engineering from the @uniofexeter!! Well done boys! Stay tuned for -83s soon 👀

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👉🏼 By far the biggest comp I’ve been involved with to date, was incredible to share the platform with some crazy strong lifters and even a few of the GB Team 😎
😯 Weighed in at 82.7 having used this as a little mock weight cut for the Brits in 5 weeks time. So from here I was interested to see how I was to react.
👉🏼 As a whole today felt bitter sweet.. With a very bumpy prep to this meet with the back issues, i couldn’t expect to be at peak level, but I suppose it was nice to come through in one piece, always a positive when you don’t shit yourself in a squat 😅 but still I know I’m capable of a bit more by the end of the year.
👉🏼 Squats felt pretty good, from the off I didn’t want to push ridiculously here as I had a number in mind for later, even still fucked it anyways 🤦🏻‍♂️
1️⃣ 205Kg ⚪️⚪️⚪️
2️⃣ 215Kg ⚪️⚪️⚪️
3️⃣ 222.5Kg 🔴🔴🔴 (weak 😂)
👉🏼 Bench went 3/3 which is a rarity for me being such a flannel with it but hit
1️⃣ 107.5Kg ⚪️⚪️⚪️
2️⃣ 115Kg ⚪️⚪️⚪️
3️⃣ 120Kg ⚪️⚪️⚪️
👉🏼 Deadlifts were the money for me today though, came into this meet at a much lighter body weight but still had one number in mind to try and smoke. I was ready to give this everything I had feeling fresher than normal at this stage.
1️⃣ 240Kg ⚪️⚪️🔴
2️⃣ 252.5Kg ⚪️⚪️⚪️
3️⃣ 265Kg ⚪️⚪️⚪️ (PB!! & 270+ is there 💯)
👉🏼 Finished with a happy medium total of 600Kg which I came for and 8/9.. but bigger picture is the real positives to take 🙌🏼 First time at this weight, few things to push and work on but loved being back on the platform regardless of weights/totals etc.
👉🏼 Massive thanks for the guys at @swindon_barbell_club for everything today, such a quality bunch of guys there and had great fun smashing it with you today!
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Well that was a mixed bag day 😂😂 Video 1 275kg
Video 2 262.5kg
Video 3 150kg
Video 4 232.5kg fail on depth ...
Finished with
Squat 220kg
Bench 150kg - 2.5kg pb
Deadlift 275kg - 5kg pb
Total 645kg @109.3kg bw
I weighed in at my lightest comp weight ever down nearly 5kgs from the @swpowerlifting comp
SQUATS went to shit failing my opener on depth then failing my 3rd 232.5 on depth which is in the video
BENCH I went 3 for 3 and a 2.5kg pb
DEADLIFT I went 3 for 3 again pulling 275kg a 5kg pb ...
Thanks so much to everyone who ran and helped out at the comp today especially to mike king and his crew for keeping us lifters flowing well and safe ...
But the biggest thanks has to go to @charliesgale and the @swindon_barbell_club crew for helping me put today in the warm up area and on the stage it's was lovely to meet you all and I can't wait to come down to your place for some sessions.
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Inter-divisional competition went incredibly well today! Considering I had zero comp prep and was at 88.9 body weight.
Squats: Went 3/3 and got a 7.5kg PB with 170kg.

Bench: Went 2/3 on this with a pretty disappointing 117.5kg but oh well 🤷‍♀️ Deadlifts: Went 3/3 and got a 2.5kg PB with 200kg!! Been chasing this number for ages, so it’s great to finally get it!
Thanks to the team @swindon_barbell_club for handling me and @champion_strength @fayej_champion_strength for hosting such a great competition!
@swpowerlifting @gbpowerfed
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The team were out in force again today at the @gbpowerfed Inter Divisional Championships organised by @champion_strength @fayej_champion_strength and their team in Milton Keynes. 😃😃💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
💁‍♀️👉🏻Team South West were hit by several last minute injuries meaning there was only 1 female lifter, @charlie_chester_powerlifter who smashed 9/9 lifts and managed to hit approx 20k more than she did in her worlds champ last month! A lot of that is due to the platform being a little more relaxed and not hurting her back this time! Great lifter and fantastic performance today 😀
🙎‍♂️👉🏻The men’s team was made up by @wookielifts @dual_strength and @louis.phelps.powerlifter all of which hit personal bests and were fantastic company making the competition very enjoyable to be at for helpers/coaches @karlmarillier @emilyjanesheppard @watsonthebar @forza_civetta and the lucky girl to coach them all @charliesgale.
Of course, never one to miss out, National Referee and head 🔴🔴🔴 was @scandalwitch dedicating her day to refereeing the comp, along with many other divisions referees, making sure the comp ran well.
The whole team would like to thank Mike King and all the spotters and loaders who made sure the comp was smoothly ran and great for all involved. Thanks of course go to Faye and Andy and their team for organising this competition. Thanks guys.
Next year team @swpowerlifting will have a full team and come to challenge for the plaque of England’s Best Powerlifting Division!! #powerlifting #competition #squat #bench #deadlift #classicpowerlifting #equippedlifting #swindonbarbell #southwestpowerlifting

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The best thing about competing in powerlifting? The amazing people you meet along the way! I met @emslifts and @molliemops back in April at the south west open. They are both amazing lifters! They were there to celebrate my deadlift PB then and again at the Wilts and Glos champs! Thank you @whitelightsmediauk for capturing this photo it’s rare to get a photo of me smiling 😂 still riding high from comp @swindon_barbell_club and @swpowerlifting #powerlifter #powerlifting #celebration #support #strongwomen #strong #whitelightsmediauk #highfive #comppb

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Meet recap! Absolutely brilliant day at the Wiltshire and Gloucestershire championships! I went 9/9 with 27 white lights. Here are my top lifts of 175kg squat (15kg comp pb) 120kg bench (5kg comp pb) and 220kg deadlift (20kg comp pb) for a 515kg total at 87.1kg body weight. That’s a 40kg increase from my last total 12 weeks ago! Thanks to everyone that came and supported me and the other @thegymglos boys @jameschurchill23 @britishbeard thanks to @louis.phelps.powerlifter for the advice and help throughout the day. And thanks to @swpowerlifting and @swindon_barbell_club for putting on a great competition! Can’t wait for the next one! #powerlifting #power #powerlift #power #lift #lifting #wiltsandgloucchamps #swindonbarbell #swpowerlifting #thegymglos #teamgympower #squat #squats #bench #press #benchpress #deadlift #deadlifts #dead #competition

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From yesterday at the @swpowerlifting Wiltshire & Gloucestershire Championships hosted by @swindon_barbell_club, Doug Arnold (@dougpowerlifts) -105kg celebrates is 137.5kg third attempt bench press 🔥😠
This event was a huge success, and we saw some pretty epic lifting all round. An extended sample gallery of photos can be found up on our Facebook page now 🎉
If you lifted at this event, photo, regular video, and premium video packages can be ordered at any time via our website now! Click the link in our bio to find out more, or feel free to DM us with any questions! 😊

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Epic day at my first ever competition, had to wait a long time to finally compete but it was worth it 💪🏻 Thanks to @tim.rew for handling me on the day and of course the legend @markmacqueen2 for coaching 📸 @whitelightsmediauk
@swpowerlifting @swindon_barbell_club
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Waiting for those white lights ⚪️⚪️⚪️ .
• 📸 @whitelightsmediauk.
@swpowerlifting @swindon_barbell_club.
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Good day yesterday @swindon_barbell_club Wiltshire and Gloucester champs second in the 93’s and pbs in all lifts
220kg squat
135kg bench
250kg deadlift
Very good day happy with the results😁
Thanks to @_shaneflowers Aswell
@swindon_barbell_club #powerlifting #squats #benchpress #wiltsandgloucchamps #sbd

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