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SwoleSisters  -Online Training & Group Challenges -21 Day Challenge -IIFYM/Flexible Dieting -30 Day Shred 👇🏼

Had to squeeze in this awesome #MondayMotivation courtesy of our gorgeous Jewels Metclafe who just completed and WON The February Shred Program.

Jewels says: "Before this challenge, I did everything I knew how to lose weight in a healthy way. I thought counting calories alone would do the trick & after the pounds wouldn’t budge I got frustrated. I’d been following @emmabethfit for quite a while & how she counted macros & still ate all the glorious treats I craved on the daily (within reason of course 😉). I decided to jump in & give macros a try. What did I have to lose?! & guess what, I did just that. I LOST 7 pounds my first month counting macros & still ate all the good things I loved! I feel stronger thanks to the SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition amazing workout routines, and have seen my muscles transform because of it! I tried on all of my pre baby pants on this weekend & ALL of them fit, some were even too big! Before this shred I couldn’t button most of them! I’m so thankful I gave this Shred my all because I look & feel amazing. Thank you Emma & Jamison for creating such an incredible program & for all of your coaching and support!" This Strong Mama is just cruising along enjoying unlimited food variety and is down 7 lbs... and those abs tho ;-) Week in and week out she nails the dietary compliance without compromising her lifestyle... And she's only just getting started!

We're so humbled to have played a small part in her fitness journey!

@emmabethfit will be accepting 20 more Shred Participants for the month of April, so grab your spot today at www.macroswithem.com
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Last Call y’all! All March challenges and programs will be closing out at midnight tonight!
Link to join is in our bio 👆🏼
#swolesisters #onlinetraining #onlinecoaching #fitfam #healthy #weightloss #nutrition #flexibledieting #strongwomen

The most special journey we've ever been a part of ❤️❤️❤️ A Double Mastectomy ain't slowing this fighter down.

Love you to pieces Lauren Logsdon! "SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition has literally saved my life.💕 For about 10 years, I constantly battled with an eating disorder up and down. I was always so ashamed and felt like I would never see the end of tunnel. I literally tried anything and everything. I can proudly admit my past and say this all changed for the better when I started training with SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition. Jamison and Emma are as REAL as they come. From the outside, you see two amazing gals who have awesome bodies, but once you get to know them, you see they struggle just as much as we all do!
Through their program I have learned how to practice Self Love. This I promise is a bigger obstacle than any crazy burpee or donkey kick workout SwoleSisters will ever put you through!😂 Their programs are intense and so much fun. I love the competitiveness and support that come along with each challenge. Between their fun workouts and amazing recipes, I don’t know how anyone could pass up the opportunity to better themselves physically and mentally!
The best part is that they have an option for just about anyone and truly care about their members. Once you start, you will not want to stop! I recently had a double mastectomy and was out for two months. I literally had withdrawals from their program! BUT thanks to JC, I kept my food in check and she helped encourage me to keep pushing. She might be the busiest gal I know and she still made a point to check up on my progress through my journey.
If you haven’t given their program a try, I highly encourage you to let the SwoleSisters knock down that wall! Can’t wait to be back at it with everyone in March for the March Madness Challenge... It’s going down!! "

Who's joining this rockstar in our March Madness Challenge?
#swolesisters #selflove #strongwomen #healthy #fitnessjourney #onlinetraining #fitfam


I love these progress pictures because it's just another Strong Mama shredding over 9 lbs and 12.5 inches forever! All from the comfort of her own home while her daughter sleeps.

Our girl Tami Vanover Neal came to us frustrated and struggling to find her 'balance" again... because life happens!

This busy mom needed to try something else.

And after participating in our online challenges and completion of the 30 Day Shred Program she completely transformed her body... SWOLESISTERS STYLE! 💯

Tami says: "I have always struggled with my weight. At one point about 12 years ago I was almost 300 pounds. I managed through exercise and diet to get in shape and lose the weight. However after going to grad school, getting married and having my daughter I was struggling with finding that balance again. I was scared I was going to slip back into that danger zone. A co-worker posted something about a SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition challenge and I decided to join. I haven’t been disappointed. The workouts I can do at home before work while my daughter is still asleep and the food is not so restrictive that my husband will eat it. I am so grateful for the motivation and support of this group." Tami - We are so unbelievably proud of you and cannot wait to share more of your journey.

If you're tired of the endless dieting and want to enjoy food to get to your goals... Hit us up by clicking the following link:

www.swolesistersky.com and and check out which one of our challenges or Shred Program works for you.

We'd love to help 🤗

Happy #flexfriday <3

The journey is the reward.
If there were any 2 photos that showed a stark contrast of lifestyle and confidence, it's these pictures.

Our STRONG GIRL Tiffany Fletcher is the epitome of hustle ✊

She first came into my life as a challenger looking to lose weight while holding down a demanding career as a busy Pharmacist, struggling to make any progress with bootcamps and countless of diets... Even often forgetting to eat - which is so common these days! 👎

Fast forward to today and she is living the Fitness Lifestyle.
Tiffany says: "My main thing about my journey with SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition has been consistency and hard work. It hasn’t been easy. It’s not been an overnight change or a quick fix. 2017 was a FULL year of growth with JC and Emma physically and mentally. It takes TIME. And I’m so proud that I’ve stuck with it for so long. I love the inspiration I get from our #swoletribe and I love inspiring others. I love SwoleSisters so much and I’m so excited to see how macros changes the game. Swolesisters and our tribe has taught me that we are beautiful bada$$es. So blessed to have found my tribe." I'm humbled to have played a small roll in her epic journey to be the best version of herself!

And this Strong GIRL has more epic things in store for 2018 and we can't wait to share 😁

Join our tribe: link in bio 👆🏼
#swolesisters #tribegoals #flexibledieting #iifym #strongwomen #goals #transformation #beforeandafter #fitfam #flexfriday

Meet one of our beautiful SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition STRONG MOMS, Cindy Bryant White. From 21 Day Challenger to Shred 2 Tribe this lady never ceases to amaze us. "SHIFT! That’s my word for the year. Shifting is something that people struggle to do but sometimes we come to a crossroad where we stay and fight the battle in our head with little effort or we SHIFT and defeat the battle.

About 3 years ago, I decided I needed a shift from the same old routine I had been doing for years. I had joined my first 21 day challenge with Jamison Christina Burchell and loved it. I continued on for most of the year, with great results, until a minor biking accent left me with a broken wrist and a small fracture in my back. Recovery was slow and I never really push myself much after. Fast forward to 2017. I just finished running 1,000 miles for the year but had really not kept a regular training schedule and my diet was less than it used to be.One day, on a run, the word SHIFT came to mind. That’s it, I needed to SHIFT my thoughts and actions. I then reached out to Emma Burke Montgomery because I had seen her information via Jamison. And there my SHIFT began.

I’m currently participating in Shred 2 and have had amazing results. My eating is back on track thanks to Emma and her Macro plan. Lifting is now part of my my daily workout routines. Despite a tear in my calf and wearing a boot, I have been able to manage my workouts with the help of SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition who took the time to SHIFT my program to my current limitations. The encouragement, accountabilty and support I receive daily helps me to keep pushing one.
Today could be your day. What are you waiting for?" We have (3) remaining Shred, and (5) 21 Day Challenge spots available for March.... Like Cindy said, "What are you waiting for?"

Our SwoleSisters Tribe...doing EPIC SH*T!!! 💯
Priscilla Cather reached out to me a few years ago looking for a long term approach to fat loss and shaping her body because she knew how to lose weight... But the problem was she didn't know how to keep it off.

With the right tools and the right programming focusing on a maintainable and sustainable strategy, Priscilla has never looked back and is only getting better 💪 because of the SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition lifestyle she has wholeheartedly embraced.

And that's what's amazing about our SwoleSisters Tribe. Each one of them has their own inspiring story.
Their transformation and commitment to consistency is why we work with them long term and also why we choose to mentor some of them after that.

All of our STRONG GIRLS know what it's like to be stuck, to be reluctant about making changes and how to overcome challenges - both physically and mentally because life happens.

And Priscilla is a prime-time example of just being consistent and sticking to the plan. She doesn't hop from Coach to Coach or jump ship to the next "fad". She's as loyal as they come.

She started with a small step and then took the next small step and the following next small step after that ➡️ before living healthy and looking great just became a part of who she is.

Today she is currenlty on her Shred 2 Program.

What an inspiring transformation right? 💯

So if you're ready to settle in for the long haul for extraordinary results and a lifetime of continued fitness success... And you're ready to rock your SwoleSisters Lifestyle... Click: www.swolesistersky.com and pick from our numerous options and get READY TO ROCK IT!
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Did you know that Coach @emmabethfit and her clients count Macros and @jamisonchristina and her clients take a Intuitive/Mindful Eating approach?
At SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition we offer a variety of personal training and private coaching services to best fit your lifestyle. We don't believe there's "only one way" to reach your goals. We will get you to where you want to be with a customized approach for your needs and aspirations. If you are committed to improving your overall quality of life, our Exclusive Coaching is for you!

The real value with this option is that our Exclusive Coaching is completely customizable to your needs and goals. The focus is solely on you and we can often times progress faster with our one-on-one approach than if you were participating in group challenges alone, although many of our clients like to mix one-on-one personal training with group challenges.
Before beginning your personal training experience, we schedule a consultation via Facetime or Skype. This consultation is a private meeting with the client and Emma or JC. This gives the client and the coaches an opportunity to meet and discuss several aspects related to training including: detail of client’s goals, past training history, past medical history, nutritional history and guidance.

Exclusive Coaching Valentine's Day Special ❤️
Link up website in our bio 👆🏼
#swolesisters #nutrition #onlinetraining #onlinecoach #healthy #flexibledieting #iifym #iifymgirls #macros #fitfam #goals

Friends Divided FITNESS United!
Grab your buddy and let's get ready to rumble!
Enrollment is now open for 20 Teams to join our March Madness Challenge. Link in bio 👆🏼
Join as a team (2-3 people) or individual! Highest percentage of weight loss advances each week. One overall winner (team or individual)! -
*Full Body Home Workouts (all video demonstrated) *FREE Copy of our 2 Macro Friendly/Low Calorie Cookbooks *Live Chats with tips & tricks *Live kitchen and food talk with Q&A
*Recipes *Grocery List with Emma's low calorie go-to foods
*Daily Motivation
*Private Facebook Accountability Group
*Overall winner/winners will receive $100 credit to website to be used towards challenges, training, etc.
#swolesisters #marchmadnesschallenge #fitfam #flexibledieting #nutrition #diet #weightloss #fitnessjourney #healthy #team #onlinetraining #onlinecoach

This sizzling hot mama of 4, Coley Rainford is on 🔥 following her completion of SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition 30 Day Shred Program.

Its important to not forget about yourself while raising a family but for many moms this can happen because the kids, the hubby and just life itself can get in the way... And before we know it, we can find ourselves at the bottom of our own priority list compromising our health and even happiness.

This awe-inspiring mama's story is so important to us...not just because she looks insanely gorgeous...but because it's a story that many moms have Mom Guilt about.

It is NOT selfish to prioritize yourself because your family needs to see that too.

Being a Strong Mom means you're setting the standard for a Strong Family.

And clearly this mama is one of the strongest of them all 💪

Join our 30 Day Shred Program and achieve the body of your dreams and knowledge that will last a lifetime.
Link to join in bio 👆🏼
#swolesisters #flexibledieting #swolesistersshred #transformation #weightloss #diet #iifym #iifymgirls #nutrition #fitfam #onlinetraining #onlinecoaching


Like all things in life ➡️ having a well drawn out strategy is the key to success!

Our girl Melissa Royalty was already a SwoleSisters Fitness & Nutrition fitness fanatic but was looking to 10x her fitness goals so we drew up a training plan to shape her physique and a food flexible nutrition strategy... Resulting in over 9 lbs lost including a Va-Va-Va-Voom of a Transformation!!! 💪❤️ Did we mention that she's always BUSY and managed to still crush her 30 Day Program while holding down 2 jobs?! Melissa says: "I have been so impressed with myself during The Shred Program. With the Swolesisters recipes, it has been easy for me to meal prep and have food for going from one job to the next. Ohhh...and thankfully I've learned how to work wine into my macros one night a week." We're so proud of this Chickee and her progress.
And if you're struggling with getting results from your current fitness plan... We still have 10 spots available for our March 30 Day Shred Program.

See you there 🤗
#swolesisters #fitfam #swolesistersshred #nutrition #flexibledieting #iifym #iifymgirls #macros #weightloss #transformation

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