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THIS IS A DIFFERENCE OF 1 WEEK! On the right I was counting my calories consistently and had every meal prepped. On the left I ran out of meals and started to binge on whatever I could get my hands on. Mainly trail mix which has tons of fat and sugar. I know there are many ways to get shredded, but if you want to keep it simple, count your calories and stick to it. The worst thing to do is not have your meals prepped and try to wing it! NOW TO BULK UP AGAIN!

Honestly killed legs today pump was amazing 😉 Comment a 🤙🏽 if you killed your workout today!

Fell In Love With The Pump

Abs Coming In Boiis. No cardio either 🤙🏽 (should prob do some tho)

How do you get a chest that makes your 👕 stretch?
I think the biggest misconception about having a massive chest is that the flat bench is the most important. -
It’s true you need to do flat bench but think what’s more important is targeting the parts of the chest that actually make you look massive. -
I’ve found that putting more emphasis on upper chest then middle or lower chest will make your chest pop WAY more. Also making sure you widen your chest by doing flys and wide grip incline presses can really make you look massive, as opposed to only having a big middle chest. -
Think about the chest as having different levels. Go from top to bottom because the wider and fuller your chest is, the more massive and aesthetic you will look. -
Tag a homie who needs som chest gains 💪🏽🧐

Ready For Take-Off 🦅

Shoulders is definitely a muscle I want to grow!! How am I doing?

Had a crazy tiring leg session today. Really pushed myself and I’m glad I did. I’m also glad I had @morellifit protein to secure the gains. If your looking for a tasty, healthy, and effective protein look no further. DM me for more info on our product🔥

Proud of my chest gains 🔥

Should I use more filters?

2 Bros and that one guy who smiled for the pic 😂

The Way My Upper Chest Disappeared On This Side Pose😂😂😂

Stay Swole Bros

Shoulders is a weak point for me in my opinion but what really made my delts pop this workout was doing heavy lateral raises first. I usually always press first but I wanted to work on my weak point. I think it definitely paid off and looking to experiment more with this in da FUTA

Went Ham On Arms And Became a Sausage 🐖💪🏽

Stay consistent bros, the gains must be earned and can never be rushed. It has taken me over 3 years to get here and I’m hungry for even more. Are you trying to get swole and unsure how to do it? If so click the link in my bio to pick up REAL MASS. Real Mass is the same program I used to go from 160lbs to 175 lbs in a little over 2 months. If all this program did was give you the body you want wouldn’t it be worth it? If you answered yes click the link in my bio to purchase the program. Oh yeah and save some money with my code: SWOLE

Am I Flexing? If you watched my story you understand the struggle to hit Arms today. Getting kicked out of Blink was the blowww but I guess I won’t forget my sneakers again. If you want to learn how to build muscle like me then get started with the REAL MASS Program. THIS IS THE SAME PROGRAM I USED TO BUILD MUSCLE (15 lbs in 3 months). Click the link in my bio to get started at $99. And save 15% with my code 💪🏽

Haven’t hit shoulders in a WHILE. Glad I got the delta poppin today. -
If your interested in FREE fatloss training checkout my brother @thejayvalentine 🔥 His 5 Cutting Principles Course is closing today so if you want to learn how to get Shredded now is the time 🙏🏽 click the link in his bio and enter your email for the 5 day training boys.

Are you inconsistent with your fat loss? I know exactly how you feel because I was the exact same way until I found HIIT MAX.
I knew how to put on muscle but I didn’t know how to get my abs to show and to shrink my waist. I thought I’d have to hours of cardio to achieve the physique I wanted and I was presently surprised when I purchased the program.
All it took to get Lean was 20 minutes of an intense workout 3 Times a week with NO WEIGHTS involved. In a months time I was super lean and couldn’t have been happier with my results. Now I feel confident when it comes time to reveal the abs!
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How Long Can You Last? 😈
It’s an important question fellas!
Especially in the gym 👏🏽. -
Before I used @morellifit BCAAs it was hard AF to get through a long workout. Now even during my cutting phase I have the energy to lift heavy and lift long.
Who knows maybe it will even help in 🛏. -
If your feeling sluggish I encourage you to get the cleanest BCAA in the game with no sugar added. Click the link in my bio to get yours and save 15% off with my code: SWOLE.
Creds: @charley_st.clout

Does your protein taste like 💩
Is it even healthy for you? I had the same problems until I started using @morellifit protein. It’s literally the same as eating double chocolate ice cream... WITHOUT the added sugar (we use healthy stevia leaf instead) PLUS the gains.
I encourage you to try it for yourself though since I’m making some big statements. -
Click the link in bio and use code CLEAN to save 27% off.

I know exactly how you feel. Your trying extra hard to be the person you want to be but you keep falling short.
ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD DUDE. Whatever mistakes you keep making or things your doing that aren’t up to par with your expectations are just that, expectations. Drop your shoulders, hold your head high and be you and watch the glow up commence!! 🤯🤓

Have you ever felt like you were trying to accomplish something but it kept alluding you? -
For me it’s staying consistent in the gym, over time I’ve found it harder and harder to stick to a 5-day schedule. HOWEVER giving up is just as bad as never starting at all so I’ll never quit until I’m smashing out 5-days a week solid and I’m Swole AF. -
Comment NEVER if your not quiting on your goals.

Feeling Rad 🔥

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