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Switch Playground  Discover the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training with Switch Playground.


Our SWITCH superfood protein powder boasts more protein and less carbs than any other superfood protein currently on the local market.
It replenishes what the body lacks in nutrients and minerals, and increases energy levels.

“Because it’s the only place to be at 5.45 in the morning” - Jacques Weber
Why do you SWITCH?

That feeling that you get when you refuse your mind the luxury of giving up by digging deeper and pushing further, and you step off the Playground, stronger than you were, victorious.

#SWITCHApparel because ‘inner beauty’ is a phrase invented by those too lazy to take pride in their appearance.

SWITCH SOHO is officially open, so make your way on over to 180 6th avenue and step onto our fresh new Playground. The ultimate fitness power hour awaits. Follow the link in our bio to book your spot on SOHO's Playground.

Maybe you think it’s time to step up your fitness?
Everyone has their own reason. Why do you SWITCH?

A great workout is so much more than just a physical act. It is about channeling your physical and mental energy to activate your soul.

Have you tried our SWITCH Protein Powder?
What makes our SWITCH protein powder special is that we add zero sugar, zero flavourants, and zero chemicals.

Only the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet are packed into our protein powder. Put that into your shake and drink it ;)

“It’s like my second home” - Lindy Jackson

Why do you SWITCH?

One month down and two to go.
When the going gets tough, get tougher.

The ceiling effect is a term used to indicate having reached a limit. Here at SWITCH, we like to think of the ceiling effect as a goal to be reached and crushed.
You are stronger than you think. Go harder.

Plyometrics are also referred to as jump training. This has to do with increasing the body’s reaction time by exerting maximum force and strength in short interval spurts. It also improves the elastic properties of the major muscles in the body.

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