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Wow, maybe lasted 12hrs. And keep IG safe?? From what, someone's opinion and view on a topic?

Because my phone allows me to see just glimpses of what was said previously, a lot of people were focused on one aspect of the post compared to the point I was trying to make. I do not "hoard" spots, I've kept a book with all of them in alphabetical order by city since I was 15, and people I skate with in person know I have an updated version in my car at all times to find new places to go, and if someone I meet asks where something is I have something to reference to help them, I don't keep anything in my phone because I go through them too quickly. But what people seemed to think that, as a person who does spend hrs searching for them, that means I HAVE to give them away even when someone is disrespectful, and if that's how someone else wants to think that's on them, but to ask respectfully shouldn't take any effort. It's similar to working your job and someone coming to you on pay day and feeling entitled to your check...again that's on you at that point. I choose not to look through my DMs because I'm rarely on here posting, that's why when I'm on here I'm posting in bursts because I'll go a month or two without logging on and it's easier to call, text, or skate in person because I'm always at the same park all week until the weekend comes around. Friends don't have to remind each other they are friends, they go way back, or anything similar, that goes without saying and having to bring it up makes me ask why they have to say it.

Main thing: I give others the same energy back that they show me, plain and simple. Nobody owes me anything just like I don't owe them, the things done when people are apart are just as important than when we're all together, respect goes both ways ✌

Beyond thankful @thrashermag Sept 2017 Photo graffiti section.
EDIT: @save_faris took the photo, not @immaskater, but he was there to watch this happen.

@save_faris πŸ‘πŸ”

πŸ€”β€΄β‰πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ž πŸ“½: @save_faris

βœŒπŸ†• πŸ“½: @immaskater

"Don't Let Fear Limit Your Abilities"

"Support your Local Board Shop" ✊

For @save_faris but with all the Ceres, CA skaters in mind
Legends never die, they become watchmen. Forever rolling in our hearts".

For my co-workers son "Practice Makes Perfect" πŸ–’

@teflontwuan "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Progression" πŸ‘

"Push Through the Pain"

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