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Recent attempt to skate between the rain. Only had around 10-15 minutes but i finally am feeling comfortable with doing cabs. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

This year has taught me far more than I couldve imagined, whether or not it was my choice. Literally from the start of the year until now, it was both the hardest year going through that i could remember but also the greatest opportunity to learn from to become better as a person.
Everyone always posts, "new year new me" without realizing that just using the reasoning as its a new year to get a "new start" is the wrong reason to be a better person. Yes its a new year but unless the person actually, truly wants to change regardless of anything outside of it being for personal reasons, that the "goal" wont last passed a month at most.
Instead of doing the shallow, non fulfilling "new year new me", im changing it to "new year true me", to continue staying true to the goals and ideals in mind to progress forward.
Last year i put up with a LOT more than i ever had previously, so much tried my patience and pushed me to my limits physically and mentally. But with the close of the year its the official close of the BS: those that are all talk and no action; those that are comfortable with having others being only words on their screens but dont understand/realize a phone is just a convenience to when you cannot talk to someone in person; those who leech/"borrow" money through pity and conveniently "caring" until they become stable within their situation to say they did all on their own; those that, instead of being an adult and talking things out when they make a mistake, would rather act like a child and completely stop talking to others in hopes that it would make the problem go away; those who truly care way too much about the likes, comments, and followers they have to feel validated and confident instead of realizing who they have in front of them who will actually be there for them and hiding them for fear of losing their followers (personally glad that's over for good)...it goes on.

To be "new" is old because changing a small aspect doesn't usually make the biggest impact that is set to leave a lasting impression, but to be true to yourself in a world of false advertising and clones is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves. Hope everyone has