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Swissbeatbox  🌍 Agency for The World's Top Beatboxing Scene 😎@grand.beatbox.battle 🌐 #beatbox #vocals #music 🎧 listen to NAPOM’s Album Lips NOW👇

The World Beatbox Camp 2018, best educational beatbox event worldwide is happening this year in August, Krakow, Poland @worldbeatboxcamp
Education and battles from some of the best artists our art has! You all can benefit, get your tix now if you haven't got any yet.
Learn how to beatbox, level yourself up and get to know more about beatbox in general.
Check out the day 5' schedule ⏳
10:00am - 11:15am - Alem 🇫🇷 (@alem_new_school)
11:30am - 12:30pm - Pe4enkata 🇧🇬 (@pe4enkata)
02:45pm - 03:45pm - MB14 🇫🇷 (@mb14beatbox)
04:00pm - 05:00pm - Saro 🇫🇷 (@saro_humanbeatbox)
05:15pm - 06:15pm - Swissbeatbox 🇨🇭 (@swissbeatbox @sinjobeatbox
06:30pm - 07:30pm - Faya Braz 🇫🇷 (@fayabraz)
#worldbeatboxcamp #wbc18 #beatbox @dharni

Saro 🇫🇷 (@saro_beatbox)
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📷 by YouTube Space Berlin
🗓SBX Artist Week 2018
It will happen this year 🌱
#sbxportrait #swissbeatbox #saro #beatbox #sbxartistweek

frESHly present to you by @CNBeatbox x @swissbeatbox x (1/16) Pepouni @pepouni_sbx !! 😈
from Switzerland!
15 MORE beatbox superheroes will be coming out in frESHness.
Watch out for this space. Stay tuned!

The BEATBOX SUPERHERO series is a special art project dedicated to China Beatbox Championship 2018 (Beijing 17-19 Aug) and the most anticipated session - CHINA FIGHT HOUSE, where more than 10 beatbox internationals including @beatboxerzhangze @napom_official @kennyurbanbeatbox @chrisceliz @gvsbeatbox @alexinhobbx @efaybee @arkatoni @madtwinz will be battling against 8 solo maestros and 2 tagteams of the champ.@fayabraz @bbkforpresident @pepouni_sbx @_ahxin_ @tionebthelooper Who’s got the real Chi? We gon find out!
In this summer Shout Out Studio is teaming up with CNB and SBX again, and we are BACK WITH A BANG.
We will be releasing 16 beatbox internationals specially for the annual event with pure fire Shout Out aesthetics, and this is just the beginning!! BEATBOX SUPERHERO
A Special Shout Out Studio Present dedicated to China Beatbox Championship 2018
Design @CLDesignsss
Illustration @kahin_wu
Editing @li_maojie

Find more details in the posters. Like, comment and share!
#swissbeatbox #beatbox #beatboxhero #cnbeatbox #pepouni

🇫🇷 vs 🇺🇸
Battle 10: COLAPS vs BLOOMER
Going into the next battle, we have the undefeated Colaps on the one site and the King of the Elimination round Bloomer on the other! Let's who makes his next point! 🤔🤔🤔
@colapsbbx @bjornhunstad
SEE THE FULL VIDEO ON IGTV #beatbox #beatboxing #music #French #battle #winning #igtv

The World Beatbox Battle Championship 2018 in Berlin, Germany organised by the legendary and hard working BEE LOW from @beatboxbattletv
Team Swissbeatbox is happy to be able to be there at this spectacular event.
We will represent in the judging team, as participants but also will be there to hang out with everyone, connect, build stronger friendships and share all the happiness with all of you!
Come out and be there if you can❗️ If you cannot make it, you can watch the whole battle LIVE on Beatbox Battle Tv YouTube ➡️ Subscribe now and hit the Bell to get all import info 🔔🥊 -
#beatboxbattle #worldchampionship #beatbox #swissbeatbox

I honestly don’t know how to put this into words, but you guys are so amazing! Thank you so much for 200,000 followers on instagram. I cant believe how amazing our community is! Im so proud of everyone that has been a part of this movement. Lets keep it going! ❤️
#swissbeatbox #welovebeatbox #beatbox

👂😮 NaPoM's beatbox album Lips 🎶 (@napom_official) is still available to listen to ✨ 
Link in our bio 👆
📷 by @madox_sbx & @tbaocreate
#sbxportrait #swissbeatbox #napom #lips #sbxalbum #beatbox

The Beatbox House will be teaching at World Beatbox Camp from 5-14 August in Krakow, Poland!!! Get ready to level up! Get your tickets at now!!! @worldbeatboxcamp @thebeatboxhouse

🇫🇷 vs 🇰🇷
Battle 9: COLAPS vs HISS
The COLAPS streak doesn't end and there is no end nearby. Every round he is performing another crazy routine. But HISS got some special techniques up his sleeves himself!! 😦😦😦 @beatbox_hiss @colapsbbx
#beatbox #beatboxing #music #French #battle #winning

The World Beatbox Camp 2018, best educational beatbox event worldwide is happening this year again @worldbeatboxcamp
Education during the day, battles at night! What do you want more?
Learn how to beatbox, level yourself up and get to know more about beatbox philosophy & the community.
Check out the day 4' schedule ⏳
10:00am - 11:15am - Roxorloops 🇧🇪 (@roxorloops)
11:30am - 12:30pm - Berywam 🇫🇷(@berywam)
02:45pm - 03:45pm - Wawad 🇫🇷 (@wawadbeatbox)
04:00pm - 05:00pm - Mad Twinz 🇷🇺 (@madtwinz)
05:15pm - 06:15pm - Gene 🇺🇸 (@gvsbeatbox)
06:30pm - 07:30pm - Reeps One 🇬🇧 (@reepsone)
#worldbeatboxcamp #wbc18 #beatbox @dharni

B-Art 🇳🇱 (@b_artbeatbox)
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📷 by @madox_sbx
🗓SBX Vocal Masters 2018
#sbxportrait #swissbeatbox #b_art #bart #beatbox

🇫🇷 vs 🇳🇱
Battle 8: COLAPS vs B-ART
The rematch of the La Cup Worldwide 2018 Final. Let us see who will win this time. Is Colaps getting tired after winning that many battles in a row already or can he still outperform the world elite? 😱😱😱 @b_artbeatbox @colapsbbx
#beatbox #beatboxing #music #French #battle #winning

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