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Where will Mo Bamba be in 5 years? Will he be considered a bust or will he be a top 3 center in the league?

Who’s your vote for this years Rookie of The Year? Who’s taking Trae Young? Tag @traeyoung below 👇🏻

Will Andrew Wiggins have a breakout year this season? How many points per game will he average?

How far will the Celtics go this year? How many points per game will Tatum average through the season?

Chicago’s future is looking pretty bright with bringing back LaVine and drafting WCJ!! How many games will they win and will they make the playoffs in the not as competitive eastern conference?

How many points is Drake dropping if this were to happen?

@21savage reppin’ his hometown team, the Atlanta Hawks 💯

What are your guys thoughts on Travis Scott’s new album 'ASTROWORLD 2'? What’s your favorite song from the album?

If Derrick Rose never got hurt would he go down as the most dominant point guard in the history of the NBA? Who misses the old Drose?

Will Jaylen Brown be an All-Star in the next 3 years? I think he’s got a real shot especially because of the lack of All-Stars in the East compared to the West

Will LeBron lead the Lakers to a championship before he retires? [collab w/ @kociangidesign, he did swap]

Who thinks Jimmy will team up with Kyrie in New York next season? Collab w/ @henryfrobom he did swap!

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