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Lebron james does it again #nba #lebronjames #nbafinals2017

Bloodclot 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

This is crazy . Its like they have an on n off switch . They switch the aggression n hate on depending on the skin color

We will never get no where if we not on the same fucking page . We need to stop selling out. These fucking coons had this company by the balls. There is no money in the world that they could offer to make me change my tune. They had to be threatened thats it. Starbucks need to have had my mother kidnapped for me to sell out my people like this. White supremacy fears only one thing . Thats unity plan and simple . United front united people, united dollars. We have the money. This shit here was so fucking wack. If it wasn’t money or threats then this cloning shit is too real.

We cant make this shit up . Plus when a black does a crime in a matter of hours every news station will have run down of his history. How he was a trouble kid n had weed in his blood stream.

Her son killed in the back of her mothers house. That back yard is forever haunted. He was not robbing a liquor store. He did not shoot up a school. He didn’t shoot up a waffle house . He wasn’t selling drugs . He was black. He didn’t own several guns or a ar 15

No lie in here. Yes blacks do crime and kill each other, thats true but ask yourself why? Is it not for financial gain? Drug wars or robbery? Do ur research and you will see alot of these mass shooters are well off individuals . So with being said if the economic playing field was changed and blacks had more businesses and jobs they would be less murders. But place the shoe on the other foot , whites who cant handle daily stress , they would jump out a window due to the stock market crashing . What would think they would do if they had to live in a drug infested ghetto. A neighborhood covered in liquor stores pawn shops and money sucking churches . The white on white crime numbers would triple ours .

Keep in mind less than a year ago the white boy was caught in the white house with the same gun n more. Now y wasn’t he sentence to prison for that act? His guns was taken from him, his father was able to get the guns back . The father then gave the guns back to the son. So to be honest the father should be an accessory to these murders. They state he has a mental illness, so y would u give a unstable man guns? 2 million dollar bond is a joke . Last I checked the majority of the almighty one percent are racist n rich so he can be bond out tomorrow and await trail in the comfort of his home while probation violators are stuck behind bars .

My opinion : they love and embrace death. Its a turn on for them , majority of hunters or people who kill animals for sport are from what race? When you hear the term satanic worship groups what race comes to mind. Now thats not racist thats fact. When u say Muslim they think people of color. When u say homeboys chilling in the hood u think black men. Who makes n enjoys sick horror movies. Again its my opinion n I believe when the police department does acts like this . Its a way to send out a encoded message to all the white fame seeking killers. The message is : go ahead n kill and become infamous and we wont hurt you . At the same time the police are trained to not take any bullshit from minorities. Im tired of being scared of driving while black. I see a cop car behind me n automatically send out a text to my family saying i love them. Random texts because that maybe the last time they hear from me. This is bullshit.

Fucking savage!!!! Dude writes a song about cheating n names it KEVINS Heart ❤️ #kod #jcole

What r your thoughts ??

When you have the influence to change how others think your enemy will kill you.

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