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If you have been to the shop recently, you would have seen a line up of gift favors on the shelves... Alhamdulillah, before we launch our line of favors, we have received a couple of enquiries. We hope this contribution today of nearly 200 cookies in envelops brings about barakah in our new line of product category 💗🌈 We have yet to get down to the details, so pls allow us some time, will share more soon iA!

Searching for a baby carrier for your new arrival? These carriers from @soulslings & @jarsoffluff are suitable for little infants 👶🏼 up to toddlerhood! 🌈The Colours are exciting, the comfort is maximum. 👍🏻💗 Available Now in Stores! 🙌🏼 Swing by to check them out, try them on, and decide what's best for yourself!

We had a splendid time getting to know @jarsoffluff who showed us her many awesome ways to baby wear, whether they are baby-baby, toddler, sleeping or not! She can get them in. She's awesome 😘 Now, when we think of baby wearing, will definitely think of her. Thanks Guru @jarsoffluff 😍☺️ Available Now in Stores! 🙌🏼Find her best range of baby carriers here at the store, with about 8 diff Colours and 2 types of materials. Feel free to try them out first!

The effects of @whifflove products is SO good, we are SO impressed MashaAllah. I mean, you eventually have to find something for your face, and if you have to settle down with a product, and use it daily and for years, then we gotta give our face the best- make it organic, natural, chemical free ! Double win. In fact, triple win with the benefits of essential oil for our mental/emotional health. 💛 If you have yet to try these awesome all natural beauty product, then don't wait any further, give it a shot 💗 You'll fall in a love which you can't get out off 😉 .
if you think that a guy don't give enough time for their face needs, toning, moisturising and what not, then this is Gona be so practical for them too. Just spray away! It's so simple.

A basketful of gifts for a best buddy who just gave birth to a little boy! 👶🏼 😍

Makes a great gift for the little one, don't you think so? 🎁💗 3 designs available. We accept request for custom embroidered name too. Enquire with us today!

Funny how we have read the Last Sermon over and again, and it keeps bringing out a refreshing meaning each time we do. The last moments where the Quran was completed and our dearest Prophet Muhammad ﷺ have seen through his Mission, Allah swt mentioned.. "This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed my favor on you and chosen for you Islam as a religion" Qur'an 5:3... our deen...so much perfection in it...subhanallah
These final sermons are available in 4 designs. A4/A3 or any bigger size on request 💗

So moist, u just have to bag this away. Nursing or not, these brownies are powerful source of energy and vits. Try them, u must. Even kids can eat them!

Yes, finally Back in store! Checking out New arrivals, latest development and working on the orders! Thank you for all the support in the recent roadshows, and all your trips down to the store. A couple of days ago, We felt so touched by a customer who got her Son to drive from Geylang to Oxley to Kembangan and all the way here to Joo Chiat to find us, because the last time she did was nearly 7 years ago. And she was still using the same Quran reading system she bought a Long time ago and wanted to get hers finally serviced. She even got a second one because she wanted to use in between the time she charged the other. MashaAllah. Thank you so much for the continuous support, it means the world to us! 💗and we hope that the products have brought about much benefits to you and family💗

These beauties are a special appearance at 🚦Celebfest 🚦 The last stack coz we won't be restocking them till much later! Get your Favourite designs today 💗💗💗 So many to choose from, and we love all of them !

Go Cashless! Yes we accept NETS over at 🚦Celebfest 🚦 and all our events as well as the store👏🏻

2nd day at 🚦Celebfest 🚦Come swing over before the best titles are gone! 💛💛

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