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On a brighter note.. seeing 'Ready' live for the first time was definitely cool. #ColeSwindell

Who the hell could fight at a Cole Swindell concert? Especially during Ain't Worth The Whiskey!? Well, he handled it very well. Props @cswinde2

I have seen this solo live 8 times now this year and every time it's my favorite part of the whole concert. I don't know what it is about Hey Y'all but when I first heard it on reverb nation I was hooked and it's still my favorite song. Literally never gets old and @jhut7 plays the hell out of it!

Not a bad show. Nice little clip of Hey Y'all and @cswinde2 noticing me right away. Down Home Tour was a big step up for sure! Loved the extra guitar licks and solos that the boys got to do. I can tell they really put a lot of time into this tour. Well done @jhut7 @drewhbass @clintmaymusic @chris_marquart 👍

Can't wait to re-live this tomorrow night on the #DownHomeTour. Gonna be fun! Throwback to #FasterHorses2014 #ColeSwindell

Can't wait for the #DownHomeTour! Y'all make sure to get the new EP Sunday night at midnight! Btw, @jhut7 who's the fill-in for @clintmaymusic? Looks like he can hang 😎

Fulton County Fair.. Damn good show #ColeSwindell

Congratulations Clint & Regina! Wishing you a long, healthy marriage! Live it up! #TiedTheKnot

An early throwback Thursday.. Thanks @coleswindell_fans for reminding me of this gem today. I'm hungover is such a great tune written by Cole, Luke, and MC

Cole at Faster Horses #ColeSwindell

I like Dan + Shay a lot. Shay has killer vocals. #FasterHorses2014

Being right behind Jake Owen on stage is pretty cool too...

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