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Swimbait Chronicles  #swimbaitchronicles #13fishing Email- Swimbaitchronicles@gmail.com LAS VEGAS YouTube 👇🏼

Thanks for all of the support and sticking with me through a really tough year personally. Here’s to new beginning’s and a bright 2018. Be on the look out for some exciting stuff. 👊🏽 .
#swimbait #swimbaitchronicles #glideordie #swimbaits #bigbaits #bassfishing

10" mag drafts and 9" magslowl used but no fish on them. 55$ tyd for the lot Dm if interested

@kayakbassfishing has a video up which is linked in my bio here that I urge EVERYONE of my followers and fellow anglers to watch. We lost a valuable member of the Kayak bass fishing community, a family man and an officer. Chad Hoover is giving away his time, 2 days on the water with him, one on one. Along with a kayak and other amazing prizes in a raffle. The proceeds will go toward Lt. Crooks family in this time of need. (All links to raffle are listed in the videos description)
The current political climate in America is a tough one to navigate, tensions are high. And still, everyday Men and Women put their lives on the line in the streets as civil servants. Whether it be officers, or firefighters, emt's. They all have an unimaginably tough job. And all have families to go home to. Some pay the ultimate price. Please take the time To watch the video, and if you're able, purchase a raffle ticket to support this family in need right now. You'll have the chance for a once in a lifetime opportunity of a 1 on 1 with one of the best and most intelligent, genuine anglers I've had the privilege to fish alongside of.

Been waiting on this one for a year. Finally here. #hinkle #swimbaitchronicles #swimbait

Been a long time trying to get my hands On this particular negotiator. Abalone pink. Jdm color way. While not insanely hard to find, it's hard enough. Excited is an under statement. @romanmade @romanmadeplus #swimbaitchronicles #romanmade #negotiator

Words can't describe how stoked I am to finally have the @abugarcia_fishing #bigshooter WM60-L in my line up for my @romanmade #mother.

Color choice confirmed. #swimbaitchronicles #ragobaits

A rat on a rat. Little guy hit the #woodenswimbaits 175 while out on that full moon grind.

Little rats liked the G2 yesterday in some heavy wind. #swimbaitchronicles #lunkerpunker

Cam over at @moam5150sticks is doing some really beautiful builds! And even has a small selection of the best line and assorted swimbait swag on his website. If you're looking to do a custom build for your big baits go check him out. Cool dude, down to earth, and attention to detail. 👍🏼 #moam5150sticks #swimbaitchronicles

@mikeiaconelli with a absolute toad this morning. Moving up from behind! Good luck Ike! As much as I like @brentehrlerfishing I gotta root for Ike to come from behind and take the win. Ike follows us here at #swimbaitchronicles and has been awesome to me anytime I call into Ike live! #bassmasterclassic #bassnation

Today's winning combo got me a couple dinks. And a really good fish rushed but didn't commit. I can't tell you guys enough how much I love this bait! @drtboyz out did themselves. #swimbaitchronicles #DRT #tinyklash #13fishing

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