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Swift Industries  Inspiring the dirt bag life. Making bicycle bags for wandering souls since 2008. #Swiftcampout • Seattle store open Th Fri Sa Su @swift_headquarters

Kelly doesn’t organize his stuff when he camps.
Kelly is a mess.
Don’t be like Kelly
When Mal goes camping, she organizes her stuff.
Mal uses Swift Wanderlust packers to keep her gear tidy.
Mal is smart.
Be like Mal.

This weeks's #swiftcampoutadventurewagons from @jonny_onetime! Jonny's story about this bike warmed our hearts and brought a tear to our eye.
"That same night it was stolen from beside my van while I was asleep. Whoever stole the bike had wiggled the post out of the ground and walked off my bike with it. When I looked outside in the early early morning I couldn't believe that my bike wasn't there. I immediately messaged Golden Saddle because I knew that @kylebkelley has a reputation for finding used bikes and returning them to their owner.
I went down to the LA river every day for a week trying to see if I could find it. Eventually I had to leave California and start heading east towards home. Five weeks went by and I had given up hope. I was in New Mexico and got a message unexpectedly from @goldensaddlecyclery. THEY HAD MY BIKE! Kyle had gone out to go for an MTB ride and seen a blue bike in the back of a truck. He negotiated with the guys who had it and bought it back for $100.
Miraculously everything was still intact on my bike including the lights. The finish had been scratched and my water bottle cages had been turned upside down. That was the only damage done thankfully. Golden Saddle is legendary for returning mine and so many others bicycles!"
Thanks for sharing and the photo @jonny_onetime!

Spring is in full swing in the northwest! The leaves are out, the rivers are flowing, and we’re sleeping outside as much as possible! Hope you’re getting out there this weekend! Oh and don’t forget your toothbrush. The Seeker Travel Bag can help with that 😉)

Keep track of where you’ve put your things with the Wanderlust Packers. Spend more time exploring and less time rifling through your things! We offer you smoother travel and easier packing with our awesome small organizer bags.

#bikeeverywhereday! (Updated!) We are going to be partying around Seattle in the morning and afternoon! Swipe to see where we’ll be and come hang!
We’re doing a giveaway of a new Sonora pannier! Stop by one of our Bike Everywhere Day locations to enter the contest! (This bag hasn’t even been released yet so this is a pretty special contest!)
6am-9am: stumptown on 12th
7am-9am: @cascadebicycle flagship stop near Fremont bridge
6am-9am: Starbucks at 1st ave S. & Stacey
4pm-9pm: @peddlerbrewing!

Our Seeker travel bag keeps all your essentials organized. Whether that’s it’s for camp cooking, personal hygiene, or electronics, the Seeker has you covered!

Jason is back #intheswiftlab to help you stay organized on all your summer adventures. Pay attention there will be a quiz!

Our Wanderlust Packers are a perfect companion for bike tours, overnights, and more! But our favorite use is probably keeping our #coffeeoutside kits organized! What does your camp coffee setup consist of?

So stoked for this! Tomorrow aka Tuesday!
Along with @tumbleweedbikes, we are proud to host a showing of El Silencio: Cycling The Peruvian Andes, a film by @jay_bird_films. El Silencio brings the viewer along through the highs and lows of four cyclists as they traverse the mountainous Peru Divide bikepacking route, and was filmed entirely by bike. We will be introducing this short film and hosting a meet and greet in Seattle at the @rhinoroomsea.
Doors open at 6:30pm on Tuesday 5/15. Tickets available at the door or online at the link in our profile. See you there!

Every superhero needs a sidekick! Our Sidekick Pouch is one of the most versatile products we make! There are many ways to mount the Sidekick, but one unique to this bag is the Molle attachment for a front basket! Check them out online or @swift_headquarters!

There's another #swiftcampout dispatch coming this week. If you aren't signed up, head to swiftcampout.com so you don't miss a beat!⠀
Swift Campout is worldwide call to go bike-camping on June 23rd, 2018. For the fourth year in a row thousands of adventurous spirits will load camping gear on their bikes for a weekend adventure!

From the Dispatch: This week’s #swiftcampoutadventurewagons is @whitneyft and their @2020cycle Kalakala!
"My #swiftcampoutadventurewagons philosophy is keep it simple. No matter if it’s a few days or a few months I always end up packing about the same amount of gear. Which isn’t much. The less you have to carry, the less you have to worry about." - @whitneyft -
Photo by @kylebkelley!

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