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taylor swift  ✌

A year from now I was seeing Taylor for the first time. #tbt

I realized I'm too connected with this account to give it away. #taylorswift #nofilter

good morning!

that july 9th, the beat of your heart, it jumps through your shirt i can still feel your arms #taylorswift

Just finished reading Requiem. I didn't love it, but i like it. Did anyone read it too? #taylorswift

Today I sat on my dad's bed and turned on the tv to spend some time with him, he was putting his pajamas on, i even said: what's your side of the bed? And he said left, so I laid on the right. Then, he went to the kitchen, and 30 minutes later I went there to see what he was doing. I found him sleeping on the sofa. He'd rather sleep uncomfortably than spending a time with me. It's ok dad, I still love you, but c'mon, I only see you 4 days per month and you act like this? It hurts ok. #taylorswift

no caption needed #taylorswift #hot

I read Delirium, Pandemonium and now I'm reading Requiem. It's so freaking good. I'm like eating the book. asdfghjklajsk 😱 #taylorswift

why stores websites even exist? i'm going crazy, i need to go to usa right now arrrg #taylorswift

Can you guess my mother's name? first and last letter: A. It's italian. Comment your guess below hahaha #taylorswift

good morning! #taylorswift

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