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Swifferlelapin  Im Swiffer🐰I m french🇫🇷 living in paris ! 11august 2013💕 helpwhite rabbit https://www.leetchi.com/c/association-de-white-rabbit-23474265💕

Hello my friends,
I post a picture of me,
I have a new appointment at the vet on Friday, I hope my ears will be better!
Mom seems to be pretty good at handling the injection (she has to do it morning and night.)
I hope I will not have to get a surgery :( Tonight i dance with mom, on the floot but we dance together on new pink song i love it , @pink
Now i m eating again and i start to poop mor than the week before!
Lot of kisses friends,
thanks for all ❤️❤️#instabunny#bunny#bunnies#instabunnies#instabunny#rabbit#instarabbit#bunniesworld#bunnyworld#rabbitworld#bunniesworlswide#bunnyworldwide#rabbitworldwide#paris#france#instafluffy#fluffy#whitebunny#bunnygram#bunnyofinstagram#bunniesofinstagram#rabbitofinstagram#bunnyoftheday#bunniesoftheday#bunnygram#bunnyworldwide#instabunnies#instarabbit#rabbitsunited#paris#france#french

Hello my bunny friends
right now, it's hard to post often, mom has a lot to do.
last Saturday, I went to the vet, we try à New treatment With injection, because my ear is always in bad shape.
if this last treatment does not work, mom Said you ll have to do a surgery:( Thank you all for your messages and comments, I think of you,
Lot of licks on your mouths

My friends;
Iwas at the vet again, they said, i need a new operation,
mummy is a bit lost
a other vet, asked if mummy is ok to try a new treatment for my ear... yes because now i have a infection at the other ear :( so we ll try, and will see
but i restart to do lot of mess hihihi and playing all day and i still eat a lot!! Kiss friends

My dear Friends!
I was in marseille with mummy and grand ma For a week end and I met a friend!!!
I was a bit affraid because he would jump of me ...but I was happy to see him!
I feel better I arrive to move better my head
Saturday I m going to te vet again...
Kiss bunnyfriends ❤️

Hello my friend!! I do some progression!! On the 1st picture I m in my adapted litter... because it s hard with my tilted head to go to the normal one ... but 5 minutes later I tryed to go inside the NormaL littter and I do it🎉🎉🎉🎉
Thanks for your support 💕💕💕
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My dear bunnies friends need you 💪🏻! We decided to help the french organization "White Rabbit" which helps lab rabbits to find a new home 😞 They have 20 sterilizations operations planned this month, let's help them ! You will find the link in my bio, we are relying on you ! Share to everyone you know !💪🏻🐰❤️ https://www.leetchi.com/c/association-de-white-rabbit-23474265

Hello my friends,💕
the ostheopath came finally today,
So she touch me,touch my back my feet my arms, and finish with my head
She said i ma really good boy, very intelligent, et very kind, because i never move, only wait and stay In the weird position as she wants,
I have to wait 3 weeks to see if my head will be better... if not, she saif i ll be like that all of my life so please could you pray for me, i want my head ll better please!

Mymmy gave to me a banana piece to congrats myself i was so happy,

It' was so funny because she called me and I came to see her ... she said " awwww tooo cute." Seriously human when someone call you, you said hello... and nobody say " toooo cute "😂 Friends its very late in France, so i m going to sleep i have to wake up mummy at 7.52 AM by move my plate because i ll be starving ahahah
Kiss my friends 💕
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Hello my friends!
I still have my tilted head... mummy called a osteopath for my head, she hoped it could be help myself!
Tonigth i really missed to feel my mummy skin to my fluffy hair, sso she was on the floor, doing her sport, i came and put my head on her hand, and fall asleep, she cryed, becasue she missed our cuddles too !

Aw and i tottaly forget to tell to you!!yesterday i pooped 💩 on my litter since i have my titled head it was impossible to jump in my toilet,so mummy put a type of flat litter ... but yesterday i was in my big toilet the real one!! Mummy is so proud of me
Thanks for all your support Love u ❤️
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Hello my friends it's Sunday 🎉🎉
There are 2 days ago mummy played my favorit @beyonce song so I ran so fast to get a dance with mummy but with my head it was impossible so mummy started to cry and me I was so sad too 😢
We only can dance on te floor :( But I l still eating and pooping I hope one day I ll can dance with mummy again ❤️

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