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I started 2017 with a few focused goals regarding my art. One of the more challenging one's was to push considerably harder in both my illustrative and vector skills. This ultimately boils down to time, patience and consistency. I have a vision of where I need (not want) to be. It's very clear and very persistent. It is a vision which measures my current works and ALWAYS whispers "not there yet!" All of this starts (at least for me) with a very traditional approach... pencil to paper! The more I dive in to the illustrative portion the more I learn. The more I learn the more it pushes me in my digital (vector) approach. These two worlds (traditional and digital) are infinitely linked and as I push in one it pushes the other! Though I am far from reaching my goal I do see the journey taking form!

Still need to add more shadows and highlights but good for now. Will complete next week!

Muted palette keeping it grungy!

Click click click. A million points of OCD! Coming to life!

This is the portion of the process where it comes to life. Time to vector it up!

Enjoy seeing the work in action. PVC patch design I did for @the_urban_operator This is a sample / prototype. Like the colors or should I adjust?

ONLY A FEW LEFT for domestic (US) shipping so get on it. Opening up international shipping for the remaining amount (30 bats) next week! www.sweyda.com/shop

Illustrative work this year! Pushing! Love clients who trust me with their brands!

Best times on a piece like this is working the details. Just observing the form and moving through it naturally. #pencil #pencilart #pencildrawing #sweyda #illustration #clown #art #worldofpencils

Will finish up pencils later tonight / tomorrow then off to vector this monster! #pencil #pencilart #pencildrawing #sketch #art #illustration #sweyda #clown

Scary clown sloppy sketch. Off to the client. If approved I'm gonna enjoy doing a clean pencil / finished pencil on this one! #clown #notviolator #pencil #pencilart #pencildrawing #sketch #sweyda #art

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