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Christian Swenson  Mormon mystic, gamer, and bookworm. I post insightful thoughts, hilarious nonsense, and everything in between.


What immortal hand or eye dare frame thy fearful symmetry? #ItsBLLLAKE

This is a quote from P. D. #Ouspensky's #InSearchOfTheMiraculous, which is about the time the author spent learning from G. I. #Gurdjieff, the author of #BeelzebubsTalesToHisGrandson and #MeetingsWithRemarkableMen. He's describing a kind of mental process called "self-remembering," and it's crucial. It involves not only doing something, not only being aware of something, but of knowing yourself while you do it, while you're aware of it. You don't just look at Netflix; you see yourself watching Netflix. You don't just talk to someone; you see yourself talking to someone. You *are* both here and there.

Gurdjieff says that this state of mind is crucial for the development of the human soul. And I just realized that #RudolfSteiner says the same thing. In his #IntuitiveThinkingAsASpiritualPath, he explains Gurdjieff's principle in a different way: "If I want to observe, along with the table, my thinking about the table, I must first take up a standpoint outside my own activity. While observation of objects and processes, and thinking about them, are both everyday situations that fill my ongoing life, the *observation of thinking* is a kind of exceptional state." The book is about that state and how to cultivate it. For Steiner, this type of thinking is at the root of what makes us able to call ourselves "I." In our "I," we continually see something that we also continually *grasp*: me, who I am. In the *I*, thinking IS perceiving But this is normally vague and doesn't progress beyond a certain point.
Steiner says that we are bound to develop the capacity #Ouspensky describes, what he calls the "Consciousness Soul" at this point in the earth's history: to not only be aware of the world, but be aware of ourselves being aware of the world. We must *be* our I as we are in the world. This will, far from isolating us from the world, unite us to it in full consciousness. At one point, we will level be able to *be* everything in the same way we are ourselves, without losing distinctness at all. That's what this capacity leads us toward. #spiritual #wisdom #meditation #light #love #consciousness #truth #lightworker #Mormon #LDS #NewAge #God #Christ #energy #vibes

I was given this beautiful 1933 edition of Heaven and Hell by a classmate today as a present. No words.
#Swedenborg #bookstagram

Went to #ChichenItza on Thursday. All I could think about was this quote by #LlewellynVaughanLee: "There was a time when every grove and stream was sacred, meaning and wisdom were found in the cycles of the moon and the germination of the plants. The divine was seen as present in everything from the fire on the hearth to the stars in the heavens. The earth was marked by lines of power, called “lay lines” in the West, “dragon lines” in the East. Where certain lines intersected, temples and circles of standing stones were built. These were places of power where spiritual energy was most concentrated and accessible. The power at these sites and their temples not only helped people in their relationship to the divine, but also aided the flow of spiritual energy into the whole of life. Through these places of power, nature was nourished, the crops grew, and the people benefitted both inwardly and outwardly, in their souls and in their daily lives." #spirituality #spiritual #sacred #light #love #lightworker #newage #energy #vibes #goodvibes #energyworker #energyhealing #shamanism #Christian #God #Christ #LDS #Mormon #archetype

The student has defeated the master. #chess

We're going to #ChichenItza this week, and I can't wait to try this out. #letsleepinggodslie

#Poem by #Rilke:

As on all its sides a kitchen-match darts white 
flickering tongues before it bursts into flame: 
with the audience around her, quickened, hot, 
her dance begins to flicker in the dark room.
And all at once it is completely fire.
One upward glance and she ignites her hair 
and, whirling faster and faster, fans her dress 
into passionate flames, till it becomes a furnace 
from which, like startled rattlesnakes, the long 
naked arms uncoil, aroused and clicking.
And then: as if the fire were too tight 
around her body, she takes and flings it out 
haughtily, with an imperious gesture, 
and watches: it lies raging on the floor, 
still blazing up, and the flames refuse to die - 
Till, moving with total confidence and a sweet 
exultant smile, she looks up finally 
and stamps it out with powerful small feet. -

The bee died, but it got a Viking funeral.

Fiona is trying to save a drowned bee.

Obligatory post-haircut selfie.

Bottoms has a problem. She loves this game so much that she won't let us use our phones or iPads. #help #catsofinstagram

#Birb likes to watch sweaty humans jogging. What a creep.

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