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🌊🏄🏂🌍🙏  No ocean could separate us: we are swellbound. Sharing transcontinental surf stories and worldwide #reallifestoke

The best #surfers are those having the most fun!

The spot of #Kommetjie in #SouthAfrica is known for its #bigwavesurfing, fast and hollow #barrels and #coldwatersurfing. "You'll have to be jumping up and down #Muizenberg before you can surf Kommetjie!" my friend told me. He was right. When I got to the beautiful white sands of #LongBeach, I saw surfer after surfer failing to make the most of small but perfect conditions. Popping up too slow, being dumped over the falls, making the drop only to surf in front of the barrel or past the shoulder... isn't missing the fun missing the point?

Too often surfers go against the flow and blame external conditions: why sink on a 5'3'' rather than pick a #longboard when waves are small? Why not pick up a #bodyboard and speed down that #barrel when you are not technical enough to drop on a #surfboard? Pushing yourself is one thing. Constantly missing on the fun in a bid to be something or someone else is another.

These two #groms certainly had no qualms about how fun should be had. Goofying around, buddying on a wave, screaming down every other barrel, their #stoke resounded loud and clear as a reminder that fun is always HERE and NOW. ✒📷: @_laurence_b #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

When you fav #colombiansurfer leaves a message to say he caught his first #tidalbore #wave in France... Francisco aka @pachoburgers surfed on la #Garonne, one of the 60 rivers in the world experiencing a tidal bore, when the high coefficient ocean tides meet the low fluvial waters, usually in the Fall (in Europe). Le '#mascaret' phenomenon as it is called in French happens twice a day between September and December, and every year more people join the #riversurfing fun. Who wouldn't want a 6 minute #partywave? 📷: @florinedanslanature, 🎬✒: @_laurence_b 🎤: @pachoburgers 🎸: Halcyon by @canonblue. #swellbound #freesurfspirit #reallifestoke

'I'm loving it!' she screams, as the #wave breaks onto the sands of #Muizenberg beach. 27 girls came to the @wavesforchange session this afternoon, from the neighbouring #CapeTown townships of Lavender Hill and Khayelitsha. This is an opportunity to escape the hardships of daily life and acquire #lifeskills of trust, confidence and solidarity, while playing in the unruly waves of the #PacificOcean. Surfboards mainly stay on the sand for now, as the new recruits get more familiar with the power of the waves, which brings along fear but also sheer #stoke. For generations, the #apartheid policy of #beach segregation left a long lasting fear of the ocean amongst black communities, who were bereft of the opportunity to learn #swimming in a safe open environment.
These girls clearly relish their time in the water and start opening up about issues on land. #surftherapy in action, transformative and universal. ✒📷: @_laurence_b #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

Philani Sikobi grew up in a rural township in #Kwazulunatal, near the resort of #TrafalgarBeach. His mother worked as a cleaner at the beach pool and would regularly take Philani with her. His love for the #ocean grew when he first saw a #surfer and decided he would become one, regardless of what both the black and white communities thought was fit for a young black boy. The local surfer he'd seen, Ricky, also believed #stoke should be shared and coached Philani. The dream was starting to come true as Philani became a promising #grom.
This came to a crashing halt when as a teen he lost both his parents. Philani stopped surfing, started drinking and acted like many other young men around him who had lost hope.
His love of the ocean and a strong sense of responsibility towards his younger siblings made him kick the habit and before turning twenty, Philani founded the #TrafalgarSurfClub to bring a "wave of hope" to other local kids experiencing hardship.
12 years on, the club is thriving with over 50 children involved, including three who are now qualified lifeguards.
In May, the club lost all its equipment in the wake of a criminal fire believed to be racially motivated. Thanks to donations, the club was able to replenish some of its boards and wetsuits stock, and four young club hopefuls managed to qualify to the @billabongsa @bosworld #SAJuniorChampionships taking place in October in #JBay. The club now needs R4850 for inscriptions alone and extra cash for transportation and accommodation. If there ever was a worthwhile cause, Trafalgar Surf Club is one!
Dig deep and share the #aloha now!

The Genesis Trust
Nedbank Current Account
Branch code 198765
Account number: 1397063130
Reference: Philani Sikobi Surf school

more at tiny.cc/trafalgarsurf (link in bio☝) 🏄: Ayanda Mpisane 📷:@diannelynngold17 ✒: @_laurence_b #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

There is more to South Africa's surf scene than JBay! Welcome to #Umzumbe, a right point on the #KwazuluNatal (or #KzN) coast, where the waters are warm and winter mornings often offer perfect #offshore conditions. Getting out at the point can get tricky and frothing 'internationals' often get caught in the rip while locals glide by in perfect #barrels.
Local #surfer Rich, who runs @umzumbesurfcamp (aka chill surf house and bungalows right on the beach, 5 minutes walk from the point) offered a couple of tips so you are spared the tiring rip-merry-go-round-the-bay: "you might be frothing to get in but do take the time to watch where to go in and get out, something you'd do at any new spot. You want to start as close as possible to those right rocks. Check the period and your timing and don't hesitate to ask a local!". And locals here don't do #localism: from the #umzumbesurfclub community kids to the expats and hardy saffa blondies, everyone has a smile and a kind word. Ngiyabonga!

For #umzumbesurfhouse details, surfumzumbe.co.za (or link in bio☝) ✒📷: @_laurence_b #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

When he is tired of shooting war planes and tankers, Yuriy turns his camera to #surfing in the Far East of #Russia, where he is posted. His #coldwatersurfing series just earned him best #sportsphotography series in the prestigious #Stenincontest.
The 2013 #ReynekeIsland #Coldwater Cup near #Vladivostok (supported by the #RussianSurf Federation or @rfsurfing) was the opportunity for Yuriy to discover the local scene and hangout with crazies like Daniel (@swell_vl), with whom he has since extensively shot.
But it is only when heading North to the lesser known part of the #Pacific Ocean, that #surfphotographers like Yuriy grasp the worldclass potential of Russian waves. On the #Halaktyrsky beach of #Kamchatka, where pioneer Anton Morozov (@snowave_kamchatka) has set up school, Yuryi enthuses over the unspoilt nature, the volcanoes, waves and ice that allow him to finally "create a perfect natural composition around man conquering the elements". Because as he says, "surfing is best for this!" ✒: @_laurence_b 📷: @smitsmitty #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

The man known for SUPing the Atlantic solo is also and foremost a #bigwavesurfer. Chris Bertish's love story with waves is beautifully told in Ocean Driven, a 2015 documentary now available on demand: it depicts his coming of age in #SouthAfrica, the role of his dad, and how his obsession with #Mavericks drives him to become one of the best #bigwave surfers in the world.
Having amassed an incredible amount of footage throughout his travels, it is fascinating to see how Chris made the biggest waves in the world his: #Waimea, #Peahi, #HalfMoonBay, #TodosSantos, #Dungeons, #Cribbar, #Nelscott, meeting incredible people and making life-long friends on the way, blowing away hardened locals who struggle to understand how an undergunned, overkeen and often injured #Saffa somehow ends up showing them how it's done!
With testimonies from #kellyslater, #garylinden, #greglong, the #bigwavesurfing elite, friends and family, great insights into Chris' training and mindset, you just start to touch on why the man has achieved so much and is still pushing boundaries: "All of my achievements in surfing and SUPing are done to redefine everybody's perception of what's possible, to help people challenge themselves, follow their passions and achieve their goals and dreams."
Whether it is for #Mondaymotivation or needing everyday #inspiration, Chris' story will move you into action! Get Ocean Driven now on Demand on iTunes etc... http://geni.us/OceanDriven (or link in bio ☝) 📷: @photomurray #swellbound

‘Shape or die’: a tattoo on her arm sets the tone. Yes, you read right: Jawel is one of a handful of #femaleshapers in the world. Hailing from the flatlands in France, Jawel first set her heart on the Alps, climbing and snowboarding. A trade show in 2012 took her to Biarritz, where she met the ocean, overcame her fear of water (a permanently perforated eardrum since childhood had prevented her from doing any swimming) and fell in love with #surfing.
Not being the kind to do things half-heartedly, she quit her job, settled in Guéthary with little to no money, and after a two-week stint at local #shaper @guilhemrainfray, set off to dedicate her life to shaping.
Starting with #dingrepairs, boards for friends, moving from her living room to a neighbour’s garage, the self-taught shaping fanatic eventually launched her own brand @wildcat_surfboards in 2016. ‘Shaping is like an isolation box, away from worldly suffering. Being ultra sensitive, shaping gives me the opportunity to feel, touch, see, hear and feel and totally be myself’. Her feminine creativity and motherly love gets poured into each of her #surfboards (‘I am proud of them all, they are like my children!’). Like in other male-dominated industries where female presence is only nascent, ‘there isn’t any real sisterhood in shaping. But luckily I came across some stars like Valérie Duprat @meremadesurfboards who despite a busy schedule always has tips or a word of encouragement for me’. 40 years after trailblazer @cherpendarvis, Jawel is keen to see more women join the fold: ‘I invite all female shapers and those in the making to help each other!’. Girls, grab those planers and join the fun! ) ✒️: @_laurence_b 📷: unknown. #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

Llywelyn Williams started as a standard #Welsh #grom, catching #waves in #NorthWales UK. With a couple of local contests under his belt, his winning course was brought to a violent end when aged 16 he was hit by a car: he woke up a couple of weeks later with an amputated leg and waning down to half his body weight.

With extraordinary resilience and never blaming events, Llywelyn went back to his beloved #PorthCeiriad and 'felt alive again' as soon as he hit the water. Building his strength from mere minutes to hours in the water, and supported by an extraordinary local community (@abersochwatersports amongst others), he soon set his eyes on the top prize: the #Tokyo2020 #Paralympics. After a shout out, Ben Clifford @surfability_uk and the @welshsurffed stepped in and brought Llywelyn to #LaJolla California for the Stance ISA World #AdaptiveSurfing Championship. Against all odds, Llywelyn ended up ranking 5th in the world.

Now with serious #Olympics prospects, he is sharing his time between training for the @dukesoceanfest in August in #Hawaii and the next @isasurfing World Championship in December, as well sharing #stoke and gratitude, doing schools talks or volunteering with the @inspiredoceanproject for #beachcleanups.
Knowing that this inspiring & talented young athlete rides 'standard #surfboards straight from the shop', isn't it time a board #sponsor stepped up to the same level of commitment? @firewiresurfboards @grahamsmithsurfboards @cisurfboards @jsindustries1 @slaterdesigns @tomo_surfboards @pyzelsurfboards all eyes on you! ;) ✒️: @_laurence_b 📷: unknown. #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

“I’m a Cuban surfer": there's a handful of people on this planet who can say this, but ironically the last to know such a thing existed are #Cubans themselves.
That is because #surfing in #Cuba is not 'legal': it would require an official listing in the national sports register. In spite of good #swell conditions and great #waves, potential #surfathletes are denied open access to equipment and funds and often endure #surfboard confiscation.

However, the tide may be turning on the island: local #surfers lead by #surfergirl Yaya Guerrero and a small US production company @makewild have teamed up and launched a campaign to legalise the sport and are currently working on the release of a supporting documentary for 2018.
Join Swellbound and thousands around the world in supporting the #surflibre campaign: we can't wait to hear contestants at the #Tokyo2020 #Olympics proudly say “I’m a Cuban surfer”! Hit the petition link now! tiny.cc/surflibre (or link in bio ☝) ✒️: @uchuva @_laurence_b 📷: @marco_bava_ @makewild #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound 🇨🇺

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Been looking for #groms to follow and get excited about? Meet S'nenhlanhla Makhubu, #SouthAfrica's most exciting #surf export since @jordysmith88 : following in the footsteps of countryfellow Samukelisiwe Cele, who was the first black female to compete in a #WSL event, @sne.makhubu has steadily progressed through the year in the @wsl Junior series, culminating in a semis finish at #Ballito, losing to 🇭🇦🇼 top seed @zoe_mcdougall (after beating her in round 3 mind you). When asked about possible bikini ambitions and what her brand would be like, her answer came as the most innocent #reallife punch in the face of commercial storytelling: 'my brand would be called: 'Tomorrow will be better' because I've had such bad days that I literally wanted to quit and end everything. This was due to what I was going through, things like #racism and being treated unfairly. I had forgotten that days can be different.' Not forgetting how fortunate she is, after humble beginnings learning to surf with #SandileMqadi, club manager at @surfersnotstreetchildren , ('my personal experience of #ubuntu!'), Sne is now ready to take on the world with the support of a top team: her lifeguard dad, @jasonribbink from @surfacademysa, top QS surfer @chaddutoit as coach and @sisonkeoutreach as all-championing club. 'My ambition is to make it to the top and become one of the best in the world' and battle it out against her favourite surfers: @tylerwright @owright and @gabrielmedina (guys, you got the invite, watch out!😜) To support Sne's dream to represent 🇿🇦 in Japan 👉 tiny.cc/snejpn or link in bio ☝. ✒: @_laurence_b 📷: unknown #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

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