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🌊🏄🏂🌍🙏  No ocean could separate us: we are swellbound. Sharing transcontinental surf stories and worldwide #reallifestoke

Llywelyn Williams started as a standard #Welsh #grom, catching #waves in #NorthWales UK. With a couple of local contests under his belt, his winning course was brought to a violent end when aged 16 he was hit by a car: he woke up a couple of weeks later with an amputated leg and waning down to half his body weight.

With extraordinary resilience and never blaming events, Llywelyn went back to his beloved #PorthCeiriad and 'felt alive again' as soon as he hit the water. Building his strength from mere minutes to hours in the water, and supported by an extraordinary local community (@abersochwatersports amongst others), he soon set his eyes on the top prize: the #Tokyo2020 #Paralympics. After a shout out, Ben Clifford @surfability_uk and the @welshsurffed stepped in and brought Llywelyn to #LaJolla California for the Stance ISA World #AdaptiveSurfing Championship. Against all odds, Llywelyn ended up ranking 5th in the world.

Now with serious #Olympics prospects, he is sharing his time between training for the @dukesoceanfest in August in #Hawaii and the next @isasurfing World Championship in December, as well sharing #stoke and gratitude, doing schools talks or volunteering with the @theinspiredprojectgroup for #beachcleanups.
Knowing that this inspiring & talented young athlete rides 'standard #surfboards straight from the shop', isn't it time a board #sponsor stepped up to the same level of commitment? @firewiresurfboards @grahamsmithsurfboards @cisurfboards @jsindustries1 @slaterdesigns @tomo_surfboards @pyzelsurfboards all eyes on you! ;) ✒️: @_laurence_b 📷: unknown. #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

“I’m a Cuban surfer": there's a handful of people on this planet who can say this, but ironically the last to know such a thing existed are #Cubans themselves.
That is because #surfing in #Cuba is not 'legal': it would require an official listing in the national sports register. In spite of good #swell conditions and great #waves, potential #surfathletes are denied open access to equipment and funds and often endure #surfboard confiscation.

However, the tide may be turning on the island: local #surfers lead by #surfergirl Yaya Guerrero and a small US production company @makewild have teamed up and launched a campaign to legalise the sport and are currently working on the release of a supporting documentary for 2018.
Join Swellbound and thousands around the world in supporting the #surflibre campaign: we can't wait to hear contestants at the #Tokyo2020 #Olympics proudly say “I’m a Cuban surfer”! Hit the petition link now! tiny.cc/surflibre (or link in bio ☝) ✒️: @uchuva @_laurence_b 📷: @marco_bava_ @makewild #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound 🇨🇺

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DM if you are interested!
📷: Mark Van Coller
#surfohaha #swellbound #dolphins

Been looking for #groms to follow and get excited about? Meet S'nenhlanhla Makhubu, #SouthAfrica's most exciting #surf export since @jordysmith88 : following in the footsteps of countryfellow Samukelisiwe Cele, who was the first black female to compete in a #WSL event, @sne.makhubu has steadily progressed through the year in the @wsl Junior series, culminating in a semis finish at #Ballito, losing to 🇭🇦🇼 top seed @zoe_mcdougall (after beating her in round 3 mind you). When asked about possible bikini ambitions and what her brand would be like, her answer came as the most innocent #reallife punch in the face of commercial storytelling: 'my brand would be called: 'Tomorrow will be better' because I've had such bad days that I literally wanted to quit and end everything. This was due to what I was going through, things like #racism and being treated unfairly. I had forgotten that days can be different.' Not forgetting how fortunate she is, after humble beginnings learning to surf with #SandileMqadi, club manager at @surfersnotstreetchildren , ('my personal experience of #ubuntu!'), Sne is now ready to take on the world with the support of a top team: her lifeguard dad, @jasonribbink from @surfacademysa, top QS surfer @chaddutoit as coach and @sisonkeoutreach as all-championing club. 'My ambition is to make it to the top and become one of the best in the world' and battle it out against her favourite surfers: @tylerwright @owright and @gabrielmedina (guys, you got the invite, watch out!😜) To support Sne's dream to represent 🇿🇦 in Japan 👉 tiny.cc/snejpn or link in bio ☝. ✒: @_laurence_b 📷: unknown #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

Freddy Marimon (@freddycitosurf) is one of those people who prove that human #willpower has no limits. He rips on a #skateboard, rips on a #surfboard and if you had any doubt about his talent, he recently became one of the top 10 finishers in the #Colombian National Circuit’s under 18 category. At the age of 11. As the first #adaptivesurfer of his country. I mean...
It’s people like him that you look at and immediately know they have an extraordinary mind and a soul of steel. It’s people like him that give you goosebumps and give you a perspective on life. This boy is a legend in the making and I’m looking forward to hearing more about him. ¡Vamos @freddycitosurf, y gracias por tu inspiración!🇨🇴
✒️: @uchuva
📷: @andresespinosa1030 & @luxvisualstudio
#reallifestoke #swellbound

When #Madagascar is not busy fending off #anime prejudices, it produces #surfers and #skaters that rip it up & down the island. Tokinomena aka @vanbeloha or 'DoWz' ('because i talk slowly friends said I looked drunk and needed my 'dose') has been skating in the capital #Antananarivo since he was 14. Inspired by #TonyHawk's Pro Skater, Tokinomena has since become an active figure of @smeg_asso, an association promoting #malagasy skateboarding. Though there is now a #skatepark in Antanimena ('more of a rollerpark'), Tana skateboarding was born in the streets and is firmly rooted there. Improvising what to grind goes hand in hand with learning to look after your own equipment. Tokinomena recently lamented breaking a third board in 10 years, a figure that his US counterparts would laugh off. 'We have no #skateshops and equipment is so expensive! So the guys do a lot of DYI to keep rolling. But that doesn't stop us from trying difficult tricks or spots. We ride each board to death and try and find one again after... sometimes not finding boards forces us to stop skating altogether...'. But as his makeshift fix #skate4life board shows, #Mada #skateboarding cannot be stopped: @petit_lanja, @rado_kely, Lofo Nirina and Tinady' Prez' Andriamas (a national pioneer). are some of the best #skateboarders working together with #Smegasso to try and get a team into the #Tokyo2020 #Olympics. Now isn't that something to show the kids rather than f***ing Madagascar 4? Go #teamgasy! #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit
✒: @_laurence_b 🎵: @Basy_gasy 📷: @vanbeloha, Dina Ary Malala, Tinady Andriamas, Rony, Eric.

It's International #Surfing Day! Wherever you are, don't turn those opportunities away and follow your #freesurfspirit! Take the high road, get #barreled, paddle away, enjoy the #ocean, take a friend out surfing, share #reallifestoke! Even if you are landlocked, get in the spirit, hit the pool and get some H2O!
📷: @_laurence_b #internationalsurfingday #gosurf

#Waves. Sand. Jungle. Mountains and snowy peaks. Not too many #surfspots offer a view encompassing all of the above. Except #Colombia. If you need a break from the busy peaks this summer and fancy dipping your toes and fins in the #Caribbean swell, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada de #SantaMarta, head to Parque #Tayrona! You might even bump into some of the local crew who are in the process of creating the Colombian surf federation (say hi to our man @pachoburgers!): hopefully it soon becomes a reality, as it would certainly make the @isasurfing competitive scene even more colourful! ¡Viva Colombian surfing! ✒️: @uchuva 🏄: @markosvicioso 📷: @nashootphoto #reallifestoke #swellbound

#Paddleboarders are not the only ones to hate #SingleUsePlastic: all #watersports lovers, #ocean dwellers, #sandinyourtoes addicts, #saltyhairdontcare mermaids, #wave chasers want to continue enjoying the #environment that brings them so much #stoke! On #WorldOceansDay, #Swellbound and #surfers of all kinds commit to ditching Single Use Plastic - THE LAST STRAW: the US use 500 million straws a day, enough to fill Yankee Stadium over 9 times in a year! Wet those lips and drink like a proper sexy human! - NO MORE PLASTIC BOTTLES: More than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans every year, more than half are plastic WATER! bottles. Get a classy refillable stainless steel bottle, save money, spare your hormones and stay fresh! - PACK UP THE BAG: A plastic bag has an average “working life” of 15 minutes. Over the last ten years we have produced more #plastic than during the whole of the last century. Tell your local shop why you don't want one and bring your own hipster totes!

What will you do to preserve your playground? 📷: A #WorldOceansDay collaboration by @swellbound & @iconeo






#cleanseas #cleanseasphoto #surfersagainstsewage #surfrider #take3forthesea #sup #standupaddle #paddle #paddleboarding #paddleboard #designforgood  @surfrider @surfersagainstsewage @noplasticstraws

The history of #coldwatersurfing and #JackONeill's role in commercialising #wetsuits surfaced again last week following Jack's sad passing. This is an opportunity to salute the many pioneers who contributed to the development of the modern #wetsuit. Hugh Bradner, a Berkeley scientist working for the navy was the first to dismiss the idea of a #drysuit and in 1951 developed a foamed #neoprene suit called the 'Submariner', (see prototype here, left). This stylish suit which #Coachella fashionistas would kill for, was available for a mere $75 ($666 in today's money tho!😨). Given the lack of a #watersports scene, Bradner donated his research to science. On the other side of the pond, French #diver Georges #Beuchat developed the following year the '#combinaison isothermique', later worn by #Cousteau in the legendary #SilentWorld movie. The England Heinke #diving brand developed the same year a befitting "Dolphin" wetsuit for ladies (note the #retro #shorty look which has now made a comeback). Interestingly, they developed it out natural #gumrubber lined with stockinet, making them the true #ecowetsuits pioneers, 60 years ahead of modern #sustainability efforts from the likes of #Yulex or #NaturalPrene, which incidentally, we will be discussing here soon. Thanks Jack, Brad, Georges and all the pioneers who took their passion to its ultimate stage: sharing the stoke! 📷: @scripps_ocean & T.A.Hampton #reallifestoke #swellbound

#PedroHenrique manhandling #Biarritz waves like the best of #matadors... a true Iberic #surfer from #Caiscais #Portugal! With such a winning combo of force and grace, no wonder @pedrohenrique_official finished in the top 3 at the #WorldSurfingGames and helped the 🇵🇹team earn a silver medal! Olé! 📷: @_laurence_b #swellbound

Now that the #ISAworlds #Surfing Games are over and #Biarritz is quiet again, @isasurfing @wsl and the #ICO are back to work negotiating the #qualifications system for the #Tokyo2020 #Olympics. Many #surfingnations that have had a long history of taking part in international surf competitions may have done so for the last time this year. The @scottishsurfingfederation joined other #surfingnations' federations and teams (@hawaiisurfteam vs. @usasurfing or #fédérationTahitienneDeSurf vs. @surfingfrance) in advocating for the right to compete separately from their administrative mainland. However it seems that the next ISA #WorldSurfingGames will forge ahead with an #Olympics countries format: prior to the event, Scottish #surfers will have to compete against @surfingengland and @welshsurffed athletes in order to secure a space under the #teamGB flag. Unless a wee cataclysmic post #Brexit #ScottishIndependence vote happens, #Scotland will be waving their flags on the beaches of the world no more. Alba gu bràth! Keep the heid! Keep surfing! 🙏for the 😂 and guid 🐟! ✒📷: @_laurence_b #swellbound

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