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@hatsumisurfboard shot one of my all time favourite #surfphotos: @leahloves squaring a wave face, hands in the air, balancing as only she does between the improbable and a miracle. All of the #surf experience is condensed in that split second, the joint singularities of human and wave forever united.

And the only reason Hatsumi Ishibashi is able to capture the unique is because she is herself unique: she shoots on land. She shoots in water. She surfs. She shapes. And she shoots some more, #bigwavesurfing.

Most of all, in a conservative and glamourised #surfindusty her voice is exceptionally fresh: straight talking with kindness. Something the world is in dire need of these days💩🌍 Meet Hatsumi and read the full article at swellbound.org or link in bio☝ 📷: @hatsumisurfboard except last, @terryshreda ✒: @_laurence_b #swellbound

As we drown in 'content', Marlee Owen's #surfphotography pops out: capturing the amazing colours of the #SunshineCoast in Australia and the ever-changing texture of the #ocean, it naturally begets the question: can surf photography be art?

@marleeowenphoto's pop colours, eye-grabbing texture play and evocative slow-shutter recreate the sense of wonder we experience as #surfers. Which is a deliberate process for Marlee, who exhorts fellow photographers to 'make art, not content': '"That comment kind of has two meanings for me. It came to me when I was sitting out in the #surf one day thinking. In one way, it’s a bit of a stab at all the ‘content creators’ out there; people just filling up their Instagram with mindless images of no substance. Secondly, it’s something I say to myself when I’m out there shooting, to give me the motivation to try something different, maybe a new technique. I push myself to create something from the conditions, the situation, creating my own perception, rather than just shooting blindly." Shooting mostly in #Noosa at sunrise and sunset, Marlee draws great inspiration from the local scene, from @kanebrownphoto, @woodygphoto to ocean study masters such as @raycollinsphoto and @lloydmeudell. But as a true grafter who's not afraid to spend hours hunting the improbable, Marlee has a style slowly coming into his own.

Read the full review on swellbound.org or ☝ link in bio.
✒: @_laurence_b 📷: @marleeowenphoto #swellbound

"Inshallah we will make it to #Imsouane!". We had set off in the morning with our #surfboards on the roof, our sandy #wetsuits and baguette sandwiches, everything needed for a #surftrip, except one thing: petrol.

The fuel gauge warning flashed a threatening red as soon as we switched on the ignition and the next petrol station was 30km away. "But we always have a little bit to go by, right?" she asked more than she asserted. Don't ask me. It's an old Japanese car with a name like a Soviet country house. Turn the music up , cross your fingers and wave your arms in the air!

After half an hour on dusty roads we finally drive past the banana plantations of Tamri, a small village which has become an obligatory stock-up stop on #roadtrips up and down the Moroccan west coast. An old man gesticulates in our direction. 'What's he saying?'. He is saying no. No petrol. In the only station in the region. Zilch, nada, not a drop. Maybe because it's Friday. Maybe the truck comes only once a week. Maybe we should have tanked up before. In any case, we are now an hour away from the paradise cove of Imsouane, with its endless rights that cross the entire bay, and we are not turning back.

Find out if we made it, swellbound.org or link in the bio! ☝
✒📷: @_laurence_b #swellbound

#Marquetry: 'a meticulous art-form involving inlaying pieces of wood veneer, (very thin pieces of wood) to create pictures or patterns - the closest thing to actually painting with wood'. What do house tunes and pop furniture have in common? Emma Wood @woodpopstrel, whose trajectory took her from music production to #marquetry. When a #coldwatersurf session in Ireland made her come across a wooden #surfboard, Emma took the giant leap to marry her passions. With the help of cabinet maker and keen #surfer Jonathan (@bark.furniture) and board #shaper Paul from @arbosurfboards, Emma started her own fine #woodwork on these handcrafted #surfboards.

After 18 months of trial and error, #surfboard marquetry was born: 'there are a lot of issues involved with working over a surface that is both convex and concave and the fact that all the different species of wood used in the marquetry react differently to changes in temperature/moisture. Inlaying metal was another challenge in itself!' All boards are now certified #ecoboards by @sustainsurf, using #sustainable timber, #bioresins and glassed in-fins (no plastic fitting). Emma is now working on a board for actress & occasional #surfergirl @katebosworth, inspired by legendary shaper @dick_brewer. Watch this space! ✒: @_laurence_b 📷: @woodpopstrel #swellbound
READ FULL INTERVIEW --> swellbound.org or link in bio! ☝

Finally! After much sweat and a few tears, swellbound is available in colorama and for the big (computer) screen!
At last we can do justice to the great #surfers, photographers, #shapers, #skaters, all the true originals we've had the opportunity to come across! Their passion, craft, dedication is inspiring and 2018 was always going to be the time to give back!
More space to inspire, to discuss, to celebrate and protect the true diversity of our great #surf community and environment!
Special thanks to @dani.burt and @majdi_fathi for their inspiration to get bigger and better!
Check out the site now, link in bio! ☝ and get ready for exciting new content this week! 👏

Regram @bothniasavages, real cool to meet in real life! 👉

#Taghazout is a small fishermen village on the coast of Southern #Morocco, close to the city of Agadir. It has been a popular #surfing destination for years and has since gone through a massive change from a quiet village to a populated holiday destination. In the following @bothniasavages posts, our aim is to bring up and discuss how tourists like us influence the area. How our presence might benefit the local community and what kind of a burden we might be on local people and the environment.

In the horizon in this photo, you can see #AnchorPoint, the most famous surf break in Morocco. Yesterday I met with Laurence, the woman behind @swellbound, and talked with her about the environmental issues touching this area and @surfridermaroc 's initiative to save Anchor Point as one of the World Surf Reserves. Here the beachfront is under constant development as vast holiday resorts are constructed. One can only guess what kind of changes might take place in the years to come around beaches and waves, which at the moment are still open and accessible to each and every one. The #sea belongs to all of us and should not be blocked or excluded from anyone. Most importantly, ocean sites should be accessible to the local people – a right threatened by foreign investors taking over blocks of land by the ocean. The #ocean is our common home, therefore we should all be supporting its wellbeing. ✒📷: @ainohuotari #swellbound

As the year ends we are all either looking back or looking forward. The sun is setting on the #lastday of 2017 and as it does I am brought back to now, to being in the moment. No more scheduled #surftrips, latest gear to look forward to, pioneering #wavepools, title races to always restart, lost hopes and new love. Just the #now. And I am #grateful for having #surfing in my life, a wonderful practice of being in the moment, #pockets of serendipity and #barrels of quiet eternity. May your life be filled with NOW. #happynewyear 🎆🎉. ✒📷:@_laurence_b #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit #swellbound

#Xmas on the island of #Siargao #Philippines: a time for reflection on this fragile piece of #surfing paradise. Last May, @thesuncrew started a #surf program for local children to support their education and encourage #sustainability.
Founders @hanbowyo (🇦🇺), Choychoy & @wemarbonono (🇵🇭) believe they are 'at a pivotal point for action to preserve the beautiful culture of Siargao while encouraging tourism in a sustainable way' and prevent it from undergoing the kind of ruthless development and ensuing #pollution seen on Bali or in Thailand.
With 50 kids mostly under 13 in the program, @thesuncrew organises regular #beachcleanups, waste management, #upcycling, environmental education, donated #surfboards free rental dependent on school attendance and an elite #grom squad with coaching & logistical support which has sent 17 year-old Jolina Uriarte to 2nd place in the national rankings! 🙌
Now that's inspiration for local kids AND inspiration for all of us!
✒: @_laurence_b 📷: @hanbowyo, #freesurfspirit, #reallifestoke #swellbound

CLOSED!!//////Swellbound has partnered with @kauskaki_, two sisters from #Greece who create #handmade #durable #custom #surfboard socks with bold prints & colours and a story to tell. #WIN a custom-fit surfboard sock from the “Oh, Collection” or “So, Collection”, and take your beloved #longboard or #shortboard on all your #swellbound #surftrips! 👉 HOW TO ENTER:
✅ FOLLOW @swellbound and @kauskaki_
✅ COMMENT on this post to tell us your board dimensions (length/width) and choice of style from the kauskaki “Oh” or “So” Collection (SCROLL👉 to see photos and style names)

You have time until 31 December 2017.
Open Worldwide, over 18 only. Full terms & conditions in the link in BIO ☝. Good luck!

#swellbound #whygonaked #thatperfecthugfeeling #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit

Some pro #shapers complain that the art of #shaping is being lost now that cost of equipment is more accessible than ever and everyone might try shaping their own #surfboards.
Based in #Biarritz, France, @shaperhouse embraces rather than fears the everyday man, enabling you to shape your #customboard at your own pace: #shaping, #glassing, either starting from scratch on of the hundreds of @viralsurf blanks, or getting a computerised pre-shape and work on the finer detail, workshops with pro shapers on hand will guide you through the process. With state of the art studios, a wide range of paints, #surboardfins, café, yoga and even barber, the space has turned into a haven for #surfers of all kinds, from curious #kooks to pros surfers with new ambitions and shaping stars of the future.
Shaper House is celebrating its first birthday this week! If you are in the #BasqueCountry swing by on Friday for the big party 🎂 🍻! Otherwise check out the space daytime when ☕ beats 🍺 at the counter!
🎥✒: @_laurence_b 🎵: @Ryleywalkerchi 'The half wit in me'
#swellbound #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit

An ode to #wipingout. Just like walking is a perpetual act of falling forward and trusting the next step will catch us before it starts surrending, #surfing is experiencing the #flow between committing, letting go, trusting the #wave and channeling its power forward before it catches us up.

Wiping out in the #ocean or wiping out in life can be scary and make us feel disempowered. But the #wipeout is also a unique way to experience nature's opposite forces and realise the extraordinary miracle of daily life: life supporting itself through us, when we are often made to believe that only we are the architects of our own destiny. Yes it takes skill to make the best of it, but even the #surfkook or child will experience the power of nature in the white waters. When we grow up and develop the skills to ride 'with the force', misjudging its power, complacency or belief that somehow it was ours all along will always result in a wipeout.
I used to be scared of wiping out. I still struggle when it lasts longer than I first anticipated, or catches me unguarded at a moment when I thought I was 'doing everything right'. The ocean is the only one I take #humility lessons from: I know there's no agenda, no judgement and that all it does is reflect my own attitude back, straight and pure. A perfect #instantkarma, to learn and grow, and sometimes, #smile back. ✒📷: @_laurence_b #swellbound #reallifestoke #freesurfspirit

@dani.burt shreds. She became a US surfing champion by beating the men in her division. She qualified as a doctor so she could work for the hospital service that supported her. For Dani is an above-the-knee Adaptive #Surfing Champion.
Growing up, Dani embraced bodyboarding and skateboarding with the raw passion of kids who need to escape their environment:"Both sports gave me a break from all the negativity that was going on around me. I was able to only think about what was in front of me: the next trick I wanted to pull, the next wave on the horizon." A motorbike accident took her over the edge: Dani woke up from a 45 day coma with acute respiratory problems and gangrene in her right knee. Like many before her, Dani contemplated suicide. Instead she chose to give it her all, competing as an adaptive #skateboarder and #snowboarder. 4 years after her accident, Dani met above-the-knee surf hero @alcinopirataoficial who inspired her to try surfing for the first time.

Ranking US N°1 and World's 7th in the standing division, Dani is looking forward to the @isasurfing World #AdaptiveSurfing Championships, opening tomorrow in #LaJolla. For the first time, she'll have the opportunity to compete against other women: "I feel there are many reasons why it took this long. Lack of encouragement, the way we portray women in sports... When people say there is a lack of women interested in surfing that that is just not true. They are there but require equal encouragement, equal opportunities and the chance to see other elite females shredding". Not only Dani gives us that, but also the courage to face life-changing moments. "My crash forced me to slow down and take a very close look at myself. It gave me the strength to aim high, to allow myself to love and be loved by someone else." A beautiful wife, a 3rd place finish at @accessurf_hawaii, 2017 seems to be Dani's year. But with the #ISAworlds starting tomorrow, there could be more in store: watch Dani and over 100 athletes from 25 countries compete for a title: link in bio☝ or tiny.cc/adaptiveworld
✒: @_laurence_b 📷: @coachpatweber @nsilance @rose.jason @usasurfing @traciegara @natty_iiice  #swellbound #reallifestoke

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