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DAY 6 - Woke up to the tree covered in white. Archie thinks he’s so funny. He toilet papered the Christmas tree with his own elf toilet paper. ELF - 1, TREE - 0. #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

DAY 5 - AJ woke up to find Archie in his room. The elf felt bad for hiding the kids cookies so brought them his favourites. #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

DAY 4 - The kids are mad at Archie. They found him lying in an empty cookie sleeve this morning. He finally found some chocolate. 😉 Although his note said he ate them, we were able to find a stash of cookies later. Apparently he just hid them on the kids. 😆 #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

DAY 3 - Archie got into the games last night and found Scrabble. The kids were impressed with all his Christmas words. #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

DAY 2 - Archie was found in the fridge this morning. He left a note saying that he liked our tree and how he was hungry after his long trip. He found some stuff in the fridge but wonders if we have chocolate. #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

DAY 1 - Archie has returned. Can you spot the elf? 😆 The kids found him getting an aerial view of the tree. No note from Archie today but Santa replied to the letter AJ left for him the day before. #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

Busy Monday with getting some stuff done around the house yesterday including getting the tree up. Kids did a great job putting all the ornaments on.

Happy little bush on this crazy snowy day. ❄️❄️❄️❄️

Restocked @soakwash display. It’s so pretty. 😊 Great stocking stuffers or to add to a gift. #sweetyarnsshop #christmasgiftideas

A tisket, a tasket, we have @bigbluemoma baskets!!! So excited to get these in. 😁 They’re perfect fit knitters 🧶. Variety of sizes available. Stop in to see them all and pick yours. Would make a great Christmas gift. 😉

Spent the day stuck at home with my sick son. We watched two Minion movies and are on our third Spider-Man.

I decided to finally break out the knitting machine a customer leant me. Got it going. It was fun to play with.
I also made a pot of chilli, made one of our Christmas goodies with my daughter and a batch of biscuits.
Up next, a busy week at the store. 😬

After sock class last month, I had one finished sock. Rather than casting on one, I decided to cast on three. 😆 it’s going pretty good. Not planning to do this all the time. Just trying to keep the pairs equal. #sweetyarnsshop #knitallthethings #knittingadventures

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