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Sweet Yarns  Greater Sudbury's only yarn shop. Quality yarns because you’re worth it. #sweetyarnsshop @sweetyarnsstore

This is how I party 🎉 on a Friday night. 🧶 + 🍷And I’m already in my pajamas. 😆 Project is Veronika by Shannon Cook (@soveryshannon ). Yarn is @estelleyarns Alpaca Merino Worsted. So close to being done the knitting. 😊

Sometimes you just need to begin again.... I started this hat and I loved it so much that I need to have it for myself. It was just supposed to be a store sample but it will now be mine after the store is done with it. Totally worthwhile starting over. 😉

#sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample

New store sample!!! Over my holidays, I got four projects finished. This is one of them.
I have been wanting to knit these two colours together since they arrived at the store.
The pattern is Duotone Cowl. The yarn is @cascadeyarns ‘s 220 Superwash in Pink Ice and Dark Chocolate.
#sweetyarnsshop #sweetyarnssample #cascadeyarns #cascadeyarns220superwash #estelleyarns

Before and after ➡️ Can you tell the difference? 🤦🏼‍♀️ It looks pretty much the same but I did get through most of this today.
Over my holidays I finished up 4 projects. 🎉

In going through the projects, I frogged two projects. 🐸

And the sorted projects.... I’ve got 9 store projects on the go. For my own projects, I’ve got 3 big ones and 11 small ones that are on the needles.
I’ve got a few more planned projects but since they aren’t on the needles I’m not counting them for now.
So plans for the new year... I’d like to get through some of the projects that are close to done first. Then I’m going to assign projects to certain days of the week so I make progress on them. And I’m going to do my best not to start any new ones. 😉 #newyeargoalsforcrafting

New Year’s Day cast on. Started a KAL with @kmbest2014 to do The Girl From The Grocery Store shawl. Day 1 yesterday and she’s already beating me. 😆 #newyearsdaycaston2019

Boxing Day was relaxing day. French toast breakfast and lasagna dinner. Hobbies all afternoon. One happy family enjoying holidays. #2018christmasfun

Merry Christmas from our house. It was a fabulous day. (Part 2) #2018christmasfun

Merry Christmas from our house!! It was a fabulous day. (Part 1) #2018christmasfun

DAY 21 - Archie got the tree one last time. With the tinsel taken off, he decided to add more red by hanging candy canes on the tree. ELF - 3, TREE - 0. 1 more sleep. #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

DAY 20 - Frosty met up with Archie last night. He left the kids some gifts and Archie was tasked with making sure they got them. Thanks Frosty for the Christmas pajamas. 2 more sleeps. #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

DAY 19 - J-Archie is back for one more play date. The kids found him sitting with the board games. I think he wants to play them all. 3 more sleeps. #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

DAY 18 - The kids found Archie hiding in the cereal cupboard with a note. He left them a gingerbread house under the tree. 4 more sleeps. #adventureswitharchietheelf #2018christmasfun

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