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Thank you @aloeblacc for an AH-mazing show. I so needed to dance, and smile, laugh and cry. You brought it all. Peace, Love & Soul 🖤.

"There comes a time in every life when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart"
Catching the last of the sunsets from here. Lessons on letting go... Such a sanctuary 💕. A place of grounding in a journey of groundlessness. So, so blessed to have enjoyed this view for the last 13 years.

Early Morning Playground!
Trying new things 😊
Moving my body differently so I can keep exploring. What a cool way to create space so you can expand and reach new places.
How you show up to something is how you show up to everything!

I cried a lot yesterday. My tears didn't interrupt my day, I just let them fall. I took some quiet moments and sat with myself. There are some decisions in life that are gut wrenching to make. And I have found if I just sit in the middle and fully take in this human experience, if I sink into my true essence and let all the bullshit fall away, if I lean on those solids around me, and on God - I can truly move forward with ease and grace. We are here to be ALIVE. Full spectrum. What an honor. Tears are pretty damn cool. ❤️


Happy 13th Birthday sweet Tehya!

When I was 12 years old I made a friend. We were soul sisters instantly and I wouldn't know life the same way without her. @mel_juniper thank you for all that you are and for seeing all that I am. So glad we get to navigate this journey together. 🙏🏼👭

“Yoga allows you to rediscover a sense of wholeness in your life.” BKS Iyengar - today is a good day to meet myself on my mat! Looking forward to practice!

PC: @ethanwattsphoto
Studio Credit: @jessamunion
Art: @jakemillertattooing @cathedraltattoo

This weekend was amazing and I am exhausted! I set an intention to maximize this summer and appreciate all it has to offer. So far - so good. Now if someone would clean my house and grocery shop for me I'll be set 😜.

Thank you @deervalleyresort for your fantastic trail system! BeUTAHful 💙

Just a girl and her dogs ❤️...

Wide open spaces... where my head gets quiet so my heart can dance 💙

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