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As we evolve spiritually
we become
less anxious,
more peaceful,
less hungry,
(not talking about food)
more kind,
less selfish,
more communal,
less talkative,
better listeners,
less intense,
more joyful....
No matter where you are and who is around you.
8,30pm today is @earthhourofficial.
Join me to switch the lights off for the πŸ’™ of our Planet Earth.

Endless waves the past few weeks on the Goldie! Was exciting to hear the ocean from my balcony (I live 5 blocks away) and know it was big without seeing it till getting to the beach.
Now is clearing out and I can't wait to enjoy some clarity in our beach breaks!

Happy weekend everyone! Sunday we are celebrating #WWIM15 with @igersgoldcoast at Greemount for sunset if anyone is keen; join us!

Shooting with Ali @currumbinali under the rain, with grey thick stormy skies, moving seas and some ⚑️⚑️ far in the horizon haha sounded a bit Insane until we went out and the ocean looked turquoise and some fragile rays of light were painting the sky softly.... we laughed so much when it bucked with rain and were very fast fascinated with the rain drops.
@litragear keeps blowing my mind with how much colours it allows me to capture making everything look epic.
This was shot using my #hero5black shooting at 30/6" ISO min 200 max 200.
#gopro #goproanz #litranight

I really love people that approaches others or does things because they love doing them or are genuinely interested in their friendship, not because they will get something out of it.
Here my friend @ryanfowlerphotography enjoying a nice, warm sunrise. #locallove #wearegoldcoast
#hero5black #gopro #goproanz

Stormy, rainy, warm swims + an explosion of colours using my @goproanz #hero5 and @litragear.
What a combo of unlimited possibilities! πŸ™πŸ»
#goproanz #gopro #litranight

"There are 10.000 ways to belong to life and fight for your own time".
Dr. Nise da Silveira ~ it's been a long time since a movie has impacted me as much as #NICE , a Brazilian movie based on a true story back in 1940's about a Dr. (woman) who believed in treating mentally ill humans with the power of art and the love of animals... a remarkable story in her time and for our times. If you have #netflix , it is worth it ~

We are blessed and very lucky πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ»

It's been such a long time since I've stayed at The Alley till late and it was worth it because a pink strong light behind the grey clouds popped for a few minutes and I was enjoying it with my friend Ali @currumbinali. We also saw @keykodesign on the rocks and gave her a big hug while the crazy N winds were heavily messing up our hairs and we all looked so pretty haha ~ was a great night to discuss creations and an easy going approach to life.... because really, it shouldn't be any other way ~ ❀️

A speedy dude behind #thecove
It's just getting better πŸ†

The more I hear you,
the more I love you.

Moody days on the Goldie are so beautiful in the water and for some reason make crave about diving!

My best dives have been on moody cloudy days when the surface looked average and deep down was clear, peaceful and full of marine life.

#goproanz @goproanz #gopro @gopro

Morning yellow barrels and the #QuiksilverPro2017 will be on hopefully this week! πŸ€™πŸΌ

What an epic few days of waves we've had on the Goldie! Hope to see more for the QuikPro starting tomorrow; can't wait to see the girls ripping and @mfanno back in the full @wsl circuit! 🌊🌊🌊

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