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I'm sitting here waiting on my tiny dancer to get out of Elite class, so I thought I'd share this pic I snapped this morning of our bedroom for some sweet friends who thought of me for some tags today. I've been trying to simplify this space. Our bedroom is pretty small, so I'm sticking with mostly white and minimal decor.
I'm still so in love with my "Home is where you belong" sign from @timberandgray and my Shiplap pillow from @coverlove.pillows I love how both pieces have cozied up this spot! Thanks for the tag sweet friends @everythingsolovely @livandgracerestored_ @gatherandflourish I've tagged some more friends to share too. Hope y'all are having a good Monday!
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Happy Friday!! I hope y'all are having a great start to your weekend! My hubby and I are coming up on our 10 year wedding anniversary soon! We are so excited to celebrate our marriage and life together! He doesn't wear much jewelry besides his wedding band and a smaller band with our babies names on it (so sweet, right?) but he's always loved watches! I gave him this gorgeous Jord watch today and he absolutely loves it! It's his favorite watch - Ever!!! It's so unique! You can enter to win a $100 voucher by clicking on the link in my bio and filling out the entry form! Everyone will receive a $25 voucher just for entering! Have a great day!
#woodwatches #jordwatch #springstyle #springfashion #styleguide #watch

Happy Friday! I have plans to hopefully do a little mini makeover to our bathroom soon and Jessica's @orchardslope bathroom is giving me so much inspiration! Pretty mirrors, pretty tub, little farmhouse touches. It's just perfect! Jessica has so many beautiful photos of inspiration! She's my #followfriday today! I hope y'all will go check out her gorgeous feed! #farmhouse #bathroomdecor #farmhousechic #interiordesign #decorinspo

Sunshine makes me #farmhousehappy Hope y'all had a great day! Sharing a old pic on my phone and wishing the house was actually in this shape today. We are still painting floors and it's a big mess. I'm talking kitchen table and chairs in our tiny living room kinda mess 😳 I'll be so glad when everything is back to normal and clean! This huge ammo box turned coffee table is still one of my favorite #junkinfinds I love that it holds so many blankets throws and pillows and that it's 60 years old and being repurposed and making memories in our home. There's crayons, food, kinectic sand, matchbox cars, baby dolls and you name it on there every single day and I love it
Hope y'all have a great weekend! Tomorrow is Friday!
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How sweet is Belle's little apron from the @joannagaines collection with @matildajaneclothing Its so precious! I think I need the matching mama one now, so we can be twins when we bake together. As soon as she opened it she said "Ooh! I love it! Can we make cookies now?! Please!!!" Haha! She even sealed it with her signature wink 😉 How could I say no? lol Hope you guys are having a good Tuesday!
#shiplap #matildajane #joannagaines #magnoliastyle #fixerupperstyle #magnoliamarket #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #farmhousechic #farmhousesimplicity #southernliving #matildajaneclothing #matildajanejoannagaines

Hey y'all! Our house is completely torn apart right now as we finish chalk painting/ stenciling our floors. I'm not sure if I mentioned before about my plans to paint them, but it's been something I've thought about for at least a year. So after seeing so many of my talented Insta friends paint theirs, it gave me the the courage to go for it. The bad part is, I completely underestimated how long it would take to finish it, how much our backs would hurt, how many times my babes would step in it and how messy the house would have to be until it's finished. But.. the good news is the difference in the kitchen floor is pretty amazing already! I love it!! And I can't believe it's our gross old linoleum floor! So hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. We still have the dining nook and the bathroom left. I can't wait to show you guys when it's all finished and put the details up on the blog. Hope y'all have a great Monday!
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I haven't been around much lately, but I teared up today when I finally had a chance to read all of your sweet comments you left for me about my sweet Mamaw passing away. I wish I could give every single one of y'all a big hug and let you know how much your words meant to me and how much I appreciate you all for taking the time to let me know you were thinking of me and praying for my family. Y'all are living proof that there is still incredibly good hearted people in this world. I know I've shared this space before but I just snapped this pic real quick, so I could tell y'all how much I appreciate you. I have really neglected this account and the blog lately, but I know you guys always understand that family always comes first. Thanks for always being so understanding and supportive.
#simplicity #whitedecor #whitewashwednesday #woodandwhitewednesday #magnolia #shiplap #southernliving #countrylivingmag #southernlivingmag #fixerupperstyle #betterhomesandgardens #mybhg #springdecor #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #farmhousesimplicity #farmhousechic

Yesterday my sweet mamaw went to be with the Lord. She taught us all what it meant to love unconditionally. She rocked us and fed us and sang to us and let us do absolutely anything in the world we wanted growing up. She spoiled us and loved us like crazy. She loved Kentucky basketball and got mad as a wet hen when they would lose a game. If the cats were down by more than a few points she'd turn it off because "they wasn't gonna lose on her tv" and then she'd take turns calling all of us to see if they made a come back and got ahead again to win haha. She loved Vince Gill and she loved good country food. She's the reason I love cornbread, white farmhouses and little hollers. And boy you talk about a holler. She had one. And it was beautiful. Her laugh was one of my favorite sounds in the whole world. Life will never be the same without her here but I know I'll see her and get to hug her and kiss her sweet face again one day. Thanks for letting me share my mamaw and my heart with ya'll

Happy Sunday y'all! We've had a rough week with the not feeling very well. My sweet boy and I had the stomach bug and while he was fine after a couple days, I am a huge wimp. It left me feeling too weak to function for a solid week. We are both finally on the mend, thank The Lord! But I've been really behind on everything. So, If you've thought of me for a tag or had questions or left comments, I appreciate you all so much and I will try to catch up really soon! By the way - thank you so much for all your support on the blog release! Your comments made my day and I feel so blessed to have had so many of y'all check it out!
It was a beautiful, sunny Kentucky day today! So I thought I'd share with you guys, our little dining nook for my sweet friend Dania @the.sycamore.farmhouse who asked me to share for #calmsimplesundays (I know it's late but I tagged a few friends to share if they haven't yet!)
We are snuggling, eating popcorn and watching the ACM's / rooting for our fav, Chris Stapleton! Hope you guys have a great night too! #sunshinesundays #sundaysimplicity #jojostyle #joannagainesismyspiritanimal #magnolia #farmhousesimplicity #farmhousedecor #farmhousestyle #farmhouse #whiteandwood #whitedecor #cottagestyle #shiplap #simplicity #southernlivingmag #betterhomesandgardens #countrylivingmag

Hey sweet friends! I am so excited to share with y'all the news that
Sweet Kentucky Holler - Farmhouse Blog is now launched! I have a lot of work to do still and it's not perfect.. but neither am I. Hopefully y'all will enjoy it anyway. In my first post I blogged about the flower market display. So if y'all liked that post on here, I hope you'll go check it out for the details! (The link is in my bio) Thanks for always being so supportive and kind you guys! I wouldn't have ventured out to do something like this if it wasn't for all of you being so encouraging and sweet, so - Thank You!

I am so in love with my new sign from @timberandgray you guys! It is so beautiful! I'm sure I'll move it all around the house, because I absolutely love it everywhere I put it! But for now it's made a home in our bedroom and my heart melts a little bit every time I walk past it. The words are so sweet and so true! If you are looking for a new sign go check out @timberandgray you will love everything she designs! She's so talented!
We are in the heart of the big blue nation so today means game day, cheering for the cats and snuggling on the couch. Hope y'all are having a sweet Sunday, friends! I've tagged some of y'all to share!
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Hey y'all! I haven't had a chance this week to be on here much. It was a normal busy week with everyday life - homeschool, dance classes, play time, projects, working on getting the blog ready and on top of it all I ended up sick, with strep throat, so I'm finally just now getting a minute to say hi and let yuns know I'm alive and I also didn't want to let Friday pass us by without sharing my sweet friend Jessica @andersonfarmstead_6 for #followfriday Her gorgeous feed has always been one of my absolute favorites! She has amazing style (we are talking tons of real shiplap, gorgeous old doors, chippy everything, subway tile and the list goes on!) she also has a beautiful family and a beautiful heart for the Lord. If you don't know Jessica yet, go click follow, say hi and get lost in her gorgeous feed! Goodnight sweet friends!
#farmhouse #shiplap #whitedecor #simplicity #rusticdecor #homedecor #farmhousedecor #farmhousestyle #chippy #vintagedecor #modernfarmhouse

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