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Kamehalani  💙 🇺🇸"My worst quality is I get very passionate about what I think is right" -Hillary Clinton 💜Qori💜 politics🇺🇸#needmentalhealthcareReform


Helppppp https://www.gofundme.com/454afy8?pc=wa_co_shareflow_a&rcid=0ab524a459da46d0821e168606350334 #gofundme #help #please #literallyscrewed

🎶 They say the world's built for two 🎶
I'm gonna miss you #selfie #bye #havefuningermany🇩🇪 @elderlythedwarf #bff #sad

#selfie I have nothing to caption this with.

"You're timeless to me" #selfie #hairspraythemusical

On this day in 1776 a country I will always be proud to say I am from and I belong to declared it's independence. I love this country. The many reasons I love this country start with the steadfastness and beautiful initiative our fore fathers had. I love the dream and feeling that people have when trying to immigrate here for a better life. I love the people who make up this country. The diversity that each state represents yet the unity we all have by being from the same soil. I love the mountains and the sea and I love the flag that Francis Scott key saw and wrote a truly inspiring poem about. I love this country despite all the disappointment I have and had in this year I still believe in this beautiful country and I will always love and fight for it and believe that we will all fight for what's good in the end. #happyindependence Remember why we are celebrating today, and know why you are drinking beer and watching fireworks that emulate rockets and cannons of people who truly fought for your freedom. #betsyross

If you want. #snapchat

Appreciation post for my bestie and partner in crime and my blue heart 💙 @elderlythedwarf #video #river #shhh

Charlieeeee 🙈☺️ #selfie #ashland #dogthatinamed

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