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Kamehalani  "There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still" -FDR 💙 🇺🇸 💜Qori 💜


Be iconic

Live in color 💜💕❤️ 🌈✌🏽#selfie #freedom

Catch me at your local grocery store being underdressed and over made up. #selfie

🎶 pull her hair and hold the door for her🎶 #selfie

I'm baccccccck

Came out of hiding to share some knowledge. Things only get worse if you ignore it. If you choose to ignore all the political failings of our president out of respect you are only letting the behavior seem accepted. If you ignore the back out of the Paris treaty you are saying the environment isn't worthy of our protection. You're agreeing that climate change is a hoax and you are warranting his behavior, I'm tired of everyone ignoring everything. Healthcare, women's rights LGBT rights and immigrants everyone has stood by idly are you all going to ignore the world we reside in too? #foodforthought #paristreaty #climatechange #imtired

Currently in the process of moving forward. I'm taking a hiatus from everything the real people in my life can contact me via text message. Thanks for all your continued support and massive love for me on all platforms. 2016-2017 has really kicked my butt and I have to learn to deal with it. Feel free to ask for my number but respect me if I decline to give it to you. Much love. 💙


"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me" #selfie

Un incendio forestal que ocurrió hace un tiempo todavía tiene cenizas y restos el año después de que ocurrió como ocurre con mis cicatrices #selfie

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