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jenny rodriguez - cookies!  🍪Cookies, Cakes and Candy ... {not accepting orders till Jan} [email protected] 🏠Vancouver, WA


Where is Jenny and the cookies?
We're here. We're good.
We're settling in our new home.

A year ago I was very unsatisfied to "just" be a mom. I needed outlets and lots of them. But when my husband lost his job and I had to work full time outside the house, I realized what precious gifts I had taken for granted. And now life is calm and I'm home with my babies again, but my perspective has changed.

Yes, the bakery is coming back in the next couple of months. But we are carving out a slower, more intention based family life.
There will still be icing, but less of life devoted to it. See you soon✨✨✨

Time to party!
And by party, I mean watch the ball drop in NY at 9pm, hit the hay and wake up to bowls of Chex Mix! Yummmm!

Happy New Year!
2016 has yanked my chain a few too many times. Better watch out 2017, my dukes are up and I'm whipping some icing ✨✨✨

2016 - you are just crushing this 80's kiddo's heart.✨💕✨

That time the moving company lost 1 of your 2 trailers cause one of the drivers was grumpy and confused so he tossed some of the paperwork. 😳😳😳 It has since been found, but my sanity maybe teetering. Counting the days till I can sleep in my own bed and decorate cookies all day!✨✨✨✨

I adore these festive cookies from @justbee.customcookies 💕🌲💕 We are missing our favorite annual Santa photos this year, though I think my toddler is happy to skip it! 🎥 🎅 🌲

How many of you have a Yule log on your holiday baking list?

Hip hip hooray!
In one week, Santa moves us into our new home!!!!
I can't wait to have my kitchen, my sewing machine and a backyard again - hotel life is not for this chicky✨💕✨
Watch out 2017!

Are you wearing your Christmas kitsch today? Because it's National Ugly Sweater Day! 🌲❄🌲

A fanciful gingerbread troupe inspired by White Christmas.❄️❄️❄️ What's your holiday favorite film? Mine is probably a tie between A Christmas Story and Elf!

Sundays are for snow, sugar and sweet memories✨✨✨

We maybe counting the days till Rogue One..

Don't get your lights or knickers in a twist, but it's only Tuesday.