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December is the sacred month of skiing with a camera that fits in the pocket. In just over a week we'll be back under the yokes of RED cameras & tripods, skiing with another purpose in mind. So now we must cultivate the stoke, the passion, the hunger that will power our cameras long after the batteries die. After the first pitch of billowing light fluff yesterday, tapping pillows and feathering face shots, Mitchell Scott reminded us that these are the turns where we become the skiers we were born to be. 6500 vert later, we were, indeed, reborn, frothing, hungry, powder beasts clawing our way home in the deep winter dark. 🎥: @jasmincaton with moral support from @mitchellgscott @captaindyckie @annie_strucel Kendra Starr and the entire Caton clan at @valhallamountaintouring

Creeping towards the solstice at @valhallamountaintouring with @jasmincaton & @captaindyckie.

7am this morn, -25 C at ridge top above @valhallamountaintouring. With over 60cms of new snow in the last 48 hours, the skiing is deep, dry, and arctic in the BC interior right now.

As 20 year olds crawling up to the parking lot at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre, we were outmatched, outgunned, in deep, way over our heads. It was the initial film trip for our debut film Hand Cut, and we optimistically chose @greg_hill_ski @chadleysayers @joeyvosburgh @soglephoto and @ryancreary as our gate keepers to this new and mystical world of 2000m days. Luckily Greg could see within our first few skin track strides, with a one-step-forward-four-steps-backward-slip-and-slide-approach, that 200m days were more what our legs and minds could bear at the time. Some 10 years later, the pass continues to inspire, to teach, to humble, to set a course for our mountain aspirations. Thanks to all the folks who've patiently showed us the way. 💰📷: @captaindyckie // 7 Steps of Paradise.Youngs Peak

@snackyz and @ljstrenio scout the takeoff and talk aerodynamics on last weeks jungle ski shoot 3.0 for Paramount Pictures. While this concept was born in the talented mind of Sweetgrass Director @mikaljamesbrown , and matured in our 2013 release Valhalla, it wasn't until Vin Diesel called with a XXX threat that shit got real. Battling hurricane rain and knee deep mud, our crew of 20 wrangled an impossible shoot in impossible conditions, skiing, jumping, and crashing through dirt and fern. It's a pretty cool honor to see our ski work capture the attention of Hollywood Directors, and it will surely be a trip to see it projected in theaters worldwide beginning next January. Check out XXX: Return of Xander Cage this winter to see @codytownsend @crazy_karl @thaynerich and LJ do the Vin.

Happy cinco de mayo from Norway, where Coronas require a mortgage and the liquor store is open every third Thursday, if you can find it. For you, fine folks, we drink up this view and toast to you. 📷: @evans_leah @patagonia_snow

Life in a small red farm house by the ocean, waking every morning to the sounds of seagulls, then climbing up through glaciers to ski through the 10pm sun. Midnight dinner, and by the time you've sauna'd and climbed into bed the sun's already come back up again. @jasmincaton and @evans_leah here in the lower right corner looking real small in the big Norwegian country. @patagonia_snow

On the fairy meadow rope last week with @ryanwhoskis and Kyle Metzger, right before the floor dropped out and the bergschrund bridge collapsed. #holymoly @patagonia @clifbarcompany

Back on the grid after 2 weeks skiing amongst the giants at fairy meadow hut. 40 of our best friends, business partners, sponsors, photographers, writers, creatives, Colorado College alumni, and then some unplugging from the internet, the phone, and the computer to reconnect on the skin track and across the dinner table. Quite possibly the best crew ever assembled under that roof. See you in 2017. Next stop Norway...@patagonia_snow @clifbarcompany 📷: @bcolective

Morning at the Jumbo Pass Hut from the lens of @brucekirkby . Over the last 2 weeks Jumbo Wild has broken into the top 10 for most viewed films on ALL of Netflix. It's a powerful megaphone for the issue and the fight to #keepjumbowild . Keep spreading the word, sign the petition, and thanks to all who have been a part so far. @patagonia @laura.yale @jordanmanleyphoto @nicolasteichrob

Jumbo Wild, now available on Netflix! Watch the film and join the 22,000 other people who have signed the petition to keep Jumbo Wild forever. https://secure.wildsight.ca/jumbo #keepjumbowild

@codyjrgrant and @jasmincaton enjoying the early spring BC sun yesterday. Not another soul in sight. @patagonia_snow @dynafit @clifbarcompany