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That peak moment of madness where your brain is a tofu scramble of spreadsheets, salutations, and several thousands of emails. Where music licenses, artist contracts, calendars, dates, times, meetings, lenses, cameras, computers, cloud over the normal human functions of breathing, eating, sleeping. "Hello's" become awkward, eye contact fleeting, and the single-minded focus of the production is the only only. It is it. The only only. All that seems to matter, success at all costs of self, health, sanity. Tomorrow we check in for our fourth installment at the Shambhala Music Festival, with a 25 person crew wrangling 50 terrabytes of 1's and 0's, collaborating through heat, smoke, lazers, ravers, and bass that rearranges chakras and any dental work not JB welded to the jawbone. Over four days, 3 on site editors will survive in an air conditioned box truck fueled by coconut water and Guayaki. They will wrestle with our blurry, out-of-focus shots, delivering four daily edits with 24-hour turnarounds. The other 23 humans, several drones, cable cams, mics, and 15-odd cameras will orbit around 4 DJ sets, capturing full start-to-finish performances with timestamped cameras. Entering...the Salmo sleep deprivation chamber, or have we already...? 📷: @louisbocknerphoto @snackyz @mikaljamesbrown

Mt Rainier is a giant. After an 11pm alarm clock, we pushed up through the Fuhrer Finger on a single push for the summit. Somewhere in the moonless dark we came across a couple of headlamps that revealed themselves to be friends from back home, and joined forces as a 5 folk wolf pack, clawing up through the dark towards the 9400ft of corn ski glory. Make sure to dive into the #ElectricAdventures of @chrisrubens @greg_hill_ski and @myshellparker as they volcano tour around the PNW by electric car, making a film about where you can go without fossil fuels. #midweekvegetarian #electricvolcano // @jasmincaton

A huge congratulations to all the collaborators and creatives who were part of our first Emmy Award for Outstanding Camerawork. We're still in shock. @snackyz @mikaljamesbrown @sturgegram @nickwolcott @the_poacher @jasonmannings @basil_wrathbone and so many more.

45 years of storms, snow, early mornings, and keeping the lifts spinning are all distilled into the eyes of Onno Wieringa - GM of Alta Ski Area, who will be retiring this year. We had the honor of capturing him in action 45 years of storms, snow, early mornings, and keeping the lifts spinning all distilled into the eyes of Onno Wieringa - GM of Alta Ski Area, who will be retiring this year. We had the honor of capturing him in action, firing the 105mm howitzer during one of the deepest snowfalls of the season, and keeping Avalanches in check along highway 210. Check the edit in this link and our thanks to Onno for contributing so much to make Alta the iconic place it is, and to the entire patrol and gun crew for working with us on this short in the pre-dawn hours. While the season is coming to an end soon, and Onno will be moving on to new pastures, we are already looking forward to many more years of deep snow and continued tradition in the heart of the wasatch.

@thaynerich entering the space time continuum on the set of XXX: The Return of Xander Cage last October. 📷: @talroberts

December is the sacred month of skiing with a camera that fits in the pocket. In just over a week we'll be back under the yokes of RED cameras & tripods, skiing with another purpose in mind. So now we must cultivate the stoke, the passion, the hunger that will power our cameras long after the batteries die. After the first pitch of billowing light fluff yesterday, tapping pillows and feathering face shots, Mitchell Scott reminded us that these are the turns where we become the skiers we were born to be. 6500 vert later, we were, indeed, reborn, frothing, hungry, powder beasts clawing our way home in the deep winter dark. 🎥: @jasmincaton with moral support from @mitchellgscott @captaindyckie @annie_strucel Kendra Starr and the entire Caton clan at @valhallamountaintouring

Creeping towards the solstice at @valhallamountaintouring with @jasmincaton & @captaindyckie.

7am this morn, -25 C at ridge top above @valhallamountaintouring. With over 60cms of new snow in the last 48 hours, the skiing is deep, dry, and arctic in the BC interior right now.

As 20 year olds crawling up to the parking lot at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre, we were outmatched, outgunned, in deep, way over our heads. It was the initial film trip for our debut film Hand Cut, and we optimistically chose @greg_hill_ski @chadleysayers @joeyvosburgh @soglephoto and @ryancreary as our gate keepers to this new and mystical world of 2000m days. Luckily Greg could see within our first few skin track strides, with a one-step-forward-four-steps-backward-slip-and-slide-approach, that 200m days were more what our legs and minds could bear at the time. Some 10 years later, the pass continues to inspire, to teach, to humble, to set a course for our mountain aspirations. Thanks to all the folks who've patiently showed us the way. 💰📷: @captaindyckie // 7 Steps of Paradise.Youngs Peak

@snackyz and @ljstrenio scout the takeoff and talk aerodynamics on last weeks jungle ski shoot 3.0 for Paramount Pictures. While this concept was born in the talented mind of Sweetgrass Director @mikaljamesbrown , and matured in our 2013 release Valhalla, it wasn't until Vin Diesel called with a XXX threat that shit got real. Battling hurricane rain and knee deep mud, our crew of 20 wrangled an impossible shoot in impossible conditions, skiing, jumping, and crashing through dirt and fern. It's a pretty cool honor to see our ski work capture the attention of Hollywood Directors, and it will surely be a trip to see it projected in theaters worldwide beginning next January. Check out XXX: Return of Xander Cage this winter to see @codytownsend @crazy_karl @thaynerich and LJ do the Vin.

Happy cinco de mayo from Norway, where Coronas require a mortgage and the liquor store is open every third Thursday, if you can find it. For you, fine folks, we drink up this view and toast to you. 📷: @evans_leah @patagonia_snow

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