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Bad picture, good food. Fettuccini bolognaise. Lovely on a cold, rainy evening. #dinner #fettuccini #pasta #pastalove

The remnants of Cyclone Debbie pour down outside, but inside, the smell of fresh banana bread baking and Nirvana's Endless, Nameless (current song out of my 4-hour-long Nirvana playlist) scream out of the speakers, and all feels really good right now. #rain #rainyday #rainismyfavorite #iloverain #ilovetherain #nikon #telephoto

My cake fail will probably be coming to #bakeandbring today!!! Be warned, it's like a death-by-chocolate cake. Small slices only!! 😁 #cake #lindtchocolate #chocolate #chocolatecake #cakefail #cakenonfail #somuchchocolate

I cut off the edges of my sunken cake and frosted it anyway! This thing is full of sugar, full of butter, full of creme fraiche and full of Lindt chocolate. It's not like I was going to throw away my cake fail or anything! 😁 #cakefail #cakenonfail #weighsaton #chocolate #cake #lindtchocolate

School pickup. Checking out a nearby frangipani. #flower #frangipani

Cake fail! You can't really tell in this photo, but this cake is sunken about 3cm at its lowest point! First cake fail in ages! Kinda happy, because what would I do with a gigantic texas sheet cake anyway!? 😁 #chocolate #cakefail #cake #texassheetcake #sheetcake

Hi Chester! You don't come out from behind my toilet much anymore to have a chat with me. I miss you, but I know you've been very busy in your webby house, hosting lots of dinner parties for your spider-friends with all those little flies and scary moths you catch each night (geez, your freezer must be very well stocked!). It was so awesome to catch up with you this evening, Chester! ... Ahem... Anyway... Chester is on record for being the only of my pet spiders to have stuck around for so long. Just when I think he's left my toilet for forever, he emerges from his webby house to say hello. He's a lovely little spider. ... For those of you not familiar, my rules in this house are simple - 1) Always have fun and 2) Never kill spiders. And yes, I do always name my spiders. πŸ•·πŸ‘ #spider #toiletspider #spiderfriends

Earlier today. Claiming our bench, even in the rain. Hehe. #dontcareifitsraining #ourbench

My first Nirvana shirt since I was like 16. 😍 By the way, I had a dream last night that I was at a Nirvana concert. ☺️ #nirvana #nirvanaismyfavoriteband #pink #pinkhairdontcare

Got the boy a super cute octopus today. He wanted to take it to school pickup. He made ME carry it. Hey everyone, look at my beautiful new octopus baby!!?? πŸ˜‚ #octopustoy #pinkhairdontcare #pink #pinkbuns #overtone #carryityourself

Storms have destroyed multiple electronic things in our house over the last two days. You gotta realise they're just "things& #34; . Just "things& #34; . Wasted money to repair, I know, it sucks. Slip on the headphones, crank up the volume, and it all disappears. For a little while. It's all Nirvana, of course... currently one of my favorites, Blew. Right now, I need to get lost in this music and Kurt's voice, to restore the happy; tomorrow I'll do more stoopid adulting.

Lesson of the day: Storms are awesome, guys, but always unplug every freaking thing! πŸ‘

Crazy sky. Looking south - blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Swipe left and look north - dark storm clouds. And where I'm standing, it's raining. Go home, weather; you're drunk. #sky #clouds #blue #stormclouds

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