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#mce = man crush every single stinkin day. Today, among other reasons, because I love watching @andrew_duff love Jesus and serve the church through his gifts.
So glad we've found a church to call home @hparlington

• / The Re-Defining Of What Matters \ •
Don’t date the man who calls your mess beautiful. Date the man who will walk into the middle of your mess and still call you beautiful until you believe it too.
maroon and grey, 74

• / The Homesickness \ •
Creativity is alive if you are - ready to breathe along with you - ready to be a part of that something even if it's just an attempt to let your heart stay a little longer.
"But isn't it always changing?"
Sure, but so are you. It'll be here when you come back home and need to be warm again.
"It just might look a little different."
letters to myself, 51

Today doesn't look like yesterday for a reason.
(The same goes for you.)
lessons I keep learning, 12

• / The Padded Room \ •
There are no places designed to keep you from hurting your own heart.
The only person who can't hear you is you and we are waiting, waiting for you to slow down enough to listen.
"I don't hear anything"
Listen harder.
"There's nothing there."
Try again.
"It's silence."
What's missing is more important than what's there and I'm here to help you remember.
"Remember what?"
To feel.
letters to myself, 50
|| From the day it rained, and I nested in the back of my car to listen ||

Sometimes (most of the time) the biggest gift you can give someone is a smile - the heart kind - the kind that wiggles its way out from your nose to your toes and rekindles the hope within you that says "Stay."
"You belong."
"Right here."
lessons I keep learning, 11
|| Life tip: find a best friend who will do their darndest to make you smile every single day of your life and then hold on tight and love them right back.
Here's to the start of year three loving you. ❤️I am so very very thankful. ||

• / The Worth More Than Fear \ •
I once wondered if we were anything more than a someday
more than a dream
more than a hope
more than an attempt to fill the gaps in our own hearts because we happened to be puzzle pieces that fit together and all I can say, today, is that I love the us we have grown to be and I do not miss our fear.
maroon and grey, 72

It's not every day that I'm grateful for running but I am when the sky looks like this 😳😍

• / The Weirdness Of Growing \ •
its an odd feeling,
envying your former self her pain
because at least she had something
to write about
and you've come to believe
it's the only way
you can write anything worthwhile
(Untrue. You still have you.)
(So write and write and write and write again until everything makes sense [or nothing does] and then start once more.)
letters to myself, 49

Vacation is over and the real world is back with a vengeance but I get to do the everyday with this man, so no complaints here. 😌

Hello, gorgeous.

I've always hated the metaphor about being drawn like moth to a flame because flame will burn your wings like Icarus and leave you grounded when love is the thing that keeps your wings beating so I promise, I promise, the right person is not the fire. They're the wind.
lessons I keep learning, 10

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