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Brb happy dancing all day long because long distance is almost over and I get to see my sweet man TOMORROW!!! 😍❤️🎊🎉😌🙃
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• / The White Building \ •
I'm conflicted - missing a time that hurt us both just because it brought us together in a way joy hasn't quite.
Life is weird.
The Soul Made Of Fire, 107

If I could write you a symphony I'd tell you that you are starlight.

• / The Disentangled Labyrinth \ •
You approach me as a map-less wind, with a trembling key
when I am a shore to rest upon, a place to finally be.
The Soul Made Of Fire, 106

• / The Beekeeper's Dilemma \ •
It's amazing
how often
we waste time
to look like
we're not.
To Be A Song, 218
|| @downtownmemphis was on point last night at the Artery Alley party #choose901 #downtownmemphis ||

Sometimes the kindest thing you can do on this given Saturday is give a crossword-attempting gentleman your spare pen and promise you certainly don't need it back.
lessons I keep learning, 7

The difference between who you are and who you want to be is Today.
Live it well.
lessons I keep learning, 8

• / The Tearful Goodbye Still Holds A Smile \ •
Oh, how grateful I am to love this much.
Oh, how thankful I am to be so loved.
maroon and grey, 70

• / The Worry On Your Face \ •
At least half of what you refuse to fear isn’t worth your time at all and the bragging about your strength is just making you a target for something worse.
The Soul Made Of Fire; 105

• / The Way To Combat Short Term Memory Loss (And Everything Else) \ •
If I could be a landmark
on your way through each day
I would be a series of
road signs
You Are Loved
You Are Loved
You Are Loved
You Are Loved
Don't You Dare Forget
You Are Loved
maroon and grey, 69

• / The Moment Worth More Than Words \ •
A patter spill storm orchestra
I don't care how long it takes you to find the right word, this rain is better enjoyed in silence.
maroon and grey, 68
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How to make friends at work, step 1:
Bring @gibsonsdonuts. The end.

Hard to believe I've been at this job for a full month already! I feel like I'm finally adjusted enough to have some extra bandwidth for art and words on the side. Watch out, world :) there's so much to come.

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