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Well, folks. I made it to Tennessee.
Started my new job, met new people, got settled in (somewhat) and finally got out for a run this evening, only to be met with views like this. (😳😍)
I think I could get used to this place. 💛

• / The Expanded Dictionary \ •
Yes can be yes.
Yes can be flat, monotonous, and start to lose meaning beyond “yeah sure.”
Yes can be alive.
Yes can be absolutely, how about it, right away, with enthusiasm, desire, purpose, and hope.
Yes can be okay. Timid and shy with just a hint of a lie, less willing to commit or too scared to ask why.
Yes can be hope. Determination. A promise. In the face of whatever unknowns the world may throw at you, yes is a promise to stay.
The Soul Made Of Fire, 104

Packed a lot
Got super sick (and I mean, can't-walk-up-stairs-alone kind of sick)
Got super overwhelmed
Packed my camera and ten blankets and drove to Yosemite with @andrew_duff
Still froze
Gasped in awe at so many sights and sounds and PEACE (thank you, Lord)
Totally neglected my camera
🤷🏻‍♀️ not even sorry.
(Also I'm still overwhelmed. But hey, I've got a new job, a new adventure, and a man who'll drive too many hours with me for short escapes to beautiful places.)
So now is time to be thankful. And breathe. -- and get ready to move across country in three days. 😳🎉

I've been super out of the loop lately because of packing to move to another state. I accepted a position as the Director of Marketing for an architecture firm, and life is suddenly starting a new adventure in Tennessee(!!!) I'm super excited but also super swamped with the transition.
• Here's to enjoying my last week in California and not making myself write something new before I can post a pretty picture 😅❤
|| 📷: my favorite adventure date, @andrew_duff ||

• / The Shy Side Of The Moon \ •
To love only when it’s convenient for you is like the surfer only loving the moon when it’s full at harvest with the perfect tides; unfair and missing the range of wonder that she is in all her seasons and stages (even when she’s hiding).
To Be A Song; 216
|| MUA: @sfxbydest
|| Shoot coordination: @belleandepic

• / The Letter From Other Pages \ •
It’s amazing to me how some days a book will resonate with you like you’re the only heart that could understand it - like it was written by and for a you that you never knew existed until now, and now your heart is the blind man washed with mud and leaping for joy and some days, the same book will shun you - deny ever knowing you and repulse you with its questions of belonging and wanting, but it all sounds so lost now. So young. So thoughtless, so stuck in itself and you forget, in that instance, that your “growth” means you were once here too. So yes, I am happy for you.
But don’t hate me just because you do not know me, anymore.
letters to myself, 46
|| Feels weird to go back through my older stuff but oh, how grateful I am for growth! ||

• / The Understood \ •
I wrote a thousand unsent letters to a you I didn't even know and now, years later, now that I know you, I realize that I'll never have quite enough words to put this fully but I also know that there are enough, if you really hear them.
I love you.
No postage required.
maroon and grey, 67
|| So thankful to be dating somebody who lets me turn him into art when I feel antsy and just really need to create something. I feel seen ❤ ||

• / The New Dialect \ •
At some point you will listen to a voicemail from the one you love and you will realize that you can see their smile as they speak (and it's yours), the words don't all make sense (except to the two of you), the sentences are full of memories (together), and this is what it means to talk to someone like you love them.
maroon and grey, 66
|| I'm working on my third layer of dimples at this point and it's all @andrew_duff's fault. Catch me when I'm 80 and have lines all the way to my ears 😌||

• / The Dearer Life \ •
I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, sometimes the world will hurt you. Your own emotions will tear you down for no reason whatsoever, and a simple neutral will turn into chaos.
More importantly, sometimes people will love you. Completely. Wrap those tears up in a grace-filled embrace and help your heart sigh its way to rest again.
Better yet, some people will love you always.
Hold on to those, dear one.
They make this world so much sweeter.
maroon and grey, 65
|| Sometimes they'll also surprise you at your door with chocolate cheesecake and smiles to make your teary night better. I am the luckiest lady. And the thankfulest. (That's a word now.)
📸: @belleandepic ||

From this morning, over the California coastline. But I'm currently in Tennessee now for a big interview tomorrow so instead of a poem here's me asking for prayers and encouraging vibes.
Here's to dreaming big and trying new things, folks!

• / The Off Hand \ •
I’ve started trying to write with my left hand. It’s messy and oh, so slow, and makes me wonder how I expected this to come as easily as my right when I neglect this hand until I need it to serve me and I wonder how many times we treat our friends the same way.
To Be A Song, 215

If you’re still defining your life only by what your 12 year old self thought was good and normal and right and possible, I can guarantee you that you’re missing out on so much.
Like rain storms.
Fog filled valleys, passports full of stamps, and mayhem-induced laughter (because sometimes that’s all you can do).
Like contentment.
Thankfulness, long sighs, trust, and real trust.
Like love.
Art, paint smeared skin, and the recognition that not everything has to make sense because either way, you’re still here. You’re still safe. You are still loved.
Tell little you to be excited.
Neverland can’t compare to this.
lessons I keep learning, 5

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