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Genevieve S.  Baking, cooking, cars, sushi, and photography. Currently a Professional Culinary Student at Cambridge Culinary and a Professional Pastry Graduate.

Adventures in Culinary School: Yesterday while visiting Southwest France I also made this. A Tarte de Poire, Roquefort, Noix, et Oignoss Caramélisée. And I must say, as someone who doesn't love pears, or blue cheese, this was pretty damn tasty!!! @cambridgeschoolofculinaryarts @chef_eliana

Adventures at Culinary School: Yesterday we were in the Southwest of France, learning all about the cuisine in Languedoc, Basque and Gascony. Here are the Truffes au Chocolat Framboise! We certainly ate well yesterday!!! @cambridgeschoolofculinaryarts @chef_eliana

The bread pudding is out of the oven, and the day of prepping is done. I'm ready for my Chef for a Night tomorrow at @evoorestaurant with my Cajun Menu. Wooohoooo!!!!! @cambridgeschoolofculinaryarts

Adventures at Culinary School: Today was the start of our Recreational class featuring Tastes of the a Mediterranean. We started out in Greece. What fantastic food. But check out this garlic clove!!! @cambridgeschoolofculinaryarts

Adventures at Culinary School: Today we learned about Touraine and the Loire Valley. I made a Crème d'Echalottes and Salade aux Fines Herbes! We also tried a fabulous Vouvray!! @cambridgeschoolofculinaryarts

Adventures at Culinary School: Welcome to Provincial France 🇫🇷 Our first stops today were in Brittany and Normandy. I made La Floron as well as Coeur à la Crème. The food here was lovely, but this was certainly a departure from Italy. @cambridgeschoolofculinaryarts #normandy #provincialfrance

Adventures at Culinary School: In Wednesday we finished our tour of Italy, ending in Sardinia. Pictured here is the Porchetta that was made by a few class members. Introducing, The Notorious P.I.G - Piggy Smalls!!

Adventures at Culinary School: Today I am happy to announce I was back in the kitchen! After a week sick it certainly felt good to be cooking again. We made our way to Abruzzo and Molise today, where I made a Pizza Lanciano. It was sooooo good!!! @cambridgeschoolofculinaryarts

Adventures at Culinary School: On Wednesday we were in Sicily. My heart wept knowing I would only be able to stay for lecture again. I'm so done with being sick. My parents are in town, so tonight for dinner I made this Sfincione double crust pizza! With a filling of Broccolini, Onions and Ricotta, it was a huge hit. @cambridgeschoolofculinaryarts

Confessions of a Foodie: I love making things in bulk to stockpile my freezer! Just like these Spring Rolls, so on days like today when I am feeling under the weather I can have a quick meal!

Adventures at Culinary School: Today we were in Lazio, Umbria and Marches. While I was only able to go for today's lecture, I was sure to come home and cook a Spaghetti alla Carbonara for dinner tonight. Happy Valentine's Day to all!!

Adventures at Culinary School: Join us today as we make our way down to the southern part of Italy, where we learned about the cuisine from Puglia, Basilicata, and Calabria. One of the things I made today was this Insalata Mista! It offered a great opportunity to practice my knife skills. @cambridgeschoolofculinaryarts

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