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Irena🌏  ☮Mama. Wife. Artist. Earth lover☮️ 💕Intuitive Parenting💕 🌿Holistic Lifestyle🌿 🇷🇺Russian living in America🇺🇸 🌞Austin, TX🌞 💌irenakyx@gmail.com💌

I am just going to leave this here today, the day before my birthday. The best present I can ever wish for is my baby boy!

Who is ready for Halloween? We already bought matching costumes and candy! Talking about sweets, how cute are these chocolate covered crackers with edible sweet skull design? Order yours from @harryanddavid using discount code IRENA15 . Choose from any fall style they carefully created for you!. #happinessdelivered #ad #halloween #sweetskull

Be Kind. Дари Добро. 💫💫💫

When my mom died around my birthday 3 years ago, October went from my favorite to my least favorite month of the year. At this time memories become present reality, the hole in the heart starts to hurt, dreams turns into nightmares. I just want to curl an a ball and surrender, but the feeling of neverending grief is the strongest at this time of the year, and it painfully eats me alive. *****************************
Когда умерла моя мама 3 года назад накануне моего дня рождения, октябрь превратился из самого любимого в самый нелюбимый месяц. Именно в октябре воспоминания превращаются в реальность, дыра в сердце кровоточит ещё больнее, сны становятся кошмарами. Хочется завернуться в комочек и просто выдохнуть все страдания, но чувство бесконечного горя мучительно поедает меня живьём. #motherlessdaughters

I can start a collection of photos where Felix is kissing animals. His love for nature is real❤️😘 #spreadthelove

FAQ is what language do we speak with Felix? I speak always Russian, except when around me friends and family. Bobby speaks English( simply because he doesn't know Russian). By 15 months Felix has an idea of two languages speaking around him! He understands words in the language that spoken to him more often, but some words he knows in both language , such as diaper and podguznik (diaper in Russian). He cannot say any words clearly, but his favorite words to try saying are bubbles, hot, shlyapa (hat), lampa (lamp)! It's amazing to watch him learning two languages at such young age!💫 💫💫Часто задаваемый вопрос, на каком языке мы говорим с Феликсом? Я с ним разговариваю только по-русски везде и всегда, исключая моменты когда рядом семья/друзья. Бобби, соответственно, говорит по-английски. К 15 месяцам у Феликса уже начинает формироваться осознание двух языков. Что часто произносит/слышит от папы, и то что от мамы, он понимает на разных языках . Некоторые слова он даже знает на двух языках, например подгузник и diaper! Четко слов он не выговаривает, но его любимые слова, которым он радуется когда видит, и пытается сказать это лампа, шляпа, bubbles, hot. Это же так удивительно - наблюдать как развивается мышление у маленького человечка, для кого этот мир такой необычайный!💕💕💕

Oh my! Bath times with @luna.sundara Palo Santo sticks became so much more relaxing and spiritual. Palo Santo is an enchanting tree that grows on coastal areas of South America. It literally means "Holy Wood". Shamans and healers traditionally burn it for its energetic purification and healing attributes much like sage. When burned, it produces an enriching aroma which increases your personal vibration when preparing for meditative therapy and gives you a more profound connection to your being. And the smell is just unforgettable! Try it yourself at @luna.sundara 💗 #flowerbath #spiritualhealing

I love discovering the world with him all over again. I look at things with his eyes now, pay attention to little details around us: plane disappearing in the sky, birds playing in the water, dragonflies chasing each other, acorn falling from the tree... This world is beautiful, but sometimes only children can appreciate that. Let's remember not to grow up fast and enjoy moments of life, not just ours but every living creature's around us. 🌳🌿🌼🌸🌎🌞🌊🐒🐠🕊🌈💫🌜💚☮️ #mywildbird

Oh hello new hair💜 by my favorite @ryanjameshairstylist @ravenrowsalon

Felix has mad love for everything furry, plush, soft, or alive! To show that he always makes sure to kiss it!😘Henry(our car), every dog in the neighborhood, his teddy bear, every shaggy pillow, his plastic snoopy cup, every rug in the store, my plush socks, all of these get kisses from Felix daily. He always tries to kiss squirrels and birds, just like he tried to kiss peacocks today! I can't get over his love for animals and world around him! My little love stpreader🌎💟☮️☯️ Феликс очень любит животных и все мохнатое и шерстяное. А выражает он это в поцелуях😍 От ковра в магазине до нашего кота. От моих шерстяных носков до белок в парке, никто не остаётся нецелованным😜 сегодня побежал за павлинами чтобы их поцеловать😃 мой сладкий мальчик☺️

Current color preference - PINK💗 #girlygirl

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