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New post on Toddler Sleep Must Haves on my blog. Now that I have night weaned, some of these items have really helped calm & soothe Aiden.
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When you should be napping, but rather read a book on mama's bed instead.

It is that kinda day haha. Always being a silly boy.

Look who we found on this Friday night.

Ignore the mess πŸ˜‚ check him out. He is reading his own book! I think I ran out of space on these shelves too, might need to get another 3.

Finally I got Aiden a super long bib. Well more like an apron. He won't be getting his pants dirty anymore I hope! He loves the airplane print too.

Watching the fountains while in the shade. It's already 90 out. What was I thinking walking out here today.

Lucky to find a toddler park with shade on this super hot day.

Of course he has to take all the rocks out of their zone. He even sometimes puts them in his mouth 😳. When we he learn they are dirty & they don't belong in his mouth. πŸ˜‘

It's so cool that now he actually uses his little chair and sits and watches the tv. He learned how to just sit & chill! Something he didn't know how to do before.

That ice cream 🍦 looks so yummy, doesn't it? I just let him have it all. Don't worry, he didn't finish it πŸ˜€. Whatever makes his boo boo go away.

Poor baby fell off his giraffe and bumped his head. Got a drumstick to help him forget the pain.

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