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Ante Ossianson  Brand and Marketing Manager over at HOEP Brands. @hoepbrands @hoepskate

Tomorrow at @calirootsog The Hundreds X Rocky release party.. See you there!

When that brother from another mother turns 40 and you realize you have been familia for over 20 years... @oskarwennberg

Virkelig ked af at høre, at Kim Larsen er gået bort. (Spelling?)

When peoples have ninjas and they walk as one...

Ripping and becoming European Champion at @vansparkseries is a valid excuse to get the day off at the @hoepskate office. Congrats @persimonk, proud of you! 🥇🏆🇸🇪🍻❤️ #blacklabelskates #madeinemerica #brixton #hoepbrands #hoepskate

Stoked to welcome @rickysandstrom to the @hoepskate / @hoepbrands sales force as of this week. Good times ahoy! Frontside noseblunt at Stadshagen from a decade ago on point! 📷 @boonphotography #hoepskate #hoepbrands

Got myself some motor cycle style boots/sneakers today from @emerica and their #emericareserve collection. Who wants to promo me a motorcycle to go with em?

All hail My and Tim! Wedding bells and Prosecco for the rest of the night.

Lewis Ossianson ”Dagisbarn”

Bought a summer house so prepare for the weather to get shitty any day now... 🏡 🎣 🏖 🚣‍♀️ 🌧 🍸

Happy birthday @thehundreds! S/O @benhundreds @bobbyhundreds (and staff) for doing it right for 15 years and more to come… #thehundreds15

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