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jeannette  eating and sweating in a way that works for me 🤸🏽‍♀️ 📍california

there’s something about eating a thick smoothie out of a coconut bowl that makes me want to take a vacay somewhere tropical asap 🌺🥥🌴 but only if i can take these coconut cashew fat balls with me cause i’m obsessed 😍
1 cup raw cashews
1/2 cup shredded coconut
2-3 dates (soaked in hot water to soften)
1/4 cup @eatingevolved unsweetened coconut butter
1-2 T coconut oil (add in last to moisten)
3 scoops protein powder (i used @nuzest_usa just fruit & veg fresh coconut. use my code “sweaty” at checkout for 15% off)
2 T hemp hearts
2 T @bobsredmill golden flaxseed meal
pulse all ingredients in a food processor and roll into balls. note: you may need to refrigerate the dough for 5-10 minutes to make it easier to roll! it just depends how soft the dough gets

hi hello 👋🏼 in nevada with the fam having so much fun adventuring, and the weather is just beautiful!
but i had to pop in and let ya guys know that sourdough + coconut yogurt + granola butter is INSANE (and for my gf folks, @breadsrsly is the best i have had)
add some blueberries + hemp hearts, frozen pomegranate + bee pollen + maple almond butter granola and you are set!
hope you all have a wonderful sunday 💛

so i reintroduced eggs after completing the balance cleanse, and i am pretty sure my body does fine with them - YIPPEE!! 😁 not sure what i would do if i had an intolerance…….cry every day probably. kidding except not 🙈
anyways! i can’t think of better savory combo than this one right here: sweet potato, eggs, and avocado 💯
and gotta have some everything but the bagel seasoning on there 👌🏼
definitely my favorite FAST food
p.s. told ya friday eve would be here before we knew it 😎

throwing it back to this chocolate smoothie bowl because..wait do i even need a reason to share this? 🤤
made with frozen banana and frozen strawberries, steamed then frozen cauliflower, chocolate protein, frozen zucchini, almond milk, and flax meal
topped with one of my strawberry cashew cacao nib fat balls + @soozysmuffins chocolate muffin + @naturallycleaneats spiced chocolate chip cookie dough bar + @coyo_is_coconuts coconut yogurt + @wild_friends honey sunflower butter + hemp hearts + cacao nibs + frozen raspberries + bee pollen ✨

dinner last night, lunch today, and probably tomorrow and the next day 🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s good, ok?! organic mixed greens, roasted carrots and delicata squash, homemade chicken meatballs (1 lb organic free range chicken + 1 grated carrot + cilantro + fennel seeds + garlic powder + s&p + chopped spinach + 2 T hemp hearts + 1-2 T @hopefoods hummus) cooked in avo oil in a skillet, raw organic kraut (can’t get enough!), more hummus, avo, hemp hearts, and dressed with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon, and a dash of ACV
it’s already tuesday which means tomorrow is wednesday which is the day before thursday aka friday eve 🙃 we got this 👍🏼

spent the weekend away from the ‘gram to celebrate 2 years with dan on the coast ❤️🌊 it was so special, but now i’m back just in time for the last day of the balance cleanse!
10 days went by crazy fast, and i’m feeling like a million bucks 💯
here’s the last cleanse smoothie i’ll share, yet starting each morning with a smoothie might be more of a regular thing because it was such a perfect way to begin each day (btw this was half)
4 frozen strawberries, frozen zucchini, 2 T ground chia, @furtherfood marine collagen, hemp milk, and cleanse supplements
swirled with @thecoconutcult yogurt and topped with more yogurt, @georgiagrinders cashew butter, bee pollen, and coconut 🥥
let’s have a great week, shall we? 🤗

i have to be honest, this cleanse is going fabulous but yesterday i was having some mad cravings for one of my loaded breakfast bowls
so i had one for dinner. i didn’t give up and quit the cleanse. nope. i made a BOMB bowl that satisfied my every want (and happened to be 100% cleanse-approved) 😍 major perk of doing a cleanse that allows REAL food and doesn’t make you drink juice all day 👍🏼 i want to remind you guys WHY i am doing this. it isn’t to lose weight or get a summer bod (that’s some b.s. anyways). i’m doing it to improve my digestion & hit the reset button, figure out possible food intolerances with the reintroduction phase at the end, improve sleep & energy levels, curb my sweet tooth, and be fricken HAPPY. and guess what? it’s all happening people! i highly recommend this if you are needing a little somethin’ like i was! check out @balancebymolly for deets 😊
back to the bowl: inspo from the most amazing gal, @kalejunkie 💛
@sietefoods cassava coconut tortilla filled with creamy pumpkin oats (recipe in comments), @eatingevolved coconut butter, original @thecoconutcult (which i drove in 30 min of traffic to get from @enroutemarket 🤣), defrosted organic berries, banana, @beekeepers_naturals bee pollen, and lots of @anthonysgoods ceylon cinnamon

i gotta say..chocolate is pretty high on the list of things i miss 💔
especially this chocolate smoothie bowl with all the topp….sorry had to wipe the drool from my mouth 🙈🤤
HOWEVER, already feeling the benefits of the cleanse makes it so much easier to keep trucking along!
smoothie recipe:
1/2 banana + a few frozen strawberries
1/2 of a steamed then frozen zucchini
1/2 cup steamed then frozen cauliflower
1 scoop @nuzest_usa chocolate protein (“sweaty” for discount)
1/2 packet @flavanaturals unsweetened drinking chocolate
1/2 tbsp @imlakesh cacao powder & 1 scoop chia seeds
enough almond milk to blend!
topped with @lovegrown comet crispies, @co_yo_usa natural coconut yogurt, @woodstockfoods almond butter, cacao nibs, bee pollen, and freeze-dried strawberries
have a lovely day everyone ✨

happy monday friends 💕
it’s day 3 of the balance cleanse and i’m feeling great! i’m already noticing NO bloat and increased energy (even without my beloved coffee)
plus, i don’t even feel like i’m cleansing when the food tastes this good 🙌🏼
@eatbanza rotini (mixed with 1 tbsp @foragerproject plain cashew yogurt, 2 tbsp @hopefoods kale pesto hummus, and a lil salt & peppa), @wildbrine raw organic kraut, avocado, hemp hearts, all on a bed of @organicgirl spring mix with a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil 🍋

how to build a sweet p yogurt bowl on the balance cleanse (@balancebymolly) 👇🏼
•roast a sweet potato at 400° until soft when pierced with a fork. let cool completely •cut in half and add @foragerproject plain cashew yogurt rather than dairy yogurt •use almond or cashew butter rather than peanut (i used @woodstockfoods almond)
•instead of topping with granola, use frozen mixed berries for some crunch •sprinkle with bee pollen, hemp hearts, and @pearlbutter “confetti”
there you have it 🤗 #bbmcleanse #detoxwithoutdeprivation

nevada is so beautiful 🤩 i definitely love it here. it’s so peaceful and i swear people are nicer and happier 🏔
this morning i enjoyed my last cup of coffee, and now i’m chowin on my last egg for 10 days. obviously had to make it a 6.5 min boiled egg cause they’re my fav 😋 we’ll see what i miss more 🤷🏽‍♀️ i’m looking forward to feeling more balanced, controling my sweet tooth, increasing my energy, and improving my digestion! after the cleanse, reintroducing foods will hopefully🤞🏼 help me pinpoint what might be bothering my stomach these days
if you want to join me these next 10 days, check out @balancebymolly’s cleanse 😊💕

hitting the road to my parents’ new crib in nevada, but not before filling ma belly! 🙂 no one wants to be in a car with me when i’m hangry 🤷🏽‍♀️
@mylklabs roasted hazelnut & cacao oats, honey sunflower butter, coconut yogurt, paleo cinnamon blueberry granola, chocolate chia seeds, banana, kiwi, and melty mixed berries .
i’m also so excited to be starting my first ever cleanse on saturday. i am typically anti-cleanses but peep my stories to find out why THIS cleanse is one i believe in and am choosing to do to (holla @balancebymolly) 🙌🏼

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