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Shane Sweatt  Owner of Sweatt Shop Personal Training Strength and Conditioning Facility 4627 Carlynn Dr. A Cincinnati, Ohio 45241 A Westside Certified Gym


@Regrann - Never ever forget. #Repost @911remembrance (@get_repost)
While the attention of the world was riveted on the already damaged North Tower, it was United Airlines Flight 175 that plowed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center with a homicidal theatricality its planners must have known would be broadcast everywhere.
At Boston's Logan International Airport, Flight 175 took off with 56 passengers and nine crew onboard the Boeing 767. It left the gate at 7:58 a.m., and its wheels were in the air a few minutes later. Victor Saracini, 50, an experienced pilot who had been a Navy flier, was flying the aircraft.
Flight 175, like each of the planes that were used as weapons on September 11th, included people traveling for many reasons. Ruth McCourt and her four-year-old daughter, Juliana, were heading to Disneyland. There were businessmen and tourists. One passenger, Al Marchand, was an off-duty flight attendant and retired New Mexico police lieutenant. Mark Bavis and Garnet Bailey, two scouts from the Los Angeles Kings hockey team were headed to the Kings' training camp in El Segundo, California.
The flight was on course heading southwest toward Los Angeles until 8:47 a.m., when, west of the George Washington Bridge over New Jersey, the plane made a sharp left turn. Twelve minutes later, it made another sharp left to settle on a course leading directly into the South Tower.
Peter Hanson, who was traveling on the flight with his wife and 2-year-old daughter, was talking to his parents on the phone from the doomed airplane until the very end. "The plane is going down! Oh my God," were his final words before the phone line went dead. At that same moment, a huge fireball erupted from the South Tower. Flight 175 was gone. - #regrann

At the Sweattshop today. You are who you surround yourself with!
@Regrann from @lauraphelpssweatt - Over 100 All-Time World Records in one picture.
Awesome training day ❤️
#SweattShop #WorldRecord #Powerlifting #GirlsWhoPowerlift
Amy Wiesberger - #regrann
@westsidebarbellofficial @westsidefilm #conjugatenation #sweattshop #conjugate #Crossfitconjugate #crossfit

Congrats to @ymtraining for placing 3rd at the CrossFit games in the 60+ masters division. She is an athlete and trainer at our gym. And an all around amazing person. We are very proud of you.
#conjugate #conjugatenation #westsidebarbell #sweattshop #crossfitconjugate

Our girl @ymtraining has been giving it her all the whole games. Proud of you Marcia! So greatful for the conjugate community standing behind her.
#conjugatenation #conjugatestrong #CrossFit #CrossFitconjugate #sweattshop #westsidebarbell #masters #60 #evolve

A friend of mine @ductusexemplo posted this, thanks for taking the pic. So far it has been a fun CrossFit games. I will be walking around vendor village all weekend. I am free to answer any questions about the Conjugate methods course or just training in general. Hope to see some friends and make new ones.
#CrossFit #westsidebarbell #conjugatenation #conjugate #sweattshop #evolve

Proud of this girl @carlyfuhrer because of her hard work she is constantly improving. Good luck at the CrossFit games this weekend!
#hardwork #evolve #CrossFit #2017crossfitgames #westsidebarbell #conjugatenation #sweattshop

Come join us today at 3pm at the vendor village.

#westsidebarbell #conjugatenation #CrossFit #sweattshop

On our way to Madison for the #CrossFit games. Stop by and see us at the conjugate methods booth. Road trip essentials ,#Hydrus for hydration to help me retain mobility and hydration during the drive. #Ironmind and #captiansofcrush grip tools to work extension and flexion during the drive. And a great book by Mel Siff you can get @westsidebarbellofficial
#westsidebarbell #conjugatenation #sweattshop #CrossFit #evolve #2017CrossFitgames

Old skool muscle 92 gsxr 1100 drag bike. Last of the air cooled.
#dragbike #vance&;hines #1100 #gsxr #gsxr1100 #suzuki #stretched #slammed #conjugate #sweattshop

@taylordresch3 hitting banded zercher marches hard. These blow the spinal erectors up. Try 3 rounds of 3 minutes.

#conjugatenation #westsidebarbell #sweattshop #crossfit #evolve

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